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    This is the first time using this cart. Like it a lot, easy to work with and the CMS feature is excellent, my previous cart didn't have that. Didn't customize too much but happy with the way it came out. Don's Vintage Audio Feedback welcome!
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    A couple of questions: Are you using AIOS? Do you have a country or region set up in AIOS for the countries you ship too? Are you running the following CC6.1.8 with Skin Foundation and AIOS. + various plugins. ie Card capture+paypal express I may not be able to help for here on, but the answers will help others more knowledgeable.
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    OK, this looks like its on your own site. I think you need https at least for this. As per HarrisOrganic says If you go to manage extenstions, find card capture, and then allowed zones, you'll need to add the zones which are allowed to post card details. Personally, I'd avoid this plugin and use something like PayPal, as you're probably contravening all PCI DSS rules hosting the card gateway yourself. Experience a security breach and a whole can of worms could open up for you. Just my opinion.
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    I am not finding any significant differences that would explain the behavior. Still looking.
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    I've had trouble with Baidu before and had already added the Disallows. I was not using Ian's hosting at that time and had to figure it out for myself. It's situations like this that make Havenswift Hosting my preference.
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    What caused all my errors was a bot called Baidu. Business is located in China, but the IP is from Brazil. This is concerning. Ian from Havenswift thinks it might be a spider making itself look like it is from Baidu when it actually isn’t. We both read that Baidu does not respect robots. txt, but this may be why. It isnt Baidu at all ! Anyway, I added the following to my robots.txt. I’m going to clear my error log and see what happens. No more errors we know it’s Baidu. Lots more errors we know it isn’t and .htaccess changes come into play. Thank you Ian for all your help. User-agent: Baiduspider Disallow: / and User-agent: Baiduspider-image Disallow: /
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    The other option is if you are interested in moving your hosting, then we provide free and full support for CubeCart as part of our E-Commerce packages, and can sort this out for you. I will do the migration of your site over to one of our servers for free as well ! Ian
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    I'm pretty sure BSmither gave me a fix to make the field so it had to be selected. Customer being unable to continue without making a selection. See my post below. About half way down the page where I state that Mr Smither is a god.
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    Click on "Air Systems" in the Category Name column. When the new page is displayed, you will see the sub-cats listed.
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    I don't know the professional way to do this, but I take a screen grab, import this in the photoshop. The using the colour picker tool, obtain the hex code for the colour I wish to change, then start searching the css files for that hex code. That pink for instance is probably ffc0cb It's crude and cumbersome but works.
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    I have been working on a new skin for the past few month and it's finally ready to show off. This one is called Fashion Statement and it is decked out as a clothing/fashion store but you could easily adapt it to just about anything. Try resizing your browser... this one is very responsive! http://www.cnkapparel.com/fashion It's available in the extension store right now if you just have to have it! Let me know what you all think Bill
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