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  1. You can try two things. I do not know exactly how this will turn out (as I haven't made these experiments). Disabling the Estimate shipping and tax setting. (Thus AIOS will not give you anything.) Or, When you choose NZ as the country, did you try to then checkout only to find that CubeCart took you back to the same page with a banner saying "shipping choices have changed"?
  2. A few lines above that is a database query that will fetch a list of all enabled modules that will allow one to make payment (the gateways). Do you have any enabled gateways? If not, I would suggest the Print Order Form (https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/payment-gateways/print-order-form) module. (I would have suggested the Test Payment Gateway, but it seems to have been removed. Maybe I can get it added back.)
  3. As I see it, the AIOS module will give shipping options (whatever they may be) only if CubeCart knows of a shipping destination address. The question is then, where did CubeCart come to know what the destination address is? There is a setting (maybe this has changed very recently) that enables or disables the Estimated shipping charges and taxes. If CubeCart does not know the customer's destination address, and making an estimate is enabled, Cubecart uses the store's address. Some recent skins provide a means for the customer to state their destination address in a small box provided
  4. All of the settings in the configuration array are serialized into one single string, and that string is saved in one column (named 'array'). So, if I understand you correctly, the answer is no. The string must be unserialized into an array, then each element of that array can be manipulated. After changing elements of the array, it needs to be re-serialized into a string and the appropriate record of the database updated.
  5. I have finished this project. This variation of the AIOS module will use the calculations from the Per Category module if it made any. If you would like to experiment with it, please send a PM with your email address.
  6. It is unfortunate that, currently, syntax errors in Smarty's code will cause a crash. (Hopefully, in the next version, CubeCart can catch those errors and at least give a clue as to what went wrong.) Otherwise, you can create the error log (https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/).
  7. Please review these conversations for pertinent information: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/54230-wrong-image-showing-when-pasting-link-to-facebook-message/ https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/55297-posting-website-link-online-default-image/
  8. It is possible to manipulate the CubeCart Store Settings using an emergency utility. This utility was created in the days of CubeCart 3 for that event of enabling SSL but not having a valid, working certificate installed on the Web server. The utility was updated for CC4, but is not needed for that purpose for CC5/6. All of the Store Settings are in an array as they sit in the running PHP script. When stored, they are in a serialized string, then base_64 encoded, and held in the CubeCart_config database table.
  9. To be clear, being a logged-in admin, the store will not "show" to you as being offline. However, there should be an advisory banner at the top of the storefront page. But if you are saying that the admin setting "Take store offline" simply will not stick to what it was set to, then, yes, we need to learn why settings are not being saved. Does this happen to any and all other settings. For example, slightly edit the Address field on the General tab. Did the edit stick? How much text do you have in the Offline tab, Content editor? How much in the Copyright tab, Content edito
  10. "the <style> is what I added. If that is incorrect or if there is a better place to put that, maybe that's what is messing the subcats up" This is the cause. Go through that <style> block and prepend #navbar to all the selectors. #navbar ul { list-style-type: none; margin: 0; padding: 0; overflow: hidden; } #navbar li { float: left; } #navbar li a { display: inline-block; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; } #navbar li a:hover { background-color: #111; } </style> This edit restricts these rules to only the <ul> and <li>
  11. In admin, Maintenance, "Query Database (Advanced)" tab, there will be an indication of a prefix if using one.
  12. What do you see in the box.documents.php template? The "grey bar" is the background peeking through because, In main.php, find: {if isset($SLIDES) and $SECTION_NAME=='home'} Just above that are two <br> tags. This is shoving everything after the header div down by two text lines. I am not sure why the javascript isn't opening the sub-categories.
  13. Quick question: Does your CubeCart database table names have a prefix?
  14. I recommend downloading e-Shift from the MarketPlace to obtain the missing modernizr.custom.93417.js file. The template that was edited as mentioned in the first post. Maybe next to {$SITE_DOCS} in the main.php template, or in the box.documents.php template.
  15. Please check if this is still present: https://labtrader.com/skins/e-shift/js/modernizr.custom.93147.js There are also some stray tags after <div id="navbar"> and before the matching closing </div>.
  16. Maybe there is an extra or missing <div> or extra or missing </div>. Is there a web address where we can see this?
  17. In the admin template statistics.emaillog.php: Find: {if !empty($log.fail_reason)} Change to: {if false && !empty($log.fail_reason)}
  18. Please ignore the unlink() message. The PayPal Pro admin script is trying to delete a file that has long since been deleted. Check with your host to determine if there are any new issues with CURL on your hosting account. I will try to find how the banner can be suppressed.
  19. I will have instruction on where to place diagnostic code to learn where the default placeholder is not being found. Be back in a while.
  20. I am not able to replicate your experiences. Please edit the config.xml as follows: Find all: <style images="true"> Change to: <style images="false"> In the 'my_skin_config.xml' file, there are two <styles> groups, one before <layout> containing all the colored sub-theme styles, and one after </layout> containing the default sub-theme style. Group all the <style> nodes into one single <styles> group. Then, you will notice there are two sub-styles that have the default="true" attribute. There should only be one default sub-style.
  21. I would like to see the contents of the config.xml file for Minimalizer. Could it possibly be the case that platzhalter.png is actually named differently, perhaps platzhalter.jpg?
  22. What page are you looking at with the Smarty debug?
  23. All skins need to follow a set of guidlelines. One guideline is where to put and what to name the image that CubeCart uses when an image has not been assigned to a product. That image is named as default in the config.xml file for the <image> nodes. The image is located in the skin folder, /images/ folder. A stock skin should have noimage.png. I see that your config.xml file is using the name platzhalter.png, So, make sure platzhalter.png is located in the skin's /images/ folder. Then clear CubeCart's cache.
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