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New install not calculating state sale tax correctly


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After setting up sales tax rates for all 50 states and running a test invoice I find that it is not calculating sales tax correctly.

I have set up to only tax goods not goods and postage.

Example- My state charges a flat 7%, so I entered the rate as 7.0000% so, on a test invoice of $179.00 US the correct sales tax should be $12.53.

Thinking that I entered the percentage incorrectly I tried the following...

at 7.0000% entry CC reported $37.90

at 0.7000% CC reported $3.79

at 0.0700% CC reported $0.38

Help was no help, as near as I can tell I have set the state sales tax rates correctly but as sad as the documentation is how would one know? 


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It is the whole reported number as the percentage, that is, for you, 7.00 (do not include the actual percent character).

If you are experiencing this in CC654, please know that several stores are experiencing tax calculation issues.

The solution at present is to make an edit to the following file:

/classes/cart.class.php, line 1203, remove the line:


The value $37.90 is 3X what the tax should be, thus somewhere, somehow, CubeCart is running $179 through the tax calculator three times. (Personally, I have not discovered why, but the programmers imply this should be the fix.)

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The code mod did the trick. Thanks a bunch!

I see also that 1 day after doing my new install there is an upgrade version.

Has the sales tax fix been applied to the upgrade or will I also have to modify the code?

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