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Guest Emediate

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It's a nice looking setup. I really like that all the category images are uniform. So many shops out there don't do that. You might want to get some images in there for the sub-categories too though :D

One thing that always gets me is that languages box... If you are only using English, get rid of it. If you plan to add more languages, then fine.

Also, you seem to have a little problem with the bottom corners of your boxes. Looks like a couple image have not been converted to red, from their original colors...

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Guest Emediate

Thanks guys... yeah those images appear to be missing from the graphics pack I downloaded. I did reply and say it, but no response :D I might have to have a crack at fixing them myself.

I once read on here somewhere how to get rid of the Language section, just havent had a look at it yet.

Doing the subcategories icons now :D

I love CC so much! :( And the client loves it even more (if I can fix the reason why they keep getting logged out of admin whilst working in there all the time?)

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Guest twisted

I did reply and say it, but no response

I don;t live here. And I don;t check every new post in every forum.

PM'ing me with your question would have been the better way to go right from the start.

Yes, the 2 bottom images do seem to be missing from the pack.

I will fix it.

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