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Weight Problems and Stock Numbers

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Guest netgroup


Got a couple of problems which we can't sort out. Wondering if anyone can help?

1) Stock figures don't deplete when a customer orders 1 of an item and we process the order for shipping - ie it is marked as completed. Do we have to do this manually?

2) We are only selling CD's so weight is not a big issue for us. CD = 60g or so. Using the weight shipping module or the Royal Mail shipping option with GBR as the ISO and this as the shipping rates

0.10:1.20, 0.20:2.20,

we see the error

We cannot ship an order of that total weight.

I've read the other thread with regard to this and used the info and even the shipping example it gave with no joy.

KG is the default weight for the whole cart and we have tried with only 1 shipping option (weight or Royal mail - never both).

Weights inputted for each item is 0.1 KG so effectively we should be able to select 10CD's for £1.20 and 11-20 CD's would take us to £2.20. We don't - we see the error above.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated and if you want to check it out, you can see the store at http://www.ChristianBands.co.uk/store/


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Guest netgroup


Thanks for the input.

I had input the second class figures as well in the weight section. The royal mail section doesn't have second class.

Still errors.

Just noticed the posting from Brooky re 3.01 coming out around July 15th. I believe the shipping issue and the stock figures not reducing are bugs and will be fixed with the release of 3.01 unless someone else can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Still puzzled as to why some people say they have it working on 3.0 though. :whistle:

Thanks again.


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I have the same problem with by weight. I have one test product that weighs 1 pound.

I have set up the by weight shipping using only 10:5.00 in both 1st and 2nd class and I still get the error. I have even tried 10000:5.00 and it still fails.

Any other ideas out there?

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