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Need to remove the Welcome message, how?!?!

Guest Gavin

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Guest Gavin

Hi, i need to remove the welcome msg from the site, theres not a place to turn it off and Brooky said to remove it from the template, where will i find it on the template? thanks.

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if you mean the...

'..Welcome to CubeCart

Congratulations. You have successfully... bla bla bla thingy..'

..you edit that in admin section > Documents > Homepage..

i'm affraid i don't know in which file it could be ripped out from..


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To edit the welcome message, in admin got to: Documents > Homepage. The welcome message is the bit in the Title field, but you may get:

Could not open file of '/home/.sites/28/site1/web/cc3/language/en/home.inc.php' for writing. Try changing the CHMOD value to 0777. Remember to set it back to 0644 afterwards!

which should be self explaning.

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Guest vrakas

rubdub The above has nothing to do with removing the welcome message box.

Changing the chmod is only for changing the text inside the box.

timh To change the chmod use your FTP program and click on the file you want to change the permissions and look/locate properties.

Some FTP programs allow the use of right mouse click.

Hope this helps :errm:

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