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Just trying to get some ideas about the modern way of getting a list of products to the customer, rather than waiting for the customer to come to the website.

How do we go about sending a list of either new products, a whole category, or just a catalogue of all the items we have for sale.

I guess this can be either sending everyone a pdf to read offline, maybe an app that displays only the items you tell it to show , eg new products. It has to be something that everyone can read while offline down the pub etc. I guess a mobile phone app would be a good idea.

Any ideas from anyone ?



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Websites rely on people coming to them to buy, so a website is a  waste of time if few people don't come. 

Mailing lists are very "Old Hat" and allot of people don't like being bombarded with newsletters, then there is the problem of software thinking its spam unless you use a major provider for sending emails.

So, we need new ways of tickling customers.

I don't mind a phone app on my phone. I hate newsletters on my email.  We have a local pub chain that has a great app, doesn't bombard people with stuff, but does always have a special offer available on the app, like 3 for 2, or free cake, or kids eat half price, its a more friendly way of getting business.

Does anyone know of an open source app creation site, or does anyone have exp to create an app, at a sensible price so everyone can have a bite of the cherry ?

I have  alist of what I want, which is not far off what most people would want



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