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Guest WebServant

Hello there,

I am a new cubecart user. I setup my products (descriptions, names, etc.) but how can i make them downlaodble products? I am selling templates, scripts, etc. so I want customers to download products after payment with paypal or 2checkout.com. How can I do this?

Thank you very much for your help in advance...


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Guest robgo777

I am sure there is someone here who can charge you to help fix this problem, but let me give it a try for FREE...

You can simply do this when you add a product. If you go to the bottom of the product add form, you will see where you can switch from tangible to digital, choose digital and a text box will pop up where you can select where the downloadable script is located:

HTTP Path: http://www.domain.com/downloads/download.exe

Server Root Path: /usr/local/vhosts/www.domain.com/downloads/download.exe (Recommended!)

The advantage of using the server root path is that files can be stored elsewhere than the publically accessible folder. If this method is chosen CubeCart will automatically create a download link which has an expiry time and max amount of downloads which is configured in the store settings.


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