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upgrade 6.4.10 to 6.5.1 fails to whitescreen of store homepage error cubecart.class.php:2173

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hi all,

Recent upgrade has broken the store pages to just show a white page - error log shows the issue is with 3936 counts of  :

classes/cubecart.class.php:2173 - syntax error, unexpected '='

I was hoping i could roll the store back a version to 6.4.10 which worked fine, but i don't see an easy way to do that now. My store is not modded

server PHP is version 7.3.33

Any ideas? thanks!

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Even though CC651 says it will run under PHP7.1+ (that statement is a bug), we very much recommend running PHP7.4, and highly recommend PHP8.1.

That "unexpected =" error is from the new (as of PHP7.4) 'null coalescing assignment' operator.



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ok, excellent that gives me something to shoot for, my hosting company is kinda useless so i'll see if i can get the php version upgraded but otherwise i'm dead in the water. 

wow, thankyou so much! my site has been bad for weeks since the upgrade, i managed to find how to switch versions in the hosting package - I went to 8.1 and my store is restored! 

muchas gracias @bsmither !

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If you can access the admin section, look in the admin Error Log, System Error Log for any entries labeled Exception.

The link I provided earlier gives a suggestion of what to code for if the "null coalescing assignment" operator doesn't work, that is, if getting up to PHP7.4 is not immediately do-able.


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