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Shipping to only USA from Canada

Guest mthomassen

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Guest mthomassen

Hi everyone.

I am in Canada, so shipping within is national ( per categorie )

Shipping to USA is international for me, I can calculate that pritty close by categorie also.

I want to ship worldwide tho, but the difference to overseas etcetera is too hard to pre-calculate.

So this is what I want to do :

I want to tell visitors I ship worldwide, but exclude all countries except USA.

I will change the text : " Sorry we do not ship to your country " in a message that they have to contact me for a quote.

So far so good.

Here is my question :

Do I have to delete ALL OTHER countries, or is there a better & easier way ?



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You don't have to delete all the other countries. You could code it to where if they are buying something and go to step 2 in their shopping cart they get a message like "To find out if we will ship to your area call us at...". But that would probably piss people off because they have already gone through the registration process and such.

We are under the exact same circumstances. We are only letting US and Canada register. We also have language stating that we will ship to other places but they must call or email to get a quote. This makes it very important to have a # people can reach you.

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Guest mthomassen

Perhaps a statement on the homepage will be wise, or when they register.

I am willing to ship world wide, but our products are heavy, 50 US$ to the US means 145 US$ to Australia.

Perhaps I will exclude them all, and re-direct them to a cheap Ebay auction.

A shipping calculator on it and they can all look themselves.

I will think about it.


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