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For those who may know anything about the Callback page for payment gateways, I could really use some help.

I have integrated SECPay into my website - This is working fine. The account and integration went well and I have my little bugs worked out.

UNTIL I get to the callback page. I have no problem getting a positive callback page to come up - with order numbers and a printable order sheet. My problem is identifying and authorised vs. declined page and getting the confirmed.php page to tell the difference.

I called SECPay who said I should be looking for a "valid" field - however the confirmed.php file seems to recognise this as $failed and the confirmation as $mail="Y" (which seems to control the authorised side of things!)

I have the cubecart 6.0 installed on the site.

Any ideas at all would be appreciated!!!

(as I'm getting ;) )


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