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Questions about upgrades

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Questions about upgrades:

1.  I love your new logo, etc, at the bottom of the page in admin.  Only problem is mine is HUGE!  I've checked files and can't see why - we all know that really dowsn't mean anything.  What file should I check?


2. I have a custom admin skin and love the layout and features I have.  I know I have to change some of the stock source files and minor changes elsewhere but is it ok if the new features, etc don't apply to this skin?  Is it going to cause error messages, etc.


3. Same as 2 basically.  I have my front end skin the way I want it.  Do I have to check these files with the stock files and make changes.


4. I was looking at my databases.  In inventory all but Dimension Unit are still at ut8_unicode_ci. Do I need to change them all , including the ones I created, to utf8mb4_unicode_ci?  If so what is the query to do this.


5. Just for my information, what does parse content do to the product description?


Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to answer my questions.  I'm sure I'll have more!
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Quickly concerning #1 as I'm home and putting children to bed. It's just your cache. Please hard refresh the browser and they should shrink to their proper size. If not then the admin CSS files is using old code.

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1. What logo is this? The new images at the bottom of the admin pages (the ccpower.php template) is a link to an included GPLV3 logo (SVG filetype) and a link to an external image for the "Buy Me a Coffee" pleading.

The SVG is large but is constrained by CSS rules. Look in the stock layout.css file near line 1147:

div#content .powered ul li img {
	height: 30px !important;

You may need to copy over all of the .powered set of CSS rules.

2. Allow me to review "new features" (as opposed to layout tweeks), but as compared to what prior version?

3. Same as 2 basically.

4. As best I know, the difference between UTF8 and UTF8MB4 is to cover more foreign character sets, including an expanded set of emoticons. I would say that if you do not expect to compose textual details using exotic characters, I would say you can leave this as is.

5. Previously, the product's Description was used as-is. Now, the product Description can include Smarty code. However, using Smarty code adds a restriction on how the composition uses braces ({ }). So, parsing the content needs to be a choice (fortunately, on a per-item basis).

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That's how I see it. The code sends info to the skins. The skins do not control the code.

Well, obviously the data entered in forms will go back to the code for processing, but there is no new code that demands user action or info through the links or the forms that would otherwise have been presented to you - being detrimental to the operation of CubeCart if it wasn't performed or provided.

But as an example of something necessary: the security token. This token is given to the skin where it is included next to the submit button in forms. If the skin does not have the Smarty variable for the token in a hidden form element, it will not be in the POST payload and CubeCart will refuse to accept that payload.

So, for CC650 to present, in my opinion, not implementing skin changes for the new features is not a problem.

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