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Remove some boxes

Guest mthomassen

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Guest mthomassen

Hello everyone, am a real beginner in Cubecart-land but this forum is very helpfull.

Here are my problems : ( killer )

1. I would like to remove ( or disable? ) the boxes

Featured Products

Popular Products

Sale Items

Search for:

2. I would like to bring the box " Mailinglist " to the left

3. I would like to remove the tab " Sale Items " in the top navigation bar.

Hope someone can help me out, took the day off to modify CC3 and I am stuck already..... :)


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At first, backup any file below :rolleyes:

1. Open skins/Killer/styleTemplates/global/index.tpl






2. Cut {MAIL_LIST} and paste after {LANGUAGE}

save file.


Open skins/Killer/styleTemplates/boxes/mailList.tpl

Replace every Right to Left in class name in 2. anf 3. row:

<div class="boxTitleRight"> change to <div class="boxTitleLeft">

<div class="boxContentRight txtCopy"> change to <div class="boxContentLeft txtCopy">

save file.

3. Open skins/Killer/styleTemplates/boxes/categories.tpl

remove this code:

    <!-- BEGIN: sale -->

    	<td class="topCatsTabLeft">&nbsp;</td>

        <td class="topCatsTabMid"><a href="index.php?act=viewCat&amp;catId=saleItems" class="txtCat">{LANG_SALE_ITEMS}</a></td>

        <td class="topCatsTabRight">&nbsp;</td>

    <!-- END: sale -->

save file.

Hope this is usefull :)

Regards Milos

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Guest mthomassen


You have saved my day !

The only think you did not answer is to remove the box " search for "

I only wil have 8 or 10 items in my store, into 4 categories, so no need to search for a lot of things.

I would like to remove it, but the " log in & register " are probably in the same box ?

In that case, perhaps delete only " Seach for + button" go " and the small window "?

What do I have to do ?

Thanks again Milos.


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Uff, you are right, hint about search form is missing :)

Just open skins/Killer/styleTemplates/global/index.tpl and delete {SEARCH_FORM}.

Session box {SESSION} (Welcome and Login, Logout, Register) will be here, but with a gray background. This depends on style class sessionBox (<div id="sessionBox">).

You have many possibilites where will be session box placed, remaining on place but with different class or........right, left side with additional definitions (send me a msg if you want any help about) :rolleyes:.


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Guest mthomassen

Hello Milos,

Txs for your help again, you can see the result here :


I am not able to change the logo, have done everything that is written about this, but still no result :)

Made my logo and tried to put it in the image-file ( there is only 1 )

Found cc_Logo.gif and replaced that one, no result.

Other explanations mention " store_logo.gif " as name, truied that also, but still no result.


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Guest mthomassen


Sorry to bother you again...

I was wondering of you have any problems with shipping & taxes in your store.

I have the first cc3 version, and both don't work.

IF you have no problems, AND you have an other version, do you know a way to auto-install that version ? I did the ( auto ) install thru my host, I tried normal install before, but then you need to change things, that always goes wrong with me ( as you know... ;) )




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Hi Marcel, i am affraid, i did not labour about taxes and shiping. Later.

Question about upgrading 3.0.0->3.0.1 - read 'Upgrade from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1.txt' from CubeCart 3.0.1 package ;) but at first backup 3 files (removing boxes) mentioned above.

After all, upload 3 mentioned files above back to site (rewrite).

Things, we have made (removing boxes) will be well-preserved.


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