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    As I understand it this is known about and should be fixed in 6.1.6.
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    This is a known issue and will not cause any damage to the store. The programmer's are working on it. CubeCart makes three attempts at searching for a product. 1. Using a complicated (as implemented by the database server) algorithm that searches the database using a 'relevance approach'. The results have a "relevance weighting factor". If nothing found, 2. Using an expression looking for whole words. If nothing found, 3. Looking for the characters entered which may appear anywhere. The problem with the CubeCart code is that the Advanced Search page has a sort selector that defaults to a sort method (Relevance) that is only applicable to method #1. CubeCart is supposed to drop that sort method and default to another, legal sort criteria for #2 or #3, but doesn't. Thus, the error message from the database server. You shouldn't see this error if you choose to sort by something other than Relevance on the Advanced Search page.
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    The county bounty! Firstly, thank you to the Cubecart developers for making such a great platform. So much more responsive and closer to my needs than so many other systems I have tried, including Magento and oscommerce. I think in nearly all aspects Cubecart are better than the others. It's not perfect, though, and that's what I would like to address here; My biggest gripe is not being able to disable the county field in admin. Users have to search through a long list of counties, which acts as an additional barrier to making that sale. Especially if they live in London or Manchester, since their locations are listed under 'G', and the field is totally unnecessary in the UK in any case. Especially if you are using a postcode lookup system which presumably populates the address correctly. Also, if you are retailing to mostly end users, you may prefer not to ask the user to fill in company name when entering the address, or at least mark it as Optional so the user knows they don't have to worry about it. Again, the option of hiding that field would be useful. I have spent some time trying to kill the county field eventually realising my efforts were being thwarted by additional checks validating the address part way against database tables. So here goes: If the cubecart developers make the next, or next-but-one version have an admin option to not ask for County, I pledge to pay a £50 bounty.
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    The Contact Form has its own Dashboard Link - Under FileManager. That's what I unchecked to stop the form from showing. You can always block an IP address.
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    Rather than commenting the sections out with smarty tags, I removed them (made a backup 1st), and this seems to work.
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    I made a few spelling mistakes above. I wish I could edit the post and fix those mistakes.
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    Hi Al, As always I knew it would be something simple, thanks. Tim
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    I'd start by opening a bottle of red wine. Once finished you can go to the edit product page. You should see a translate tab at the top where you can set the product name and description in French.
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    I wouldn't recommend using that method. It won't consider images being referenced in either category/document or product descriptions. Those images will likely be considered orphaned and get removed. The module I will put together, hopefully in March will address embeded images as well as those directly associated with products/categories etc. In theory, filemanager contains all images found in the /images/source directory regardless of if it's in use in the store, so your process isn't really removing orphaned files. It's likely removing images which are not in sync with the store DB. you can run the filemanager / scan/update process and it will re-scan the images directory and add/remove records as required to the filemanager table. The trick is to find images/data that isn't in use elsewhere in the store, and exists in both filemanager and the /images/source directory. Those are the true opphaned/unused images. I've some crude code which does this already but needs to be polished and published via a module.
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    I just tried this using my cheat method and it worked as I expected it would, whilst not the tidiest of methods, it did only take about 10 minutes to write the batch file, and duplicate the used images. I guess the time contraints would be the FTP. For me, it's not worth messing around as I only found 33 orphaned images I'm more than happy to share step by step instructions if you get desperate.
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    The problem happens when there are renamed admin directories and files and standard ones as well but if the files are uploaded as I mentioned, it doesn't happen. I think it is supposed to be fixed once stores are on 6.1.6 and upgrading further
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    According to Al, this confusion about making newly renamed folder/file on each upgrade has hopefully been corrected for future upgrades. I'll try to find his comment on this. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1503
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    Yes, they should be removed
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    You are already on 6.1.4 so you already have a renamed admin directory and admin_xxxxxx.php file, so when you upload copy lol files from the 6.1.5 admin directory to your renamed admin directory and copy admin.php over your renamed admin_xxxxxx.php file and then do the upgrade, no need to edit or do anything else Ian
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    You will need to change the permission on your global.inc.php file to 744 in order to be able to change the naming to what you want (DO NOT GO BACK TO PLAIN ADMIN). After you have saved your file with your naming, change the permission back to 444. Also, when you have all the naming for the admin_XXX folder and file set to what you want - be sure there is not an additional old folder hanging around named admin or a file named admin.php. (Not everyone is getting these leftover file/folders messes) They need to be deleted ONCE YOU ARE SURE you can login to the Dashboard with YOUR renamed admin_XXX.php.
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    The next upgrade will have the same fault as the upgrade code it baked into 6.1.5. It will only work after 6.1.6 to 6.1.7 etc.. To get the upgrade working from 6.1.5 to 6.1.6 that file will need replacing.
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    Zaromnia In public_html, change the admin.whateveritis.php to what you want it to be. Then using ftp open up includes/global.inc.php and change the corresponding line for $glob['adminFile'] = 'your-new-filename.php'; No need to change the admin folder name. As for the GitHub post, suggested by Al, i'd suggest that you could possibly leave this alone for now. I'd imagine that this will be written in to the next update, so might not be an issue moving forward.
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    @ayz1 that is true but the difference as I said earlier, is that we support not just the hosting but CubeCart as well and so don't blame one or the other and we work closely with @Al Brookbanks to report and solve issues. There is a problem with that demo site at the moment which seems to have developed since being updated to 6.1.5 and the same problem happens on two other non public test sites that are on that same server - the other two sites are out of the box 6.1.5 installations with no additional plugins or skins so there is no interference. The server that is running these three sites is a test server that doesn't run any client sites and we have multiple clients that have already been upgraded to 6.1.5 on a variety of other servers where the problem doesn't happen, so it appears to be a combination of CubeCart within a specific hosting environment that is causing the problem. The difference again though, is that we will continue to look into this until the problem is found. Nobody can ever claim that problems with software or hosting don't occur, it is the way that they are dealt with that is important and that is what our clients value Ian
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    Those are malicious files indicating that your store was hacked probably quite a while ago. The creation date on the file should help show when. The article Dirty Butter referenced is relevant and should be done.
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    If you are on a recent version of CC your install may have renamed the admin folder and the admin.php file. Look in your includes/global.inc.php file and see what the naming is there. If it's not picao and picao18.php - sounds like you are right that you've been hacked.
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    I took the truncate:38:"hellip;" part off a long time ago, if you want to see what it looks like without it. dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog
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    The product name (title) in Category grid view is a display-logic decision. This is found near line 134 in content.category.php: <h3><a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}">{$product.name|truncate:38:"&hellip;"}</a></h3> The above truncates to 38 characters and appends an ellipsis. There is a similar statement in content.homepage.php for the Latest Products.
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    Each skin has its set of image sizes it uses. These sizes, the "maximum" pixels on the image's longest side, are in the skin's config.xml file. Some skins also allow the display of the image's source file - usually in some sort of colorbox popup. Foundation has 800px as the largest size it will use, so there is no point in having a source image any larger than that. However, other skins have other sizes, and the HTML in those skins to show an image may rely on the browser to scale an image to fit HTML specified dimensions. Or not. FYI: a large dimension image of all white is extremely compressible, while a same-sized dimension image of multi-color "white noise" is likely to be uncompressible. Thus, different file sizes that equal the same memory consumption. On average, however, image dimension correlates with memory consumption. Fortunately, CC615 has code in place that should prevent PHP from crashing if the decompressing of the image would exhaust available memory.
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    Please see: https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/224/45/can-i-upload-product-images-over-350kb-kilobytes
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    Ok, that makes things simpler. I'll have instructions shortly.
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    If you created a test store in a subfolder, then the .htaccess file should have these directives changed: From: RewriteBase / To: RewriteBase /subfolder and From: ErrorDocument 404 /index.php To: ErrorDocument 404 /subfolder/index.php However, because not even the ErrorDocument directive is being honored, I think the web server is not configured to "Allow Override" so that these directives will be executed. If the web server needs to be configured for this installation, your hosting provider may need to get involved.
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    Yes you can have as many as you want with one PayPal account.
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    I don't do PayPal. but from the code (at least the gateway, not so much the plugin) I see that the URL for which to send back the IPN is specified on each transaction. From what I understand, this URL can also be set in PayPal's Merchant Account Settings area. So, knowing that each store must receive it's own respective IPN, the conclusion is to NOT set this in your Merchant Setting area. (I have no idea if that's possible.) And by "each store" I mean your store(s) need not be only CubeCart. Again, other applications that may want PayPal to make transactions will need to be able to specify their specific URL for their receiving the IPN.
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    I run 2 off of one PP account, but they have always been in lockstep with each other as far as versions go. I don't think there should be a problem, but I'm not knowledgeable.
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    Welcome fastgoldfan! We are glad that you arrived at the forums. This is a generic message that misleading most of the time. This message actually means that of all the enabled shipping modules, none of them agreed to ship this order. One! possible reason is that the order's weight is too high, or the shipping module calculates the shipping rates on weight, but none of the products in the shopping basket have any weight specified. However, the most common reason for this error message is that there are no enabled shipping modules, or if there are, you do not have permission to use them (a commercial shipping company requires a merchant to have an account for permission to make a Rate Request from their website). CubeCart will make an attempt to calculate shipping costs immediately. There are settings in admin, Store Settings to switch this off.
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    I've been drooling over kitchen designs for the last couple of years, waiting until I have enough saved to actually remodel. From what I've seen, having wall and base cabinets in different colors is "in" at the moment (in the US anyway) - like light on top and darker on bottom. Is that something you need to be able to provide if that's what someone wants? If so, would Bsmither's idea for choosing a "Remo Kitchen" allow for such color choices?
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    I see where you are coming from. I recently remodeled my kitchen. Once the wood grain, stain, and door style was selected, all the various cabinetry parts acquired that set of options as appropriate. Once a color was selected, all the appliances acquired that option as appropriate. However, the actual bill of materials (which the customer rarely sees), did in fact, list every component with those options affixed to each line item. So, how do we make this easy for the customer? Will you ever allow a customer to choose a Larder Tower that is of a different style than an Oven Tower for the same project? That is, sure, it may be inconceivable that you would intentionally deny a customer from mixing styles - but what customer would actually do that? Do you have a master product? That is, a product that is simply described as a "Remo Kitchen". This product can have the aforementioned options. Then, the customer picks the parts and pieces with the "understanding" that these parts and pieces are for the Remo Kitchen having the options chosen. Thus, we avoid having to apply and having the customer choose option sets for each part and piece. I can see a possible problem if the prices of the parts and pieces are different between Remo and Porter.
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    Do you have edited files or is your install stock? Data and photographs are not affected by an upgrade. Any edits you have made in the past to the stock CC will be overwritten and would have to be replaced. I use a file compare software to make sure I keep all my edits. So if your files were stock 6.0.12 the upgrade should not mess up anything.
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    Your hosting environment is not allowing PHP to store 'session' files in a typical server folder designated to hold these files. So, CubeCart decided to save these session files to /includes/extras/. Apparently, one particular file was "garbage collected" between the time the folder was enumerated and the time the ZIP library was called to collect everything up into the ZIP package. For the next part, since the time of CC6012, there have been a few changes to how the CubeCart repositories expect to be asked about determining versions and requesting download packages. The end result is that one must manually download the package, unzip it (be cautious about using WinZip), and FTP everything to your site, allowing FTP to overwrite all currently existing files. Then have your browser make a request to: /setup/index.php
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    I totally agree with this. And unlike PayPal, you don't have to login, transfer and wait 3 days to get your money in your bank as with Square, money is automatically deposited into your bank account the next business day. And yes, Squares rates are much cheaper.
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    Welcome trivstar! Glad to see you made it to the forums. If you are using the "dropzone", that feature is javascript powered and is set to allow only '0.35' MB file sizes. You can see this in the admin skins folder, js/admin.js, near line 320. You would need to change that. (Then, you may also want to change the wording that mentions the limit size. We can work on that later.) Once past that, then the FileManager class needs changing. You changed the _max_upload_image_size, but I see that you may be a short one zero of the desired limit. Because the javascript has changed, you will need to force your browser to reload the page resources (CSS, javascript, images). This is usually done with CTRL-F5.