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Can't Upload Digital Products

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Hello! I have been using CubeCart for various catalogs for years. A couple years back suddenly one of them stopped working. I had zero success getting it corrected, tried reinstalling, no luck. Couldn't log into admin nor did the catalog show up. So I gave up and tried Gumroad, which worked but now they've alerted me to bogus "NSFW" from the payment processor, Stripe, so out of desperation I tried to get my old catalog to work. Still no joy, I get this:

Deprecated: auto_detect_line_endings is deprecated in /home3/cosmicsp/public_html/theater/shopping/ini.inc.php on line 107

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function set_magic_quotes_runtime() in /home3/cosmicsp/public_html/theater/shopping/ini.inc.php:111 Stack trace: #0 /home3/cosmicsp/public_html/theater/shopping/index.php(86): require_once() #1 {main} thrown in /home3/cosmicsp/public_html/theater/shopping/ini.inc.php on line 111

So I looked through my cpanel and saw CubeCart was once available as an install. I tried it, everything went fine, and I thought I was back in luck, well except for having to add a few hundred items again.

Then the glitch: I can't upload digital products. When I click on the UPLOAD tab, there are buttons to upload. Same thing with the CREATE FOLDER tab. Nothing appears.

Any ideas? I'm using PHP 8.1, CubeCart version 6.5.5

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