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Working site examples on V3?

Guest rockog

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Guest rockog

I am looking at upgrading my site and wanted to see V3 in action and get the touchy feely before I do it. Can you all post what you have in production with it?

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Guest audiosamplez

Have a look at my site...

Audiosamplez Shop

There is nothing on it yet, but you can see it up and running!

A couple of products will appear over the next few days but I don't want to add too many incase there are any major bugs... although I haven't found any yet!

Once V3 is available after beta I will start adding much more products.

Uploading and installation was easy, I like all the new features aswell.

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Just started to play with Cubecart, and its very easy. I normally use Xcart cause its full of great features, but I like the ease of use that comes with cubecart and Im hoping they add lots of features soon, cause I would love to swap my other shops to Cubecart as clients could use easier.

I have a test store Im playing with at Comic Artwork as Im trying for easy to use but fast store.

background is crap but boss wanted it :(

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Guest twisted

sciulli and chad...........very nice!

rockog...cubecart is a free download. installation takes less than 20 mins and is very easy.

The best wya for you to get a touchy feely for the store, is to install it and have a play around.

You can look at other sites all you want, but theres nothing like hands-on to get a real feel for it.

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