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Simple Checkout (no registration)?

Guest Develonet

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Guest Denver Dave

I recently bought something on line with where there was no registration. True they collected all the info and I am not able to review my account, but just one screen and boom done. I think they used Ultra Cart (no opinion on this product), but the checkout process was very quick and easy. Also, I noticed that they handled the shipping costs on the first screen as an example, but cost may vary on location and not the n/a.

Somewhat related, seems like there is one move "view cart" screen than we need with CC3.

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Mysiteonline, no you are not blind, because of the work involved in making these mods and because of the quantity of versions being released we have had to charge a small fee for some of our more complex mods.

We still build a lot of free mods.

All available at mod store

Have a couple of new free mods which will be uploaded to the downloads section of cubecart shortly.

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Nobody seems to have suggested the obvious requirement for the mod - I've you are selling virtual products, like MP3 downloads. Providing you get the PayPal (or whatever) payment, and the download email is dispatched, you don't need to know the customers details.

So if someone is buying things ONLY from a catalogue of vitual items, skip the registration.



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No Greg as was stated just above he moved his scripts from the downloads section onto his mods store, simply to make a buck or two for the hard work...

sure all can understand...

I Beta Tested this mod, and even with the slight few bugs then, i found it to be an AMAZING Mod and well worth the £10, alot of people dont like the trouble of having to register just to buy a few products and that loses you some sales...

Great Mod, and i will consider buying it once i push my client into agreeing to pay me £50 for it :)... We all gota make a living hey...

and i did his site for really stupidly low amount so im aloud to Squash a bit extra out of him... :)

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It's great to now have the option of not requiring passwords/registering...but what about being able to direct the customer to the secure checkout (2CO/CCnow etc) before asking for the address etc.

Cubecart.com does this. That's what I'd prefer.

My site isn't ssl anyway..only the checkout. The information entered is otherwise non-securely transferred to the checkout gateway and that seems pointless, possibly a bit confusing when the customer gets the browser alert (this is a non-secure form etc).


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I've created a guest account, so potential customers can anonymously navigate up until the gateway checkout page. It's not automatic...that would be ideal. It's up to the customer to log in with the guest info and remember to enter their own email address at checkout. Wonder if that will work. But atleast it will aid those who are particularly reluctant to register...for now.

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Guest nickyg622

I would like to add my support to this cause - another reason being that going direct to secure checkout (e.g., paypal, verisign, etc.) without entering any personal information would enable using the store without SSL. Since people have apparently been having a lot of trouble with shared SSL this would be helpful.

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