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Ebay Sales Developer Account

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I have the ebay sales plugin.

When registering with ebay developer, does the account name you create have to be the same as your ebay account name ?

I am having problems creating an account as it comes back .......

"Your account registration was rejected due to problems with the data provided or other irregularities. If you believe this rejection is in error, please see our FAQs and Contact Channels page or work with your eBay representative directly."

There is nothing in the FAQ, and you cannot access "contact" or "technical issues" untill you sign in. No Ebay representative can help because they have no contact to the Ebay Dev program.

I can however create another dev account in a anme not associated with my ebay selling/buying account

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When registering with eBay Developer Program, your account name doesn't necessarily have to be the same as your eBay account name. eBay Developer accounts are separate from your regular eBay selling/buying account, and the name you choose for your developer account doesn't need to match your eBay username.  USPayserv

The error message you're encountering during registration could be due to a variety of reasons, including incorrect information, data inconsistencies, or other issues with the provided information. If you're unable to find a solution in the FAQs or contact eBay support directly, you might want to try the following steps:

1. **Double-Check Information:** Make sure all the information you're providing during the registration process is accurate and consistent. This includes your personal details, email address, and any other required information.

2. **Use a Different Email Address:** If you're encountering issues with your current email address, you could try registering with a different email address. This might help avoid any potential conflicts.

3. **Clear Browser Cache and Cookies:** Sometimes, browser cache and cookies can cause issues during registration. Clear your browser's cache and cookies and try the registration process again.

4. **Try Different Browsers:** If you're using a specific browser to register, try using a different one. Sometimes, certain browser configurations can cause compatibility issues.

5. **Use a Different Device:** If possible, try registering from a different device. This can help rule out any device-specific issues.

6. **Contact eBay Support:** While you mentioned that you can't access the contact or technical issues pages until you sign in, you might want to explore any other options for reaching out to eBay support. Sometimes, they have social media channels or other methods of contact that you can use.

7. **Wait and Retry:** If none of the above steps work, you could wait for a little while and then try the registration process again. Sometimes, issues on the platform's end can be temporary and may get resolved over time.

8. **Use a Different Developer Account:** If you're able to create a new developer account with a different name, you could consider using that account for now. Just make sure to keep track of your credentials and use the new account for your eBay developer activities.

If you continue to experience issues, it's possible that the problem might be on eBay's end. In that case, you might need to wait for eBay's technical support to address the issue. It's frustrating, but sometimes technical glitches can happen that are beyond your control.

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