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Can't add product to created order


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I was creating an order and it won't let me add the product.  I put in "anti" in the search and all my other Antique wood style oil warmers ....  and all come up (plus other products) but this one.  I have checked the product listing in admin along with the database in cPanel.

Any ideas why?


PS I created an order earlier today and all went well

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"and all come up but this one."

So, it is not that the product isn't getting added, it is that the product isn't showing up in the list of suggestions.

The code that returns suggested products limits the query to 15 records.

I suggest that if you know what the target product is, use its exact product code. If that code has dashes in it, the result might be empty. If so, try again. If it still fails, try using a backslash to 'escape' it. For example (if necessary):

Product Code: WAN-DER

Search for: WAN\-DER

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