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CubeCart 3.0.1

Al Brookbanks

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Guest MediaWizard


or did I not read something in the documentation?

I have a test installation here. User / pass test. :errm:

My site default currency is INR

I have added various other currencies

[which I think is a feature that really makes CC3 Rock!! :P ]

I use

a. Print Order Form

b.Paypal [iPN not tested]


Test1 Paypal INR

Selected currency as INR >

Proceeded to Paypal >

Show 'Error - vendor does not accept payments in INR' ;)

Test2 Paypal EURO

Selected currency as Euro >

Proceed to paypal >


"Error Detected

This recipient does not accept payments denominated in INR. Please contact the seller and ask him to update his payment receiving preferences to accept this currency." :P

>> This shows that paypal only takess default currency and not us$ or gbp or euro

Test2 2CO

Selected Euro as currency >

Checkout via 2CO >

Item1 = INR 10,000 = EUR 190.70 = US$ 230 which is correct

Now at 2CO amt shown is :

Product Total: $ 10000.00 USD

Order Total: $ 10000.00 USD


Suggestion- convert to us$ amount from default currency and send to gateway for paypal/2co

- both have internal system to allow person to choose prefered currency or express checkout for us$ payments

Also, i must add, i have had an absolutely easy time with the flawless installation and customisation of both my installs including an upgrade from cc3 beta3

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Guest MediaWizard

eeehaw brooky !! :P

friday is this week ! :P:P

Looking forward to this ;)

plan on changing to cc3 for service store. :errm:

thx and good luck

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Guest Europa

Just a quick question,

Do we know for sure if version 3.0.1 will have a module for offline credit card payment or not?

I am curious because I will be running an Australian Saddlery (horse products) site and most of our clientelle will be based in rural australia. In Australia our news has been flooded with stories of stolen credit cards (which is great when you are about to launch an online store :P ).

We were all set to use VeriSign to provide our processing, but it would be much better if we could accept cards on our site (just so customers have the same layout and the same address when they enter details).

We have 4 store locations in Western Australia and it would be great to be able to process them ourselves at whichever store has the items instock.

Thanks and keep up the great work :(

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offline CC processing - brooky was looking into this last time he mentioned it.

there are big security issues with string cc details in the database. I dont blame brooky for being cautious. there have been in the past such modules for v2, and I am sure that they will follow soon for v3.

one thing to note, even if it is introduced, it ought to only work if the site is running under SSL.

quite possibly, many of you may not be aware that your card providers may prohibit the online collection of card data for offline processing. that is what I have found to be the norm here in the UK. You may well 'get away with it', but in the event of a query from a customer, your card company would severely frown upon this.

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Guest rhyan

I have fixed loads of bugs and most are in the modules. 3.0.1 will come out on friday.

Friday (GB) = very late Thursday (USA).

Good news.

Go Brooky . . .

..or very early Friday depending on your time zone.


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Guest MediaWizard

I upgraded to 3.0.1 but am still getting the payment currency bug. :D

cart passes amount in Rs. as us$ to 2co :D

cart passes amount is Rs. to paypal which does not accept the same ;)

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Hey Brooky, have you taken a look at MALS-E. It is secure and encrypts your information (Credit Card info). You should look into that, that would give the users manual Credit Card Transaction as well as a security relief.

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Guest retire_young2005

There haave been major problems with getting the shipping price to add into the the veiw cart and into the total prices.

I'm using the shipping by wieght module and it doesn't add the shipping price into the cart at all.

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