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Thinking outside the square

Guest twisted

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Guest twisted

Here's a question that has absolutely nothing to do with anything...

Why "CUBE"cart?

Whats the reasoning behind the "Cube"?

Not that it has diddly to do with anything, or that it matters one whit. Just plain, simple curiosity.


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Because I spent about 3 week looking up domain names and wanted one where .co.uk .net and .com were free.

CubeCart although many will think it is crap is certainly memorable as it has a visual representation in the mind and is alliteration.

Thought of hundreds WizardCart MartCart http://esto.re etc etc hundreds but there come a time when you just have to take the plunge.

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Guest dan123

Yea, the CUBE CART image at the top of the page with the lightning and the squares psycholigically zappes your brain into wanting to purchase the license.

he's tricky. B)

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Guest Jonathan

Naaaaa Brooky you've picked a great name and it is not crap! Cube is easy to remember.

I have set up sites on many different carts and yours is just fine! I've used PDG and Mercantec SoftCart. I like PDG better than Mercantec because I hate the limits it puts on you.

Ex. You can get away with SSI on Mercantec but you can't use SSI on the product pages. If you can't use it on the product pages.....what's the point. LOL!

You have to trick it into doing what you want. On yours, from what I can tell, I can modify a little code and it's going to do whatever I want.

I guess if there could be a wish, it would have to be the ability to add templates to the cart so layouts for different products can be different. BUT with PHP you can add a table or 2 and make it do what you want.

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