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Removing Parts on Page

Guest ukbidz

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Guest ukbidz

Hi Everyone

Does anyone know how I can remove:-

The 'Your Account' Button completely

The 'Welcome Guest' 'Login' and 'register' areas

I also need the 'Store Home' changed, the 'Category' Heading changed and also my main header to be transparent, so that you can see the background?

My image to be made transparent is here www.ukbidz.com/idgow/images/store_logo.gif

Any Help would be much appreciated as I can't find reference to these in the scripts.


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Most of what you need to be removed can be found in header.php

<!-- start buttons & search -->

<table width="220" height="80" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">

<tr width="220" valign="middle" align="right">

<td width="80" colspan="2" valign="middle" align="right">

<!-- this used to be a search table search table -->

<!-- end search table -->



<tr width="110">

<td width="110" align="center" height="24" background="<?echo"$site_url/";?>images/tab.gif" style='cursor:hand;' onclick='window.external.AddFavorite(location.href,document.title);'><a href='#' target='_self'><font class='wht_btn'><?echo$la_add_favorites?></font></a></td>

<td width="110" align="center" height="24" background="<?echo"$site_url/";?>images/tab.gif" style='cursor: hand;' onClick="location.href='control_panel.php'"><a href='control_panel.php' target='_self'><font class='wht_btn'><?echo$la_your_account?></font></a></td>



<!-- end buttons & search -->

As for your store_logo being transparent you'll have to use a graphics editor like PaintShop.

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