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Has anyone got Shipping to work yet?

Guest clothahump

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Guest clothahump

I've problems with shipping too if you add a flat fee fo £40 its coming up £21.11

Thats probaly your currency set wrong.

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Guest clothahump

Just did a dummy run using Postal Order, updated it in admin and customer (me) got this, notice whats missing, postage and packing which should read £4.99 as the object weighs 1.5Kg.

Does not show in admin as being paid either???

If I can iron this out I can go live.

Thank you for your order no: 050720-160734-9265 placed on Jul 20 2005, 16:07 PM

The transaction was successful and we will ship your goods at the first possible opportunity (if applicable).


Name: Tim Beer

Subtotal: £3.99

Postage & Packaging: £0.00

Tax: £0.00

Grand Total: £3.99


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Guest clothahump

Postal Order Form incorrect as well as follows.

Postal Order for Order of Jul 20 2005, 16:25 PM Order ID: 050720-162515-2405

Product Code Qty Price

Test TESI2 7 £27.93

Shipping Method:

Subtotal: £27.93

Total Tax: £0.00

Total Shipping: £11.99

Grand Total: £11.99

Found the solution in bugs.cubecart.com

All seems to be working now I hope.

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