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additional menus?

Guest razormedia

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Guest razormedia

Is there an easy way to add an extra menu?

I want a menu, looking like the SiteDocs, but at the top of the page.

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Guest estelle

What kind of links you want there? If you want to have more "site docs" that are modifiable through cubecart admin, then i think it would be quite complicated to have the links in two separate places on your website.


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Guest razormedia

I want a menu Like the sitedocs, but at the top of the page - leading to other pages. For instance: The Shop | Forum | News | Links etc..

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Guest estelle

Ahhh, that makes it easier. The hack way to do it is to modify skins/YOUR_SKIN/styleTemplates/global/index.tpl. Add your HTML just below the header. But you'll need to know some HTML and/or CSS.

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I'm looking for this too - but I don't want them across the top or bottom - I want a side menu


I tried to do it here - and changed the siteDocs.tpl to where it was in keeping with the format of the other side boxes - plus included the info + alphabatize - but no links :on2long:

<!-- BEGIN: site_docs -->

<div class="boxTitleLeft">Site Navigation</div>

<div class="boxContentLeft">


<!-- BEGIN: a -->

<!-- BEGIN: li -->

<li class="bullet"><a href="index.php?act=viewDoc&amp;docId={DATA.doc_id}" class="txtSiteDocs">{DATA.doc_name}</a></li>

<!-- END: li -->

<!-- END: a -->



<!-- END: site_docs -->

anyone see what I'm doing wrong?

Also - for the life of me - I cannot figure out how to get the bottom "latest products" images box to center - input there would be great too ;)


Lorri Nevil

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Guest katherinedenger

I would also like to have a seperate docs list as a side menu. the problem is, I also want to keep the original docs list at the bottom, and create a new list on the side that excludes the original docs (about us, privacy policy, etc.) but includes all the new docs i've created. I can sort the original by doc id, therefore keeping the unwanted ones out, but I need to create a whole new box for the side menu with the remaining docs. I have tried creating a docsList.tpl, with a docsList.inc.php (basically copying the original but filtering the unwanted results, and replacing "site_docs" with "docs_list"). I also added the following to the index.php.



still, it does not show up at all. Any suggestion?

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Get the documents tpl file from the calssic skin then find the document tpl in the killer or legend.

Add it to the index.php and your done.

For a quick fix to other pages at the moment I put docs accros the top with a meta refresh that takes you to home etc, shopping cart etc.


not finisehed yet so dont place an order

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