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    Try this: In includes/ckeditor/config.js, at the bottom, find: config.allowedContent = true; }; Change to: config.allowedContent = true; config.coreStyles_italic = {element : 'em'}; config.extraAllowedContent = 'i[*]{*}(*)'; }; CKEDITOR.dtd.$removeEmpty = '{i: 0}'; The same added statements can be used for other HTML tags used in unorthodox ways.
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    Welcome kwickcut! Glad to see you made it to the forums. CubeCart uses the PHPMailer library (https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer) for all email transportation. PHPMailer is told to use SMTP, or to use PHP's mail() functions that relate to the connection to whatever service is defined in the PHP.INI file, which generally is a server on localhost. So, when you say 'phpmail', do you mean PHP's mail() family of functions, or the PHPMailer library? If in admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, Sending Method is PHP 's mail() functions, then you do not enter anything relating to SMTP details, as the connection details to postfix (or whatever) should already be in the PHP.INI file.
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    Can we know the name of the skin? I have tested with an option not coming from a set, and an option that did come from a set, and both behaved correctly.
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    Yeah, that does the trick, thanks, as always bsmither you are a font of problem solving. On using it more, it's doing some weird things, but it's workable, for some reason it keeps hard forcing a linebreak like a <br> but not visable anywhere. I looked for solutions on ckeditor forums, but they seem to really break it hard and it just spams every blank space with the <i class
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    I've added another version of this skin, which uses the same layout but a different look. You never know: someone may be interested one day!
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    Try using https://www.epochconverter.com/ to convert back and forth between the two formats Ian
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    Welcome Carlos Martins! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Only two or three database columns store a date as a SQL DATE/TIME value. The other 'time'-related columns are "UNIX timestamps" - the number of seconds since Jan1,1970. There are PHP functions that take this number, and a "pattern", as arguments, and give back a phrase. The phrase can be 'fuzzy' (Yesterday, two weeks ago, etc) or absolute (4 Feb, 2018).
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    I decided to go slightly further. Added - as a zone then updated the templates to say something like this. <input type="hidden" name="billing[state]" id="state-list" value="-" /> Seems to work.
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    Square processes credit cards for less than Paypal, provides charge-back protection up to $250 per month, automatically deposits your payments received to your bank account in 1 or 2 business days, and charges no monthly fees. Overall, I think they are a better payment processor than Paypal. If you want to check them out, here's their website address: https://squareup.com/ I recently emailed Cubecart Sales requesting a rough estimate on what it would take to integrate Square's payment APIs into Cubecart. He responded as follows. *** Removed by admin *** I'd like to see Square implemented to look and act just like Paypal Pro does. I'm sure this would cost more than the simple integration Al quoted. The more people willing to help out financially the less it would cost each of us. Are any of you willing to help sponsor this integration?
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    If there is, I am not aware of a tutorial. The first step is to create a collection of options. This collection will eventually be assigned to products. In admin, Product Options, Option Groups, add a new group. For example, Power Plug. Then click Save. On the Option Attributes tab, select Power Plug from the drop-down selector. Enter a new attribute. For example, US 110V. Click the little green circle with white plus. Enter a second attribute. For example, EU 220V. Click the little green circle with white plus. Save. The second step is to assign options to products. In admin, Products, click the Edit icon for a product you want to add options to. On the Options tab, select the option you want to assign to this product. From the Add New Option drop-down selector, choose Power Plug: US 110V. If this product has a different price for this style, you can enter a price differential or an absolute price. For now, leave blank. Click the little green circle with white plus. Keep doing this for a few more options. Save. You should now see these options listed on the product's details page on the storefront. The next step is to pass these Product Options over to the Options Matrix table. The Options Matrix table allows for distinct stock levels, product codes, and UPC codes. Edit the product and on the Options tab, check the checkboxes for each option you want to appear in the Options Matrix table. Save & Reload. Fill in the Options Matrix table. Save. There will be an additional step of adding the UPC Code to the information displayed to the admin, warehouse crew, and accountant. We can do that shortly. Add-ons as "related items" can be solved with a plug-in module. Look through the Plugins on the Marketplace.