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Mobile site "buy button" error on CubeCart 6

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Good evening all.

Due to some PHP restrictions on the server where my cdbooks-r-us.com bookshop was hosted, I kept using an old version of Cubecart. However, recently I had to take the plunge, so to speak, as the server was due to be upgraded and PHP 5.x would no longer be supported. I upgraded to Cubecart 6.5.2, running on PHP 8.2.18, MariaDB 10.2.44 and the "e-sharp" skin (blue). Everything went quite smoothly with the upgrade, even with the various customisations made over time - only one didn't work, and that related to the order email sent to me being from the store email address and not the client's email address,  but that was resolved using a dummy variable and voila!

Since the upgrade the system has been working very well, and no clients reported any issues. So all was okay, I thought....Until today.

Normally, when you click on the "Buy Button" on the view product page, a brief "animation" is displayed while the item is added to the cart (like the product is being dragged to the cart is probably the best way to describe it). This works fine when you are doing this in a web browser on the desktop site. But when you try to do this on the mobile version of the site, it sometimes works and at other times not. Instead of adding the product to the cart while displaying the brief "animation", a larger white box (like the magnification box displayed if you zoom in on an item) appears over the buy button and the item is not added to the cart.  See an example at the following location:


I've tested this on 3 different phones running different versions of Android, with the same result.

The same happens whether using the Opera, Duck-Duck-Go or Chrome browsers, so it does not appear to be a browser or Android version issue.

I've confirmed it happens not just with one product, but with several. I would've thought that if it was Javascript related (as the button animation thingy appears to be a java script), that it would affect all products equally. What is really strange is that with some products it would display the "white box" every time, while with others to would only do it on the second or third attempt. The first link below is one where it appears to happen every time, while the second it appears to happen only after the 2nd or third time you try to add the product (eg where you wanted to order 2 but only ordered 1 and want to add another one):




Any help in resolving this would be much appreciated.


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I am looking at one of my development sites using e-Sharp (Blue) and am disappointed in the "Hover over image to zoom" function. In some cases (as when there are no secondary images to show on a horizontal area below the main image), it is impossible to select an option because the 'zoom' trigger area, called the 'dio-sensor' (triggering the view port, called the 'dio-lens', where that view port is often seen as a blank white box having roughly the same dimensions as the main image) extends over the top-most option selector.

The image you've supplied suggests that the left-most edge of this trigger area extends to just a few pixels to the right of the right-most edge of the Buy button.

Further experiments show that the displayed size of the font affects where the trigger area sits. For my browser, with the text zoom factor at 110%, the trigger area is not nearly as intrusive. But at 90%, the trigger area is very intrusive.

I know very little about the WebCity skins. I am confident, however, that this problem is restricted to the skin. Meaning, it is not a new problem because of having upgraded to CC652, or PHP8, or the database server.

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>> Apparently, I did solve this.

Hello, and thank you for that link. I've changed the code as given, and the problem has been resolved -  much appreciated.

You mentioned that you're confident the problem is with the skin, and I'm not going to argue with that, as I have very little knowledge on that front. However, in the just more than 17 years I've been using CC and almost from the start with the e-sharp skin, of course with various upgrades along the way, none of my clients reported this problem, which is why I assumed it would be related to the latest CC or PHP upgrade. Maybe all of them used it on desktop rather than mobile! Or if they did encounter the problem they didn't report it. 

Anyway, thanks again for the help


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"and almost from the start with the e-sharp skin"

That thought did come to mind. Why did it take so long for someone to let you know?

(However, there are those I know that simply give up, and sometimes take it personally(!?), when a web page becomes too difficult to read or too onerous to fill out forms.)


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