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Wicked Behavior at Install (GoDaddy.com hosted)

Guest thatsmeinc

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Guest thatsmeinc

I am hosted through GoDaddy.com and I am on hold with them right now because I'm pretty sure this is a problem on their end. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this incredibly frustrating install behavior:

1. During and after install, my browser suddenly couldn't find any index.php files at my domain without me typing them in manually.

2. During and after install, my browser can't find any linked files at my domain so no styles are outputted and there are no images displayed.

3. When attempting to go to my domain's root without manually entering index.php, I am redirected to one of those "Internet Optimizer" sites with a bunch of ads and links and a search-the-web field. (This little element to the problem, by the way, is by far the most likely to drive me completely mad.)

My domain has never had a problem with automatically detecting index files with a .php extension before. Very strange and wickedly irritating.

:) - J


Hmmm, just did a scan and the third issue there I think may have to do with the fact that I have over a hundred sypware infections on my computer. Doh!

;) - J

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Guest thatsmeinc

GoDaddy's tech support reply: Remove the .htaccess file.

Everything works again! All is right with the world.

:D - J

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