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Building Payment Gateways


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OK, this is something I said I wouldn't be doing because at the time I was trying to install CubeCart 3.0b + things weren't going well to put it lightly..

Anyway, my apologies to those who were after this gateway for the latest version of CubeCart, who feel let down by me, + for keeping y'all waiting s'long...

First things:

Goto the folderwhereyouinstalledcubecart -> modules -> gateway folder + create a folder called PPPay (+ NO it doesn't need to be called that if you want to be akward :blink: ).

Create a notepad file here + name it transfer.inc.php (NOT transfer.inc.php.txt +, yes, it should be in plain text!!)


You need another folder called PPPay in admin -> modules -> gateway (if you named the last folder something else then change the name on this to match).

There should be 2 files in here:



The index.php can basically be copied straight from any of the other gateway folders. The code below is the slightly tweaked code I am using:




|   CubeCart v3.0.0

|   ========================================

|   by Alistair Brookbanks

| CubeCart is a Trade Mark of Devellion Limited

|   © 2005 Devellion Limited

|   Devellion Limited,

|   Westfield Lodge,

|   Westland Green,

|   Little Hadham,

|   Nr Ware, HERTS.

|   SG11 2AL


|   http://www.devellion.com

| UK Private Limited Company No. 5323904

|   ========================================

|   Web: http://www.cubecart.com

|   Date: Friday, 1 July 2005

|   Email: [email protected]

| License Type: CubeCart is NOT Open Source Software and Limitations Apply

|   Licence Info: http://www.cubecart.com/site/faq/license.php


| index.php

|   ========================================

| Configure PPPay






$db = new db();


$config = fetchDbConfig("config");


$enableSSl = 1;





header("Location: ".$GLOBALS['rootRel']."admin/401.php");






$module = fetchDbConfig($_GET['folder']);

$msg = writeDbConf($_POST['module'], $_GET['folder'], $module);


$module = fetchDbConfig($_GET['folder']);


<p><a href="http://www.pppay.com/"><img src="logo.gif" alt="" border="0" /></a></p>



echo $msg;



<p class="copyText">&quot;Receive & Send Payments In $, £, + €&quot;</p>

<form action="<?php echo $GLOBALS['rootRel'];?>admin/modules/<?php echo $_GET['module']; ?>/<?php echo $_GET['folder']; ?>/index.php?module=<?php echo $_GET['module']; ?>&amp;folder=<?php echo $_GET['folder']; ?>" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">

<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3" class="mainTable">


    <td colspan="2" class="tdTitle">Configuration Settings </td>



    <td align="left" class="tdText"><strong>Status:</strong></td>

    <td class="tdText">

<select name="module[status]">

  <option value="1" <?php if($module['status']==1) echo "selected='selected'"; ?>>Enabled</option>

  <option value="0" <?php if($module['status']==0) echo "selected='selected'"; ?>>Disabled</option>





   <td align="left" class="tdText"><strong>Description:</strong>


    <td class="tdText"><input type="text" name="module[desc]" value="<?php echo $module['desc']; ?>" class="textbox" size="30" /></td>



  <td align="left" class="tdText"><strong>Email Address:</strong></td>

    <td class="tdText"><input type="text" name="module" value="<?php echo $module['email']; ?>" class="textbox" size="30" /></td>


  <td align="left" class="tdText"><strong>Default:</strong></td>

      <td class="tdText">

<select name="module[default]">

  <option value="1" <?php if($module['default'] == 1) echo "selected='selected'"; ?>>Yes</option>

  <option value="0" <?php if($module['default'] == 0) echo "selected='selected'"; ?>>No</option>





    <td align="right" class="tdText">&nbsp;</td>

    <td class="tdText"><input type="submit" class="submit" value="Edit Config" /></td>




<?php include("../../../includes/footer.inc.php"); ?>

Just create a text file, copy the above code into it, + name it index.php before placing it with the logo.gif.

The logo.gif can be found here (ready formatted to the correct size :D !).

Finally, the transfer.inc.php that I mentionned before carries all the important variables that you need to make the gateway work. - I have not completed this for PPPay yet, but at least now you know how to get going with a new payment gateway.

As far as I can tell there is no messing-around with SQL required for most of the gateways, this being no exception. I will post more just as soon as I have more. Meantime if have Gold level of membership with PPPay + want the gateway to cover that please tell me, otherwise you will just get the straighforward version :) !

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