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core web vitals issues with Google


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we have recently upgraded to Cubecart 6, and have been going through improvements. we recently discovered that our whole mobile website has been flagged for performance issues. the desktop version seem to be fine with google, but the mobile pages all have the same issues. below are some sample product pages:



can anyone please suggest ways to improve the performance?

thanks in advance

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I see the Foundation skin. Foundation uses CSS to alter its layout based on the width of the viewport the browser gives to CSS. So essentially, the site will respond with everything to show the page whether it be 'desktop' width (large) or 'mobile' width (small).

If, by 'performance', you mean the time elapsed at which the site delivers the page (and its resources) to the browser, its all good for me.

If that is not what you mean, please mention what we should be looking for.


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According to:


Google constructs a mobile environment by simulating the performance characteristics of a Motorola G4 (maybe using the data plan and not using Wi-Fi?). The desktop environment is a simulated tower box on ethernet.

So, from your observations, are you using the same device to make your comparisons? I used Firefox's "Responsive Design Mode" which does not simulate a "mobile network".

Please know that CrUX, PSI, FCP, FID, LCP, etc are above my pay-grade.

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it's really frustrating working with google on almost everything, whatever they do, they make it so complicated:(

we have seen the core vitals going up and up like bi-polar disorder in the past, with us doing nothing on our website.

does cubecart allow image compression for product pages?

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  • volteq changed the title to core web vitals issues with Google

Image compression?

CubeCart takes a source image, typically PNG or JPG, 750x750 pixels for example, then creates sized variants specific to the intended layout area and page. The source is uploaded to /images/source/, and CubeCart's variants are saved in /images/cache/.

The specific variants are coded in the skin's config.xml file. Take a look a Foundation's config.xml file in a programmer's text editor.

Here, you will find image nodes with the reference attribute indicating where the image is used. The product page uses 'medium' and 'gallery'. The maximum attribute specifies the length of the longest side, maintaining proportionality, but never longer than the original. (That is, if the source is 450x450 pixels, variants could be smaller, but will never be larger than that.) And, of course, the browser can scale the image to fit the layout's placement if the HTML coding allows it.

Note also the quality attribute. For many image formats, there is the 'compression ratio', expressed as a 'quality' -- 100 being very lightly compressed, if at all, and 10 looking like crap.

I have visited web pages that initially show a super-blurry image (high compression), then eventually, under javascript control, fetches a high-quality (large filesize) image to replace the blurry one.

Currently, CubeCart does not do this.

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Not directly, however, please examine the .htaccess file in CubeCart's main folder.

If there exists the following lines:

##### START CubeCart .htaccess #####

### GZIP Compression ###
<ifmodule mod_deflate.c>
	AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/text text/html text/plain text/xml text/css application/x-javascript application/javascript

then these directives will compress text-type content of all content - not just the product page..

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mod_deflate

(Your hosting provider may have already configured the web server to automatically do this.)

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Thanks! I was able to get the server side (hosting compan) to do compression, and that took care of this issue. I will check your code to see if it can add more compression.

Another thing I did was to compress the images using webp format, which also helps.

now the biggest issues I am encountering is related to render-blocking resources, and google fonts turns out to be a big one, specifically this one:


Not sure if we are using this, if not, how can we get rid of this?


Thanks again in advance

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that does it. You are a life saver. Thank you so much!

with your help, I was able to get one of our page down to good performance, see this:


however, even though Lighthouse reports 1.4s FCP and 1.8 LCP. the pagespeed test for core vitals still shows 2.7s and 2.8s. Very confusing, as the  "Diagnose performance issues" section shows numbers that agrees with Lighthouse.  

is page speed for core vitals showing old data?

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I think most of the core vitals problems are addressed, except a yellow flag on Cumulative Layout Shift.

we typically have 3-4 pictures on the product page, and that somehow casued issues on the desktop with Foundation skin. A suggestion was given that we should define the size of the image instead of 80% that we used. mobile device seems OK.

My question is: if we do specify a size for the image, what size should we specify? would that cause problem for the mobile device?

Here is a link to product page, in case you need it: https://volteq.com/regulated-adjustable-linear-dc-power-supply-hy1503d-15v-3a.html

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Again, knowing the ins and outs of these metrics is above my pay grade.

Foundation is CSS controlled to perform as a 'responsive' skin from the mobile-first philosophy. That is to say, what Foundation is optimized for a mobile viewport, then adjustments, via CSS, are made to accommodate wider viewports.


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