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Two of everything

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Hi all,

Under admin I have two of every month under the statistics tab. Each month is listed twice, with its corresponding number of hits and sales.

I had to reboot a few days ago, and this was the aftermath of the reboot. I hope I explained that good.


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Well, to add fuel to the fire, the statistics (even though theres 2 of everything) are no longer active either. Nothing, zippo, ziltch, nada.

Does that help anyone with ideas?

Bummed :P ,


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Its hard to think exactly what caused this, it sounds like the stats table was repopulated twice.

To fix it, you will need to go into phpmyadmin, browse the store_stats table and remove the duplicate entries.

cant think why its not updating now, maybe you have a blank entry in there too which has confused it?

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Thank you sooo much! Here's what happened;

Somehow, after the last backup was reloaded from the server, it duplicated some statistics. I couldnt see the duplicates before (because Im basically phpmyadmin retarded). When I deleted the duplicates it caused all past statistical information to be erased (I have no clue why), which is fine because now everything is functioning normally again. I just have April of 05' information... no big deal.

Thanks again Sculptex! :sourcerer:


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