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unzip facility

Guest gul

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hi all

well nice to see that new cubecart 3 alpha 2 version relised..

but i have problem.. my net speed is too slow.. and when am uploading cubecar file on server then am geting much time 1-2 days. cose there is toooo much file..

when i upload cubecart 2.06 then after some time 2.07 and 3 alpha releasd.

after that when i was uploading 3 alpha then alpha-rgf releas..

and now when am trying to upload file last 1-2 days.. now version 3 alpha 2 released :P ..

now plzz tell me tel me what i can i do..

i just want to u plzz add some instalation unzip script in ur system .. so i can upload ur full zip file and when i run ur installing stape automatycaly ur zip file convert unzip ....

plzz read care fully.. i dont know much english.. am trying.. to explain u.. i hope u undersatnd what i want to explain...

i just want to u that add any script so i can upload ur zip file and ur instaling prossess do unzip....


waiting 4 reply..

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