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My store - not finished, have question?


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I'm usually timid about asking to be critcized but figured better to ask here than

hear it from a customer - be gentle!

How does it look so far? I am adding products slowly but I need to work as well, I do custom embroidery so I also have to complete something to take a photo! I have to upload a huge album of embroidery designs and I maintain a couple sites for Veteran groups (for free) so its slow jumping around working on different sites

How hard is the state tax module and the two image one to do? I don't want errors after getting this far a long and am not any good with PHP I don't understand all the characters and afraid I will mess it up!

BearMarket Gifts & Embroidery


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Guest staff_bull

Hiya Dee,

Dont be affraid of any bad comments you may get. The way i see it is that any comments you get, they are going to help you further develop your site.

Site looks good, i like the colour scheme but think it could be a touch bright for the site i am developing.

If you want a little extra help with adding mods to your site, drop me an email to [email protected] with the files you want to have the mods included in and i will see what i can do. I am always trying to add new mods to my site

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site looks very good, like the images, i know how tricky they can be to get right!

The one thing you have got, is it catches the eye, and you will remember it!

Good Luck to you

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