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    Can you believe that CubeCart has been around since 2003? What started out as a small project has snowballed powering thousands of stores globally. If you have a success story you would allow us to publish we would be truly very grateful if you could share it with us. We need new merchants to realise the potential they have using CubeCart. This will help contribute to further growth, new features and an all round brighter future for everyone. Please feel free to email me personally at al@cubecart.com with your company name, store URL and short success story of upto say 300 words. Many thanks to you all for your support.
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    Welcome garitoml! Glad to see you made it to the forums. In the Foundation skin file content.product.php, find these two statements near lines 140 and 149: 140: <dl class="tabs" data-tab data-options="deep_linking:true; scroll_to_content:false"> 149: <div class="tabs-content"> What we will do is apply a CSS style to make them disappear: style="display:none;" 140: <dl class="tabs" data-tab data-options="deep_linking:true; scroll_to_content:false" style="display:none;"> 149: <div class="tabs-content" style="display:none;"> You may need to clear the skin cache after having edits to the skin file: admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, Clear Cache. As an aside, I ran a CC3 store that sold conference registrations. I know what you're involved with in getting CubeCart to do this.
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    The problem with that is there is no guarantee that the store admins will set a default for all required options on every single product that has options. The ability to even set a default was only introduced in 6.1.6 and there are thousands of stores out there with tens or hundreds of thousands of products - I highly doubt everyone has had time to go through and set default options, and many stores might not even bother as it may not be something that is required for their business model. That said, I do see what you are saying. Yes, the product price fields are redundant for the type of use case you have. CubeCart is not set up to efficiently query a price from a set of options, however, especially considering that option prices can be either absolute or cumulative. It would be a mess trying to determine prices for all of the products displayed on the home page or in a category, so CubeCart takes the route of having an easily retrievable price at the product level. This seems to me to be a good compromise for the sake of site speed and ease of use. However, the potential for data inconsistency could be addressed by providing some method of auto-setting the product price based on the default options, e.g. when saving the product. Normal price would be easy, but how would you propose determining sale price? How about cost? For my own store, I solved that issue by modifying the code to have a 'Price' and 'Sale Price' field for each entry in the options matrix. Non-required options can still modify those prices, but any required options I don't even bother setting price adjustments at the option level - just in the options matrix.
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    after reading this thread i can confirm its the same for me, tested on ff as a guest when i select secure payment it doesn't proceed, if i log in its fine. i am using/testing the invisible recaptcha recommended with site & secret key
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    We have never certified or tested the Softaculous installs/upgrades. The auto upgrade tool from 6.1.6 should be ok but there is still potential file permission issues. I always use FTP personally to be sure.
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    The ability to set default options was added in 6.1.6.
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    Hi Niall I have updated the Microdata plugin so two versions are available (for PHP 5.6 and above and another for PHP 5.5 and below) but unfortunately due to some caching issues with the Marketplace (which I have reported to Al), these are not showing. If you would like to register as a client at our site and open a ticket, I can let you have the correct version that way Ian
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    One thing I did notice on your store is you don't have a favicon that represents your store in the browser tab. It's still using the CC favicon. That's a minor thing and has nothing at all to do with your meta problem.
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    OK - leaving off myfancydress and searching for 1920's costume ireland: I see your shopping ad on the first page: and your store listing on the 2nd page: I went through 10 pages of results and never saw your listing, except for these two. I'll try some searches for our store and see what I get. I tried Aurora plush animals and found our listing on the 3rd page: It does use the metadata for that category listing. But I still don't know what could be different between your code and mine. I'm so sorry I can't help.
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    See you on the other side!
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    Hello, I want to migrate all my shops to Cubecart ... why? Because i use it many years and it is f* amazing!!!! Everything is just out of the box ... other shipping carts can learn from it. Specially the clean coding and fantastic structure (just like linux hehe). BUT i have a question .... Is it possible to make SEO path like this: www.domain.com/category-of-the-product/product-name-here And of-course without the .HTML. Please tell me how to fix this. Then i will move all my opencart websites to cubecart! Thanks!!
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    This can be caused by the IonCube encoded version, php 7 requires the newest ioncube loaders and the module to be encoded using IonCube for PHP 5.6 with the latest encoders. It's for this reason I offer two downloads for all my modules, those for PHP 5.6 and above, and 5.5 and below.
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    There are file difference software solutions that allow you to compare two versions and see what needs changing to merge your edits from stock from the old version to the new upgraded version. I use BeyondCompare, but there are many others. You can see exactly what CC changed in your old version and add that edit to 6.1.5. (Al stated today that 6.1.6 would be released after the Bank Holiday - not sure if that's today or what).
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    PHEW!!! Just call me DB There were a LOT of database table changes in 6.1.5 upgrade. So there were calls to the database tables that couldn't find the right fields when you were still working from the old cached files.
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    I've depended on Bsmither on the forum as long as I can remember. I hope he's enjoying his well deserved time away from us. I was hoping @havenswift-hosting or some other knowledgeable help would be along. I don't even understand your host's reply, let alone how to fix your issue.
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    Yes this is coming with 6.1.6 but skin edits will be required.
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    The Invisible Recaptcha is one of the new features coming out in 6.1.6. If you can't wait you could find the beta code in GitHub and implement it now. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1483 A word of caution, however. I have some plugins on our plush catalog that will need edits before they will work with the invisible one. I have it in operation on our estates site, if you want to see it working.
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    Backup your database as well as your files. I download all the files, except for images, to my hard drive. And I make a copy of the database in phpMyAdmin, as well as a zipped backup. That way, if the worst were to happen - you can get back to your old version. That way you don't need to be so nervous about doing something new to you. I've been upgrading manually for a very long time, thanks to all the edits I have made to stock code that I don't want to lose.
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    It has been covered in quite a few threads on here previously - maybe the best to follow is
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    The problem is a recently introduced one (not sure off the top of my head but maybe 6.1.0 or 6.1.1) so wouldnt affect any of those upgrades that you have done
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    There are well known and well documented problems with recent upgrades that are covered in quite a few different posts - for example If you follow the steps to do a manual upgrade, it will work correctly Ian
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    The "Shop by Category" reference is the default title of the sidebox of nav links on skins designed for CC5 (which still work with CC6). It is not a "file", per se. You can see this in the MarketPlace. The Foundation skin does not use a title for the top menu bar. A 'title' would be what you see in the "Best Sellers" box, or "Featured Product" box. CubeCart uses a template rendering engine that will cache compiled templates - needing only then to fill in the variables with values. When making edits to templates, you will need to clear the cache of already compiled templates. One way to do this is in admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, check Clear cache, click Submit. Another way is to make the browser request this URL: www.store.com/index.php?debug-cache-clear=true
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    The 'top menu' is the "Navigation" bar (or sometimes "Shop by Category" box). The menu is built from all the categories (enabled and unhidden) there are. There are also three special items: Home, Sale Items, and Gift Certificates. To add any other links to this group would require editing the skin template "box.navigation.php".
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    I haven't made a change in mine, either. It's been so long I don't even know how I knew what to put there
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    We have had reports from some clients about this happening and seems to be affecting some clients only and not others, even those on the same server and this is across multiple different servers as well - Ihave also heard from other store owners that aren't hosted with us about similar problems starting 1 1/2 to 2 days ago indicating that it is a PayPal issue. Dont ever believe PayPal when they say there are no problems, they very often have problems and deny all knowledge - they had massive DNS routine issues just before Xmas which were confirmed by independent testing tools and yet they claimed all systems were working perfectly. I don't do PayPal at all as dislike them (although understand for many store owners that they are easy to setup and use) and so don't have direct experience but user should check your IPN settings in your PayPal account (we have had at last two users where IPN appears to have switched off) and then also look at IPN transactions and the following URL is provided on the CubeCart support website https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/ipn/integration-guide/IPNOperations/ Ian