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Guest sheriff_bob

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Guest sheriff_bob

So I havnt opened my store yet and I thought I'll go ahead and switch to V3.

But the learning curve for V2 was like an hour. Ive been sitting messing with this version for about 3 hours now and it's just really bothering me. The modules cannot be moved into other pages. For example I want to move the shopping cart "box" into the view prod page. But not as a module in the Index.tpl .. But unlike V2 where that was an easy process, nothing I have tried has worked.

and I'm sorry but I've never worked with all these DIV's ... For example on the viewprod.tpl , can i replace those DIV with a plain table?

I'll keep plugging along :sigh:

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Guest twisted

And there you have the reason I am primarily not designing for v.3

I also find the templating system and css very frustrating and difficult to get my head around [admittedly its an older head, younger heads tend to be more pliable...that whole "old dog...new tricks thing].

I might suggest that perhaps you google for "css tutorials" and use one of the many sites on the Internet to bone up on css.

I am, and basic css is beginning to sink in...but that light at the end of the tunnel is still just a mere flicker.

Persevere ... i'm told persistence pays off.


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Guest sheriff_bob

Yeah I've continued to hammer it out during the day, and i had to make stinkin comprimises with the shopping cart. Thats not the way it should be, and if anyone knows how to get the shopping_cart box into a page like viewprod.tpl I'd really appreciate it.

Verdict, if I can I stick with the CSS if i cant figure it out I switch it over to a table. Call me crazy, but I think this whole Xhtml thing has seriously limited peoples ability to move there sites outside of the typical 3 box system.

Good luck everyone, you'll need it.

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exactly what i think

if we are using proverbs to explain (cant teach a old dog new tricks)

heres mine

why fix what aint broken????

cc v2 has worked fine for me,my store is set up how i want it,it does what i require(modded of course),looks how i want it to look

no comprimises.

Im sure cc v3 is good and maybe even better than v2 but as all i have done is spent about an hour installing v3 and trying to move stuff i cant comment to much on it.

what can i say this ol dog loves v2.

my 2 cents

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Guest johnoconnor

At first, I found V3 extremely hard to work with, however I have no idea on how to change the layout on V2 (since I am not a php wiz), and I was stuck bumping my head into V3. Once experimented with it I found it to the 2nd easiest way to change the layout of any php script. (First always goes to the Fusion News, at fusionphp.net, as they use htmls to change your layout to the way needed) Although cubecart is pretty similar, people could easily not even use css :P After all just go to the global folder and open cart.tpl, and index.tpl, and remove the includes for the .css files. Then simply open any tpl file you want to edit in notepad, copy paste, then open dreamweaver. Open a new document and go to the html source and copy paste, then go to the document part (this way you can see the html). After making all your changes go to the html source again, and copy paste it in the tpl file you just edited, then save it.

Pretty simple. Hopefully it helps anyone. If you don't understand anything just tell me :sourcerer:.

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