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How do I make the more images pop up box bigger?

Guest aka1489

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Guest aka1489

Id like to make the pop up box bigger for the "More Images" under the view product page, where it says "More Images" and then does the popup box.

I started playing with it today and the only thing Ive really accomplished is being able to resize the popup box. Id also like to add scroll bars but every time I try to play with the scroll bars I just end up with an error on the page and no popup box. So if anybody could help me out and point me in the right direction (currently Im lost as to what page I even need to be modifying). Ive tried the viewprod.php and prodimages.php but cant seem to find anything in either that would effect that popup box size...and the resize/scroll bar stuff appears to be in the jslibrary.js file.

Ive also tried to make it so that I could view all the images on the view product page but failed there as well....basically Id like to do away with the popup box that has the extra images and just have the thumbnails you can click on, on the left side of the page and then bring the thumbnail up in the main picture box. So if somebody feels like helping me out and guiding me on how I can make that would, that'd be great.

Sorry if this as been covered somewhere else but I searched and didnt come up with anything that helped.

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