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I have read all over the forums and dont understand..sorry..but anyways what does this mean:

In the features list it says this Powerful Template System (100% separte PHP from HTML) Could some one please explain, where is the html, I can fool w/ that but php just learning. Down below is whats on http://www.cubecart.com/site/features/ page. So please help and thank you.


Features of CubeCart 3.0.x

CubeCart 3 supports 99% of the features available in version 2 with the following additions.

Powerful Template System (100% separte PHP from HTML)

Plug & Play (Modular) Payment Gateways

Plug & Play (Modular) Shipping Methods

Plug & Play (Modular) 3rd Party Affiliate Systems

Valid XHTML & CSS Code (CubeCart is the ONLY cart with this feature)

Unlimited Currencies (Completely Customisable)

Inventory Stock Control

Sell Digital & Tangible Products

Unlimited Images/Photos per Product

Product can be placed in unlimited categories

Improved Customer Email Marketing System

Unlimited Store Administrators (with configurable permissions)

Improved Language Support

Automated Copyright Removal

Powerful Rich Text Editor (Cross Browser)

Improved SSL support

Improved Server Compatibility/Security/Efficiency

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