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    Sounds like the flag is on the USPS side. Look in the Admin Dashboard>Advanced>Request Log. Be sure to hide your USERID if you share any info from there.
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    Glad you're happy with it. Please edit the title of your original post to show it is [Resolved]. Al has just recently changed the settings on the forum, so everyone can mark their own post as resolved. I had asked for it, as it was sometimes hard to tell if the issue was resolved or not, and I recently goofed on one.
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    He emailed it to me for me to test, because I wrote him to say it had a problem. He said several others had done the same thing. I see v4.0 is not on his website yet, however. Here's the contact link for Daren: http://www.semperfiwebservices.com/contact.html
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    You'll need to contact the developer using the "Email Developer" link: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/developer/patrick-bullert
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    I was watching the news with a nice single malt.
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    I'm really strict about working hours. I start between 8am and 9am and finish at 5:30pm. I'm a big believer is separating work and family/social time and for me CubeCart is 100% work even though I enjoy it very much (most of the time). Saying this (like right now) I check email and respond to things like this. Not a huge amount of brain power is involved. I had a brief look at this issue today but wasn't able to come to a conclusion. I hope to take another look in the morning.
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    @Noodleman @bsandall @havenswift-hosting - hopefully one of these will answer.
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    Is this something you want to add above all gateway choices, or each one separately? For above all try this in content.checkout.php: <ul class="no-bullet center" id="gateway_error"> <h3>Above All</h3> {foreach from=$GATEWAYS item=gateway} If it's something separate you want, it would have to be in the plugin code somewhere.
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    You can change the phrase "Choose Payment Method", to include the additional text you may require, but I see that you may have already changed this anyway. I'l hazard a guess that any edits would need to be in skins/yourskin/templates/content.gateway.php but this only a guess on my behalf i'm afraid
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    That's why I was trying to do this in small steps.
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    I assume you mean "if the gateway isn't automatically changing the order status to Processing" (not Pending) ? If that is the case and you are running 6.1.7 then you need the fix shown in this issue https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1601 which leads to this commit https://github.com/cubecart/v6/commit/fdac99ad1b868064694d42dd4ac5d52f4acd0aea Just ensure you remove the var_dump line. This issue isn't a PayPal issue and affects most gateways If you are 100% certain that you have that patch then something on your end is blocking the IPN process and you will need to speak to your hosting company Ian
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    It does create a new one for you, as long as the new directory has the correct permissions. If you have made any modifications to your .htaccess file you should take a backup of it first so you can re-apply those changes to the newly generated file.
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    you might need to delete the .htaccess file and let it re-create. ensure permissions are correct on the newly created directory.
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    If you have SSL enabled login to the admin side of the store. Go to "Settings" then the SSL tab. Update the paths to reflect the new one. Once done create the folder you want to move it to. Select all the files with an FTP client and move them to the new folder. Empty the stores cache folder. All should be fine.
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    I wonder if you could make the Print Order Form do what you want in some way? As far as I can tell all the code controlling when an email is sent is in cubecart.class.php. You can tell a lot about the flow of code by enabling Firebug in FireFox. Right click to Inspect element and watch the Net waterfall. Update!! UGH! There's also code in order.class.php involved in when the email is sent.
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    I've checked my cart.class.php and line 1184 refers to something around taxes. Not knowing enough about php to faithfully state where the problem might be, but it's worth a quick look at your tax setup (maybe ??)
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    I've seen the second warning. I don't think that one is meaningful, but the first one sounds important. I don't know how to help with this. You can pay a month's support and get Cubecart support to fix this or wait for somebody with the skills to fix it here in the forum.
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    There is a gateway bug that you need to fix. I'll be right back with the link to the fix.
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    I would suggest that you ask @havenswift-hosting for help, as I was hoping it was some simple setting that had been messed up on upgrading. If you don't already have the error log, please do that and see if there are any messages when you do a test order that might be helpful. https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/
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    Welcome to the forums @twistedsymphony! Do you have Store Settings>Stock set to Reduce stock levels on Processing? Is Store Settings>Misc>Features set to Order Status send on Processing? Have you run the email TEST after saving all correct settings for Store Settings>Advanced>Email?
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    It should be possible to use the descriptions as a place to designate as retail or wholesale, as well as the different product codes. That would add to the differences in the two products. You should be able to tell if Google fusses by checking the Webmaster Tools>your store>Search Appearance on the left column>HTML Improvements.
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    I've run into that same issue, and what I decided to do was to always include the product code in both the long and short descriptions so that product variants will at least not have completely identical descriptions. Now I'm no expert on SEO algorithms, but it doesn't seem to have hurt our store rankings; that may be because the other stores in our line of business have the same problem, or it may be that it is no longer penalized as heavily as it once was. I'm not the one to ask.
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    There is a bug in the foundation skin that prevents the 'More' button from being hidden - see this PR for how to fix it. 'hide-for-small-up' means that the element will be hidden for all window sizes of small or larger. However, as you noted, this means it will not display for mobile, which defeats the purpose - you should indeed change it to 'hide-for-medium-up' or your mobile users will not have any way to paginate. One other thing - this line: <div class="hide-for-medium-up" id="ccScrollCat">{$category.cat_id} The {$category.cat_id} should be removed or you will have a seemingly random (to the customer) number show up just above the 'More' button. Removing this does not appear to have any effect on the button's functionality.
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    There is an open bug report on GitHub about this. For now, do not use traditional pagination.
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    This is a known issue, possibly caused by a cache problem or customers changing their minds and using the back button. I'll try to find some of the threads so you can read what others have said. No one has yet, as far as I can remember, been able to reproduce it so it can be resolved. Here's the most recent one:
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    You had displayed your renamed admin folder. Since it was an image I didn't have any way to protect you other than to delete the image. For security precaution - it would be best if you renamed your admin_XXX folder within includes/global.inc.php - and then renamed your admin_xxx folder to match. You will have to change permission in order to be able to edit the global includes file. For some reason this forum software only lets Moderators add the Resolved.
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    Yes that was correct. Maybe you need to clear all cache, including browser
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    I've created a bug report: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1607
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    I've seen this before on rare occasions. Has data in the database been changed manually? Maybe some data was deleted outside of CubeCart. To fix it change the cardinality if the auto increment of the customer_id to be greater than the maximum customer I'd in the CubeCart_addressbook table.
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    My orders.print.php, like everything else about my install, if FAR from stock. But I think I see the issue. Copy the print.css section about page-break and add it to the #printLabel section. The one at the bottom is to break off customer notes to a second page. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1605
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    Not quite the answer you were looking for, but if you create a new zone, give it an abreviation like MTY (empty),and in the name field add about 4 blank spaces. You can save this as an empty county which also appears at the top of your county list so easy to find. I suppose a lazy customer could also use this though.