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CC 6.1.12 and PHP version

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We have an interesting issue. We are currently on 6.1.12. with PHP version is 7.4.33. It works fine. However UPS has decided to stop supporting the existing API key method and migrated to the OAuth 2.0 method. The existing system UPS Cubecart UPS modules will stop working June 3, 2024.

We use Noodleman's UPS Multiitem and Contract modules. They have updated the module to support the latest. However ....

The following error occurs ... Composer detected issues in your platform: Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version ">= 8.1.0".    We are using Noodleman module for 7.4 php.

Now we tried to upgrade the site and started to go from 6.1.12 to 6.5 in order to go to PHP 8.1. This upgrade manually worked, but when the site loaded it gave ioncube loader issue. So, we backed out and restored the 6.1.12 version.

In the process we have now also upgraded to version 13.0.4 for ioncube. the 6.1.12 works fine with this version of ioncube under php 7.4.33.

Unless Noodleman's team comes up with a solution for the error, our UPS module will stop working on June 3.  Noodleman team have been very responsive and while we wait for them to get back to us ....

Any thoughts or experiences similar? 

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Please let us know where Composer is getting involved.

The CubeCart internals suggest that PHP 7.4 is the lowest that CC655 will operate under. (PHP 8.2 is 'highly recommended'.)



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The composer is getting involved when the UPS Delivery module tries to get the negotitated rates from UPS via OAuth. According to the developer this piece will only work with PHP >= 8.1.0

I am actually surprised that other folks using any of UPS modules have not seen this issue. (Of course we are still trudging along on 6.1.12)

Choices at this point are to update to PHP 8.2 or above. (6.1.12 is not working when we try it). Upgrade to 6.5 or other stable version which will work with PHP 8.2.

We were able to manually upgrade from 6.1.12 to 6.5.5 with the Setup app. However the Admin page login stopped working. One of the main categories just became a page not found even though everything looks good in the DB.

So we reverted back to 6.1.12.

Question is .... can we do a Vanilla install of 6.5.5 or 6,4.x and then upload DB dump from 6.1.12? Maybe not. What are the options.

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