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Guest F.N

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Where do one go to add a product to the "featured product" list? I can't seem to find it anywhere in the admin area...

Also, can you have more than one item in featured product?

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Guest estelle

I think the featured product just shows a single random item from your catalogue. It may be a future enhancement to allow you to choose which item(s) are shown.

But, you could probably hack it to show what you want. Look in skins/CURRENT_SKIN/styleTemplates/boxes/randomProd.tpl. I haven't tested this myself, but you could probably modify the {PRODUCT_ID}, {PRODUCT_NAME} and {IMG_SRC} to be hardcoded to what you want. And then if you wanted to show more than one item, you could probably duplicate the text within the content div. I.e. make a copy of the text in between this:

<div class="boxContentLeft" style="text-align: center">

and this:

</div><!-- END: random_prod -->

And then you might need to add a "<br />" in between the two sets of text.

Goodluck :(


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Thanks for your suggestion Estelle! I thought I may have missed something with this feature. I'll see what I can do in terms of hacking it.

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