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Shipping question


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I've been somewhat dissatified with the shopping cart I currently use and have just installed Cubecart. I am very impressed with the ease of use and ability use mods.

Shipping is the one area I'm unsure about - I only ship my weight and need to have an extra shipping method. I live in Japan so I can't use any modules such as Royal Mail or UPS.

The shipping by weight module has 1st class and 2nd class fields - is renaming these a simple affair? I also need to add a third shipping method for express mail - is there a mod for this?

Also, is there a mod to use different packaging materials? Depending on how many items and what category are being bought the packaging can vary quite a lot in terms of cost and weight.

If I can get these 2 things worked out then I think I'm ready to switch :sourcerer:

Any help or advice with this wil be greatly appreciated


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