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Who's got the best Cube Cart site?

Guest benjam

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Posted earlier.. just bored.

Not the "BEST", but one of the most innovative for sure :lol:


Clean Basic layout.


Product sorting mod custom written :lol: Sort products by Title, Price & Description at the click of a mouse B)

Database update script custom written to auto generate retail prices based on cost (converted sale price field to cost price) & sort into categories over 22,000 products into around 250 categories all in about 3-4 minutes from around 7-8 Supplier CSV files inserted into database.


Fast 2 Column Pricelist, custom written again :D, listing a selection of products, auto fetching names, prices from the shops database itself. Useful for a quick printout of our stores products. Link to print version along top for a trimmed A4 ready edition :)

sorry for the huge post. felt the sudden urge to show off. :)

will try make a few of these features available as download mods. Probably once i get a chance to start cc res!

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