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emails sent but not received


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My site is currently still sending out the "order received" email (to 4 different email addresses) as it has been for ages. The email log is OK, it shows the emails being sent out. The test email on the "Advanced settings" tab also works - the popup says it has been successful. However, none of the emails are being received! I'm stumped on this one.

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Normal emails?

If the admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, Email section, "Sending Method" is set to PHP mail() function, but the server, where CubeCart is installed, does not have an email program installed (SendMail, QMail, etc), then PHP may not have the means to properly inform the script that sends the commands to that email program that the mail() command was executed, but nothing was available to respond to that command.

Thus, CubeCart assumes all went well.

But if the "Sending Method" is SMTP, and you have the proper credentials to use that external SMTP server, then failures would be reported properly.


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