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how to install an offline store for local demo?

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I am building a CC3 store (and hoping that the client will send me the remaining required materials some day soon).

At some point I'll want to install a copy of the store on my laptop so I can demo to prospective clients how such a store looks and functions - up to but not including the actual placing of an order. In other words, the demo copy would not be coming from the server but from the laptop hard disk.

How can I do that. I'd need to know more than just what software would accomplish that. I'd need to know step-by-step how to install it so the downloaded PHP files would work offline.

Help please? TIA

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Guest moxie

The easiest way would be to install a local http/php/mysql server on the laptop.

Something like these could work for you :^^:



I used this a while ago:


Basically you will be hosting the web pages on the laptop and using the web browser to connect to yourself.

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Maybe that will work.

I downloaded a copy of PortableWeb, installed it and opened it. That delivered me to a typical, totally useless, self-congratulatory web page that told me I'd downloaded a wonderful program.

Big %&(*ing deal.

But instructions on how to use it? Fuh-ged-a-boud-it.

Maybe this other suggestion will be less arrogant and ignorant.

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I just downloaded the ApacheFriends program. Yes, it installs easily. But I now have the feeling I've stepped through the looking glass, onto a vast, desolated plain, with purple rocks and saffron grass. I'm stoned without having inhaled. Nothing makes any sense. Cue the Twilight Zone theme music.

When I click on the dektop icon I get this cute little interface that has nice little buttons. One of them is labled "Help." Very funny. It's the kind of help file that is addressed to people who do not need a help file in the first place. But it contains not a single word about how to use the program so I can run a local copy of a Cube Cart store.

Can someone here please help this very ordinary dumb guy figure out how to make it work?

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ok.... in that nice little box you see a couple of start buttons, right? start the top 2 (to start your server and to start mysql).

As soon as you have done that you can logon to your new 'host' :( simply open your browser and point to 'http://localhost'.

Before you can start installing your CC you need to create a DB, point brwser to 'http://localhost/phpmyadmin' and create a new DB named i.e. 'store'.

Now copy all files included in the zip file you downloaded from CC.com into the folder 'htdocs' and point your browser to 'http://localhost/...../install.php' (/..../ = directory located where install file is, don't know exactly outta my head where it is)

Follow all steps in the installation and you can set your store.....

Before anything else you need to switch your php version (is default set to php5) to php4; goto xampp main folder and there you will find something close to phpswitch.exe (or *.bat, whichever) and execute it, type a '4' in the window and hit enter....now you are all set to go!

Holla if you need more help

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thanks - I'm part way there. I have the Apache prog installed and functioning.. I downloaded by FTP a copy of the store. I did not do the other steps (creating a DB, installin public_docs, etc) so that may be why when I try to launch I am getting a screen of errors that begins:


WARNING - Your store will not function until the install directory and/or upgrade.php is deleted from the server."; exit; } // initiate db class include_once("classes/db.inc.php"); $db = new db(); include_once("includes/functions.inc.php"); $config = fetchDbConfig("config"); include_once("includes/sslSwitch.inc.php"); // get session data include_once("includes/session.inc.php"); // get exchange rates etc include_once("includes/currencyVars.inc.php"); $lang_folder = ""; if(empty($ccUserData[0]['lang'])){ $lang_folder = $config['defaultLang']; } else { $lang_folder = $ccUserData[0]['lang']; } include_once("language/".$lang_folder."/lang.inc.php"); // require template class include_once("classes/xtpl.php"); $body = new XTemplate ("skins/".$config['skinDir']."/styleTemplates/global/index.tpl"); if(isset($_GET['searchStr'])){ $body->assign("SEARCHSTR",$_GET['searchStr']); } else { $body->assign("SEARCHSTR",""); }

END QUOTE and goes on for many lines.

I have confirmed that the "install directory" is not among those downloaded (and of course, it is not on the server, either).

But it does seem to me that the store should open but I'm getting the above errors.

Question - if I do the additiona steps you suggest, will taht slve these errors?

Thanks in advance for your goood and patient advice . . .

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Yes most definatley...CC runs on a DB so therefore you need to create a DB, use the install directory to load the db. When installing use the username 'root' and leave the password blank; make sure you have access from outside turned off by i.e. your firewall so nobody can get it but you. It is a bigger hassle to create a new username and password as it won't work quite well....

Anyway holla back if u need more help.

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you said: "Anyway holla back if u need more help."


I'm lost right at the start. I think that the process of installing the Apache program did also install a copy of PHP on my local hard drive. I was able to follow your instructions about switching PHP from 5 to 4 even though I was not connected to the net at that time.

But how to define a MySQL db is a new experinece for me. In

MyComputer > appachefriends > xampp>

I can see a pair of BAT files, one for install, the other for uninstall - and sub-directories that include






When I click on the install bat I get a black screen that says MySql is started and a prompt to hit any key to continue.

I also get a popup from my firewall that wants to know if the program should have access to the local drive. Yes or no? I don't know so I close it to err on the side of security. Pop up closes.

I click to continue - and the black dialog screen closes. I'm back to nothing. Did I accomplish anything? Who knows?

FWIW I have server access and could download the DB there that now supports the CC that is online. Would that be enough or do I have to create a new local DB?

Do you have the patience to tell me how to do that? If you are in the UISA, and can talk me through it over the phone, I'd pay for a call to you.

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Guest sheriff_bob

I'd actually reccomend a program called MSAS its a standalone package of mysql/ apache/ and phpmyadmin. You install it and it creates a virtual drive. But the "real" drive is inside of the c drive. You just make a new folder run this program and then youv got everything you need. Then just kill the application and it quits using processes


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Sherrif Bob,

That was an excellent sugggestion and I followed it. The prog downloaded and installed nicely. It is even more transparent than the ApacheFriends app. But there is yet one "small" problem.

When try to open the store, I am getting the same screen filled with code quoted above. The system is saying that it can't launch the store untill the install directory is removed- but it has been. There is no directory in the CC store copy that is sitting on my hard drive.

I need very much to be able to demo this cube cart store if I am going to sell more installations. The cost of wireless is still too expensive and many of the prospects I want to corral do not have immediate access to a connection while I have their attention.

Has anyone else been successful in running a CC store from a non-Internet-connected laptop?

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Guest sheriff_bob

So you went through the entire installl program no problems?

If i get the chance tonight I'll type out a tutorial for yall to show you how to setup this program.

It might be kind of ghetto, but send me a pm or email me at [email protected] if your interested.

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it doesn't matter what or how you install....either way you still need to create a LOCAL DB for CC to load!

If you intent to use xampp (I use it for offline showcase and other designs so I do not need to use online access) you start your server and mysql with the little control panel.... then you open a new browser window and type in the address bar:

http://localhost/phpmyadmin then you see something where says 'Create database'; type in a name and click create......

When done that you need to manually configure your config.php file (set database name, username (username is 'root') and leave password blank.

Now you need to install and load your DB. If using CC3 which you do you need to manually load the db in phpmyadmin; perform a search there are several topics out here about that.

If you need more detailed help you can find me on msn or yahoo (both username = n2irock)

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I think I'm almost there. Thanks to both of the responses.

Here's where I'm at. Alsmost there but stuck.

When I open either of the two server programs the firewall tells me thaat Apache and MySQYL, each in turn, is trying to connect to "localhost:85" and asking if I approve or deny. I have tried it both ways and it doesn't seem to mattter. The steps below are with those attempts denied.

I created the DB. It has no tables. May I assume that the CC install will create whatever tables are needed? If not, what tables should I create? (never have before and don't want to learn that right now. But if I must . . . )

After creating the db, I opened the copy of CC that is in the www folder and clicked on "install.php"

That opened the CC installation interface that I recognize from the installation of the real store on the server. However, for what it's worth, VERY STRANGE, the installation screen is cluttered with code alll over the place.

Here what I provided. The details I think are important to know because this is the step at which I'm stuck - and I suspect I'm not telling the installation process what it wants to hear.

DB Host Local - localhost

Database Name - testinstall

User - root (the user name I chose in the db creation)

pw - (I chose the option of now pw so this is blank)

Admin Config:

user - root

pw - xxxxxx (I assume it demands one here so I one created one)

Advanced Config

I changed nothing but what is there is foreign to me. For example, the first Advanced Config field is:

Store URL - http://<? php echo $_SERVER[sEVER_NAME'].str_replace(

The other advanced fields contain similar but not exactly the same code. I left them like that.

I see the three messages at=tha confirm alll the steps are correct and I'm Congratulated that the intallation is complete. Which is where things go wrond.

It is suggested that I go to either the store or store admin. There are links to each. But the links do nothing when clicked on.

At the bottom of the screen is a blue button saying continue to step . . . followed by exposed code.

Clicking on that button takes me back to the same screen but with the fields blank.

It appears to me that the installation does not like whatever I'm giving it.

BTW, when I click on that continue button, the computer tries to connect with the Internet but I have the modem turned off because I don't see why, if this is a local server, it needs to talk with anyone else.

Suggestions, please?

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I created the DB. It has no tables. May I assume that the CC install will create whatever tables are needed? If not, what tables should I create? (never have before and don't want to learn that right now. But if I must . . . )

That is right, no need to create tables as CC will create and dump the info into it.

DB Host Local    -    localhost

Database Name -    testinstall

User                -    root (the user name I chose in the db creation)

pw                    -    (I chose the option of now pw so this is blank)

Admin Config:

user  -    root

pw    -    xxxxxx (I assume it demands one here so I one created one)

Do not enter a password as there is no password required.

Other than that I do not know what is going on as it has been a long time since i installed cc3.0.0 and never updated to 3.0.02 yet....

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Well, the pair of you Mobie and Sheriff Bob, are not only patient, but competent - and from impatient :( and incompetent :( me, that is the highest praise.

The final problem was caught by Sheriff Bob. I had opened the installation process by going directly to the install folder and clicking on "install.php". That launched a weird and corrupted version of the installation script with broken code all over the GUI - the final result being that the install script did not work.

But, I took the clue from Sheriff Bob's comment and, in the browser URL field, I used "http://localhost/cubecart/install/". The install script opened up very nicely, I was able to do the installation successfully - and the F%^&*ing CC WORKS!!!

There were two final interesting issues that I'll share.

1) at the next to last step, the system did insist that I have a pw for the database. So I went back and gave it one. That issue went away. On to the final step . . .

2) when the installation script was successfully completed, I tried to follow the suggestion to open the either the store or the admin by clicking on them. Both clicks wanted to open the dialup modem and connect to the Internet. So I simply went up to the URL field and entered "http://localhost/cubecart/". The sample store opened up beautifully. I also was able to invoke "http://localhost/cubecart/admin".

All done . . .

It's 5am here in NYC and I had gotten up to do the necessary. So, in a happy frame of mind, I'm going back to bed. Sometime later today, I'm going to repay the kindness of strangers by creating a file I will call "Installing a demo store on a non-Internet-connected laptop for dummies." (or something like that) and invite Brooky to pin it somewhere here in the forums for use by other impatient :rolly: and incompetent :cry: guys like me.

BIG THANKS to Mobie and Sheriff Bob !! :D

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I have not yet had the time to keep the promise of writing an even simpler guide, complete with screenshots. But I expect to do so in the next few days.

Foor what it's worth, one of the reasons I'm so busy is I rushed out and showed CC3 to a client who has a static store. He loves it and we'll meet next week after I install a few of the graphics from his static site so he can see how they will look in CC# - and he called his brother-in-law who saw a demo today - and wants me too meet with his partner.

They love CC#3.

I don't withdraw my crtitique in another thread that the program needs a broader corporate base and adequate docs - but it still is the best damned OSS store available.

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