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How to skin CC3-- Need guide and alot of help pls.

Guest e-sellitall

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Guest e-sellitall

Hello All,

I am starting up my new store and wonder if there was a guide detailing how or what to change in the CSS file and other files? I am not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, but am very technical in other areas of the IT field. I need alot of hand holding and any information on how to really make the site pop and sites that have alot of add-ins such as custom headers, banners that I can add in without spending money would be appreciated.

Thanks for you help!!!

Bob <_<

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Hello Bob,

This is my site. .My Webpage

I got my help from a post at the following link.


You will want to concentrate on the skins folder. Find out which one you want to work with. I selected Legend. I selected skins/stylesheets/layoutcss. I altered the variables as given in the link above. I changed the original Legend skin to a full screen style.

I played around with what was given in the posts on this forum and came to the style that I currently have. I am not finished yet but it's a start.

You may want to get some logo programs to help with creation of Graphics. You can find them for under $30.00. You can also get some gif animation software which will help cut down the expense of having someone design for you. I purchased one online for only $29.95 to create what you see on my site. You can also get flash creation programs to add onto your site to create a more dramatic effect.

When you change graphics you will select the skin/styleimages/background.

You can upload your new images and overwrite the images that are there by giving your new file the name of the image you wish to change.

You may want to play around with different graphics to get the look and feel of what you are looking for. You can also use html editor programs to help with the process. As for html you may want to look at html forums online.

Some people may want to upload an entire new template. I am not that advanced.

Right now I can only alter what is there by changing images in CSS files and variables for stylesheet layout files. I hope I have given you a few ideas that may help.

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Guest e-sellitall

Can you tell me which programs you used for Gif Animation? I like the site.... Its looking good. If you could provide me with the app names, I will get started on this project and will hopefully get it up and running.



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Hello Bob,

Thank you for the compliment on my site. The name of the logo program that I use is called Logo Creator. The makers of that program is SUMMITSOFT PRODUCTIVITY. You can also log onto their site for more information at www.logocreator.com

The GIF animation program is made by Crayon software magic viewer. You can purchase it online. The site is http://www.crayonsoft.com

The program itself is a free download but you have to pay for a license fee which is $29.95. Once you pay you will be emailed the license key that will unlock all of the features for use. There are so many other programs that you can look into. The magicviewer just happens to be the one that I found and started using just the other night.

I use the Logo creator to create effects frame by frame and upload them into the magic viewer to create the animation. It's great!

Once you have the logo creator you will beable to import all types of graphics and clipart to work with. I have very limited html skills. I read posts on Ebay on the html board and other html boards and practice.

This new CSS is so easy to alter! :P

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dnanakobi, I'll give you a bit of constructive criticism. First off, your wide fixed width will force a lot of people to have to scroll sideways. I would never recommend a fixed width beyond about 760px.

Second, you have a 390KB animated GIF. That's a dialup killer! I know you like the effect, but I'd hold off until you change that to a flash animation which would require MUCH less bandwidth to serve out.

Overall, the design is nice. Keep at it and you'll get there.

God Bless and Fly Low!

Sir William

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Thank you for the tip Sir William. I knew that Gif was too large. :w00t: I will take your advice about the flash for the future. I didn't know that 760px was the magic number. Now that I know I will go back and revise so that the scroll bar does not come up.

By the way, do you know how to add paypal or credit card logos to the footer or below the boxes on either the left or right side? I have been looking for a while.

Thank you very much. */*

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Sure, the easy place would be in the Currency box. It's located in:


Between end of the SELECT and the DIV (line 10), insert your IMG code for the card logos. You could do it something like this:

<!-- BEGIN: currency -->

<div class="boxTitleLeft">{LANG_CURRENCY_TITLE}</div>

<div class="boxContentLeft">


	<select name="lang" class="dropDown" onchange="jumpMenu('parent',this,0)">

  <!-- BEGIN: option -->

  <option value="switch.php?r={VAL_CURRENT_PAGE}&amp;currency={VAL_CURRENCY}" {CURRENCY_SELECTED}>{CURRENCY_NAME}</option>

  <!-- END: option -->


<!-- User inserted Credit Card logos -->

<img src="/images/visa.gif"> &nbsp; <img src="/images/mastercard.gif">

<!-- End Credit Card Logos -->


<div class="boxFootLeft">&nbsp;</div>

<!-- END: currency -->

This will also leave the left side of your layout pretty long compared to the right. To help remedy this, simply edit the main index.tpl file at:


In there, move the "{LANGUAGE}" after the "{MAIL_LIST}". That will put the Language selector box on the right side to help even things up.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you very much Sir William for that information. I tried it and it works great!

I was so excited about the new 3.0.1 but when I upgraded I had so many problems that I had to dump it and start from scratch.

I could not complete any orders without the checkout page saying, "Sorry we don't ship our products to your country." I ckecked in admin countries and zones and everything was fine. My test profile matched the country and zone so I'm stumpted. ;)

Everytime I logged in as a test customer I had to get a new password as the old one failed.

I reloaded 3.0.0 and am working on that until all the bugs are worked out and I can upgrade without risking my whole store.

I have a little problem since going back to version 3.0.0

The only problem that I am having is that my category images are not showing up in the admin. I ckecked the properties on those dead link boxes and they are just like the example below.



I would think that it should be http://cjafricastore.com/images/uploads//t.../thumb_MASK.jpg

I didn't want to change anything before ruling out the possibility of this being a configuration issue with my hosting company as I had a similar problem just the other day.

All the other images in the store admin and the store itself work just fine.

How can this be fixed?


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When you do a relative file location, leave off the "http://" Just use a single slash as the beginning of the path.


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Thank you for that information. I wanted to know if I should go to admin/categories/index.php to alter the path being given so that those images will show in my admin. I'm not sure what to do at this point. It's not a critical issue but I wish it worked properly as it did before I upgraded 2 days ago. ;)

Thank you.

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  • 2 weeks later...

If your admin thumbs in the VIEW CATEGORY section are not displaying do this:

Locate this file: admin/categories/index.php

On about line 175:

<img src="<?php echo $glob['rootRel'];?>/images/uploads/<?php echo $results[$i]['cat_image']

Remove the / and all should be well!!!


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Hello MiniMe,

Thank you for that information. Now the admin categories images show up just fine! :o

I have to say that I am very pleased with the help and support I have gotten from the Cube Cart community. :mellow:

Thank you very much.

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