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Images won't display on install


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I have permissions set at 777 for /images and all sub-dir folders. The image is u/l and viewable in admin; BUT, when I try to add it to the produce, the modify screen goes blank, and the image does not display in the store.

Help, please?

[email protected]

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Guest vrakas

Check manually under the images the next folder as it does not always change the permissions on subfolders.Although it asks you for this to be done on subfolders, it doesn't do it. (WS-FTP)

I had the same problem and changed one by one the subfolders permisions



to 0777)

Hope this helps

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I did change permissions to 777, but it didn't help. Seems also that only .gif files display. Other messages say that php 4.x had to be compiled against gd 1.8 or better, and I have. I have php4.3.9 and gd2.0.28 so I can't figure it?

.jpg files will upload but not display at all, but no thumbnails created.

.gif files will upload and display, but no thumbnails created.

do you have version 3.0 and do you have a makethumb.txt file anywhere?

thanx for your help.


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