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  1. I want to make the latest product images smaller. I tried changing the css div.latest_product p.image but the image size is not changing. Can anyone tell me where to do it please. I dont want the other images sizes changing just latest products. Its version 5.1.5
  2. How do I allow customers to view the product information of out of stock items but not allow them to purchase. If I select ''Do not allow out of stock purchases' then a customer cannot see the product information. If I select ''Allow out of stock purchases'' then they can click Add to Basket and subsequently purchase. I am using version 4.0.2 Thanks
  3. if no-one can help perhaps you could tell me what file to check to see if I can work it out myself please
  4. I have just upgraded and now when someone places an order they immediately get 'Your order has been despatched email' . When I change their status to 'Order Complete and dispatched' the customer gets an 'Order complete' email! So they are getting these emails the wrong way round. Can anyone help? Thanks
  5. Okay I just realised it is the second category that is not showing in Admin. I assume this meant to be like this? So if I have an item in a Master Category and I also add it to a second category, if I view products and chose a category it will not show items that this is their second category? Can anyone confirm that is correct. Thanks in advance
  6. That has worked. Just what I wanted, great. Many thanks for your time
  7. Hi I have the same problem. Since upgrading to 4.3 in the Admin Section - View Products - some categories show all the products no problem. some categories show no products at all (even though there are) and some show just a few of the products. I have done 'Rebuild & Recount', cleared cache, re-opened in new browser, updated admin>sources>products>index.inc.php due to known bug - and still it is the same Does anyone have any ideas
  8. Thanks - first I didn't realise there was a 'Display Newest First' option, but I have found that and ticked it and still the products appear in alphabetical order (which in itself is strange). so I changed the code as you suggested above and it has certainly taken the products out of alphabetical order, and they do start to appear in order of latest ID, but two problems: First the latest ID is at the bottom of the page not the top and second, then if you follow the product IDs upwards when you get about half way up a page they appear random - not in product ID order. Looking at your code, am I right in assuming (not being a coder myself!) that they should appear in date_added order? If so, that could be a problem because when I look at the database, since the upgrade all the dates are now zero. So is there a way to make the products appear in latest ID order? Many thanks
  9. I have been following this thread. My problem is slightly different. I want my products, by default, to appear with the most recent one added to be at the top of the page, not alphabetically as it does now. Can anyone tell me how to do this please. Thanks
  10. I have exactly the same problem can someone please help me. I have searched high and low for an answer to this. Thanks
  11. Hi I had the same error message. The problem is in the global.inc.php file. The download files come with the first line of the code in this file being 'global.inc.php'. You need to delete this first line - it appears above <?php This will resolve the problem. :)
  12. Sorry posted in wrong section - will repost in correct section
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