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product listing with truncated title


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we recently upgraded to the cubecart 6 and really liked the foundation skin.

One issue we just noticed is that the product listed under a category all have truncated titles when viewed on a mobile device or when viewed with the three columns on desktop.

How can I change it so that the full title is shown, especially for mobile device?

thanks in advance!

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The CubeCart programmers decided that 38 characters would be the limit (40, if you counted the '...' added at the end) for the product name when being displayed in a "panel". A panel is what you get in a "grid view" of three by however many rows is needed. (This is opposed to the "list view" of wide blocks in a single column, where there is plenty of room for a long title.)

In the template content.category.php, near line 143, begins a <div> block having the class "product_grid_view". A few lines later is an <h3> heading tag holding the $product.name , but with a modifier to truncate the phrase to 38 characters, plus the ellipsis.

You can customize the skin template by changing that value, but realize that a customized template will get overwritten on the next upgrade.

Also realize that the "panel" is only so wide. But it will get to be as tall as needed.


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