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  1. Sorry. Adjusting the key items in the database must be done manually. This has been true since CC3 (as I have had to do that numerous times). (I do not know of a plugin to do this - I suppose it is possible - and I suppose I should have written one.) Choose which customer ID is to be retained, and change all the related keys in related tables (customer, order_summary, order_inventory, downloads, addressbook, group_memberships, maybe others). I think CubeCart automatically recounts and updates the order_count in the customer record
  2. I think you may have added to much info to the explanation of your problem. Are you saying the Homepage Featured Products module is now acting differently than what it was until recently?
  3. The only naming that would make a difference would be if the name of the database table CubeCart_inventory, the column 'latest' isn't named 'latest'. The language chosen to use for the storefront and/or what phrase you have chosen to actually display for the concept of "Latest Products" does not matter. Your message tag indicates you are using "SFWS Homepage Featured Products". This plugin (presumably) does the same thing we are trying to do: it overrules what was originally queried (a list of products where the 'latest' flag is true) with a new query with relevant conditions.
  4. If the cookies for your site are actually cleared, then CubeCart no longer knows who you are and should now show a "Your basket is empty" message. There has been a recent change to the HTML coding of that View Basket page, in that because there are two sets of form elements (one for large width and one for mobile width), there was confusion as to what form element was to be used for submitting an update in the change in quantities. Can you confirm you are using a skin that has been published as of CC.6.1.11? See: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1732
  5. Welcome lardonna! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Others have mentioned this observation as well. An adjustment to a javascript file was made and should show up in the next version: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2257 The actual code change is here: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/commit/3a53be74508ef0d41c4ae13c1742f021f866e431 In my opinion, this was all fallout from trying to stop everything below the main image from bouncing up and down when the main image became taller or shorter from viewing other images from the gallery. After having made edits to the javascript file, have CubeCart clear its internal cache (admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, Clear Cache).
  6. We will create a Code Snippet that fetches a fresh recordset that is sorted by price. In admin, Manage Hooks, Code Snippets tab, click Add Snippet. The next page load will have a form below the list of existing snippets. Enabled: Checked Unique ID: [email protected]+ Execution Order: 1 Description: Makes new query to get Latest Products ordered by Price Trigger: class.cubecart.latest_products Version: 1.0 Author: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/55063-latest-products/ PHP Code: <?php $query = sprintf("SELECT I.* FROM `%1\$sCubeCart_inventory` AS I JOIN `%1\$sCubeCart_category` AS C ON C.cat_id=I.cat_id AND C.`status`=1 AND $where ORDER BY I.price DESC, I.product_id DESC", $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'dbprefix')); $latestProducts = $GLOBALS['db']->query($query, (int)$GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'catalogue_latest_products_count')); Save and clear the cache.
  7. No, because there exists a CubeCart_transactions database table entry referencing that order. Also, I have not found any code that gets automatically triggered that will begin the process of effecting a refund for an order cancelled by either the admin or customer. (For myself, when I was using Authorize.net, I had to log in to my Merchant Account at Authorize.net and effect a refund there.)
  8. In CubeCart's main folder. That would be /public_html/ if CubeCart is not in a sub-directory. CubeCart will automatically find and use the code in ini-custom.inc.php. It is not part of a skin.
  9. Currently, the database query to get the Latest Products is hard-coded to sort by when the product was added to the inventory (then by product_id). Fortunately, there is a hook we can use to resort the aquired recordset (by the 'price' on those recently added products), or issue a completely new query.
  10. If the customer attempts to make payment by use of the payment gateway module installed in the store (PayPal, etc), successful or failed, a transaction took place. This transaction gets logged in CubeCart's database table CubeCart_transactions. Therefore, only if the customer never caused the payment transactor (PayPal, etc) to notify CubeCart that an attempt to make payment happened, will there not be a logged transaction entry. Only if there is not a transaction logged here for that order, and if the order is still at Pending, then the customer has the button to Cancel that order. Otherwise, only the admin can move the status to Cancel. Even though the PayPal gateway module (the only one I quickly checked) has code that suggests that there is a way to cancel an order, I have not traced out the code execution, and as such, I do not know how that could get done.
  11. Welcome Rylanb! Glad to see you made it to the forums. You are wanting to remove the Store's General Email address from the list of addresses that CubeCart uses to send any emails to Administrators? Please look in /classes/order.class.php, at the private function _notifyAdmins() - near line 1241. Find: ## Add master email, while avoiding duplications $list = array_merge($list, array($GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'email_address'))); Change to: ## Add master email, while avoiding duplications // Don't do this! $list = array_merge($list, array($GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'email_address'))); This change does not affect CubeCart sending an email to the Store's main email address to advise the Store Owner that a Product Review has been submitted.
  12. In /classes/catalogue.class.php, the public function searchCatalogue(), has the code to take the search terms, incorporate other search criteria, builds the JOINs of other tables, if necessary, and builds the WHERE clause, and sends the query to the database. This function is attempted up to three times, each using a different database search mechanism: FULLTEXT (will not work with other than fulltext indexes), then if nothing found uses RLIKE (regular expressions), then if nothing found uses a more lenient LIKE (simple wildcards).
  13. Please create the error_log. There may be the reason logged there.
  14. That would be the new ini-custom.inc.php file in CubeCart's main folder. The new lines are after the existing opening first line -- having first made this file as explained in the other conversation.
  15. You can implement this: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/54715-potential-malicous-attack/ but to also catch that IP address, you can make this change: <?php // Add this new line // Is a hit if IP address starts with... if( strpos($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'],"31.184.238") === 0 ) exit;
  16. Welcome Julien! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Let's make a couple of adjustments. In the .htaccess file, please have: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /cubecart/ and later: ### Default store 404 page ### ErrorDocument 404 /cubecart/index.php In global.inc.php, please have: $glob['rootRel'] = '/cubecart/'; // Relative to web server document root, MUST have trailing slash -- use single slash for no path
  17. Well, it's not what I thought it was. But I will keep working on a solution.
  18. In addition to the above (which I think applies only to the "Shop by Category" menu structure), do this edit as well: In /classes/catalogue.class.php, near line 658 (for CC625): Find: if (($subcats = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_category', false, array('cat_parent_id' => $category_id, 'status' => '1', 'hide' => '0'), array('priority'=>'ASC'))) !== false) { Change to: if (($subcats = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_category', false, array('cat_parent_id' => $category_id, 'status' => '1', 'hide' => '0'), array('cat_name'=>'ASC'))) !== false) { This function gathers a given category's children that will eventually display as a collection of sub-category panels in that category's View Category page.
  19. In admin, Products, the listing of the products has an "Action" column (no header to indicate such). The column contains: * a pair of dog-eared pages (clone) * magnifying glass (view storefront product page) * a pad of paper with pencil (edit) * a red trash bin (delete)
  20. Ooops! I lost track of this project. Several versions back, I created a Code Snippet that adds the fields to the searchable collection of fields. I need to double check that it still works for CC625. If you want to verify if, in the snippet's current version, works for you, send me a Private Message with your email address.
  21. This is issue #1732 in the Github. Check your copy of the Foundation skin's /js/2.cubecart.js file, near line 403. For CC6.1.11 and after, it should read: if(Foundation.utils.is_small_only()) { grid_view(0); $('#content_checkout_medium_up').remove(); $("[checked]").prop("checked",true); } if(Foundation.utils.is_medium_up()) { $('#content_checkout_small').remove(); $("[checked]").prop("checked",true); } If this happened just after the upgrade, maybe your browser is still using a cached copy of this javascript file. Is there a web address we can examine?
  22. bsmither

    Mail failure

    After entering the password and clicking Test, and you get a successful result, can you execute the test immediately a second time (prior to saving) and still get a successful result? If so, then after saving and viewing this page again, use the browser's Developer Tools to view the contents of the SMTP Username and SMTP Password fields. (In Firefox, right-click on the password field text entry box and select Inspect Element.) Does the value shown here match what you originally entered? Have any of your customers reported not getting their emails?
  23. Are you using the hosting provider's email server to send your store's emails? Or are you using a third-party's SMTP server to send the emails? For example, in CubeCart's admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, if you set the method to send as SMTP, is the SMTP Server name "localhost" or a name given to you by your hosting provider to use for your store, or is the SMTP Server name a resource you have permission to use -- such as GMail, your ISP (Comcast, etc), Zoho, Outlook (Microsoft Hotmail), etc. If a third-party, you may need to adjust a setting on your email provider's account settings control panel to acknowledge other sources of emails (such as your store) to use this SMTP Server on your behalf. (This is particularly true of GMail.) Then, the hosting provider of your store should be able to assist you in having your emails have headers added that deal with SPF and DKIM records. Without this verifiable data, your store's emails have a greater chance of being rejected.
  24. bsmither

    Mail failure

    Someone with more experience at running email servers will shortly offer some advice. It seems that it is your ISP (the "this system") has a spam filter inspecting arriving emails and is rejecting emails that seem to come from your hosting provider (as indicated by an IP address, maybe??) but the From address could be your domain name. This is just a guess. And the difficulty may be caused by your ISP or personal email provider.
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