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help with category pagination issue


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I was trying to make changes to the category pagination file, and encountered a problem that now our website automatically goes to the second page. 

I thought I downloaded the original file (attached), but the issue persisted even after I uploaded the original file. 

can someone help? 

Here is the link to the page: https://volteq.com/adjustable-dc-power-supply.html



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Personally, I do not like the More... function for seeing more products - although major web sites do this (Google, automatically, for one).

One cannot back away from showing page 2 (appended to page 1) once the browser has shown it. That is, viewing another page, then returning to this page, will continue to show page 1 and page 2.

It is controlled by a cookie that lasts 10 minutes. I don't know of a way, currently, to get around this.

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