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    Restored the CubeCart_filemanager table by merging two backup files? Which two? Having duplicate primary values seems to suggest that two backups of that one table was used, when only the latest should have been used.
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    This appears to be a case where the file_id values in the CubeCart_filemanager table got renumbered somehow. I think your best approach to this is to download the backup that CubeCart made on the upgrade attempt, extract the SQL dump for the CubeCart_filemanager table, and see if there is a record with file_id of 15725 there. (It's all plain text, so a competent text editor should be able to search for 15725.) If that record is there, then I suggest you replace the existing table contents with the SQL structure and contents for that table you just extracted.
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    We have retired our very old helpdesk system and migrated to ZenDesk in order to server our customers better. The main benefits are that our chat and helpdesk are better integrated and email content is parsed more reliably. We also have tools to be able to benchmark how quickly we are able to resolve issues and now also provide a satisfaction survey for every ticket. Existing customers can find us on live chat or simply email [email protected] If your email address is recognised our helpdesk will securely pull up all your customer data, subscription data and ticket history. If possible and in order for us to serve you quickly please email us using the email address held against your subscription. Please do contact us if you experience any problems or if you have any suggestions as to how we may serve you better. Many thanks to all our customers for your business.

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