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    Move Historical Orders to Different User

    So, just to clarify: * Disabling a customer isn't sufficient? * You are not 'moving' customer X's "history" from site A to site B, but rather 'renaming' expiring customer X to customer Z at site A? * Where customer Z is a "catch-all" for all customers being 'deleted' at site A? The CubeCart_customer table has a 'customer_id' field, which is referenced by CubeCart_addressbook, CubeCart_order_summary, CubeCart_customer_membership (special pricing), and CubeCart_customer_subscriber tables, as well as any third-party plugins that deal with customer info. Removing an historical record from a database is generally not a "best practice", but if that's what you want to do... You will need to create Customer Y and identify the 'customer_id' of it. You will need to identify the customer_id of Customer X and make a query to change it to that of Y: UPDATE CubeCart_customer SET customer_id = YY WHERE customer_id = XX for those tables relevant to your situation.
  2. Yes, CC622 will work with PHP 7.2. Be aware, however, plugins provided by some third-parties will need to have new versions replace older versions. These plugins require the ionCube loader, and ionCube is such that there are specific versions of the loader for respective versions of PHP, and also that PHP code that requires the loader be "compiled" against that specific version of the loader being used. That is, if upgrade PHP, then also upgrade the ionCube loader to match, then the plugin author will need to recompile their PHP scripts against that new loader version, and the plugin user replaces the previous version of the plugin with the new version. Also, there are PHP extensions that CubeCart 622 needs that have, on the rare occasion, not been enabled with PHP 7: ZIPArchive and MBString. So, in admin, PHP Info, scroll through the tables verifying the presence of these extensions.
  3. Those files listed above are remnants of a prior version of CubeCart 5. Although present, they will be ignored as long as there is an administrative script for CubeCart 6. Because you find neither an /admin/ folder or an admin PHP script, we now advise you to FTP a complete package of (uncompressed) CC622 files and folders to your site. Do not delete anything yet, but allow the FTP to overwrite ("merge" is the proper term for one certain FTP program for the Mac) existing files.
  4. bsmither

    Digital downloads

    An internet search for slash through play button iphone has some relevant results. Something to do with your phone's operating system not having the appropriate video decoder (Flash?).
  5. We ask that you first log in to your hosting account's control panel (Cpanel?) and use the File Manager to determine the names of the administration script and the administration folder. Look for all instances of files and folders that begin with admin. If you have a PHP script that begins with admin, but then also has as part of its name an underscore followed by a series of random letters (i.e., admin_aBcDeF.php), then this is the web address you will need to use to get into the admin of your store: www.mystore.com/admin_aBcDeF.php.
  6. bsmither

    Digital downloads

    I told my browser to say it is an iPhone5 and I was able to download it - twice, in fact.
  7. bsmither

    Digital downloads

    What is the actual response on the mobile browser after having clicked the link? What does the browser complain about?
  8. bsmither

    Images cache

    In the <main>/cache/ folder, one can ignore all files and folders (but keep the .htaccess file if present) within. In <main>/images/cache/, one can ignore all files and folders within. In <main>/backup/, download those files to your personal workstation for safe keeping. By <main>, we mean to say this is the folder where the installed CubeCart's index.php, admin_aBcXyZ.php, and ini.inc.php files are located. You can ignore the <main>/skins/ subfolders for skins you are not going to be using.
  9. bsmither

    Social Account not showing

    For CubeCart 6.2.2, in /classes/gui.class.php, near line 1444, is the function _displaySocial() that collects the social data from the store's databased general configuration array and populates another array to be passed over to the template element.social.php.
  10. bsmither

    Social Account not showing

    Welcome alaricB! Glad to see you made it to the forums. The latest versions of CubeCart have a 'deferred cache clearing' process. That is, once the admin has made the necessary changes (from a single update to a very great number of updates) for the moment, then the admin must clear the cache. This is indicated and accomplished by the lit button at the upper-right of the admin settings screen. Until the cache is cleared, changes made in admin do not immediately show on the storefront (as the storefront is still using cached database queries and recordsets).
  11. bsmither

    Category Sort Asc by Default?

    I am reading what you want to do a couple of different ways: Permanently override the admin's arbitrary sort, or Affect a reset of the sort order to alphabetical, still allowing for an arbitrary sort. If to list child categories alphabetically, permanently, then: In the file catalogue.class.php, function getCategoryTree(), near line 756, find: if (($categories = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_category', array('cat_parent_id', 'cat_id', 'cat_name'), array('cat_parent_id' => $parent_id, 'status' => 1, 'hide' => 0), 'priority, cat_name ASC')) !== false) { Change to: if (($categories = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_category', array('cat_parent_id', 'cat_id', 'cat_name'), array('cat_parent_id' => $parent_id, 'status' => 1, 'hide' => 0), 'cat_name ASC')) !== false) {
  12. My experiment involved the Per Category shipping method on CubeCart 6.1.8. So, not an exact copy of what you have. But, CubeCart calculated the correct total (taxes on the product cost only - both with and without a coupon discount). Is there a reason why your installation is still at CC617? This might apply: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2096
  13. bsmither

    Category drop down menu shows parent link text

    This is a Foundation issue. You're suppose to be able use data-options in the <nav> tag, as well as use javascript code to set an option. But I haven't been able to change the show/hide appearance of the parent category at all.
  14. bsmither

    Category drop down menu shows parent link text

    I believe it to be an artifact of this nav bar being capable of changing its structure and behavior when the viewport is narrow - as on a mobile device. It's errant visibility serves no "purpose" on a large viewport, but serves as a reminder of the parent category on a small and medium viewport.
  15. bsmither

    Digital downloads

    Please verify the link looks identical between the desktop browser versus the mobile browser. And, what is the actual response on the mobile browser after having clicked the link? I just set my desktop browser to "lie" and claim it is an iPhone5. The link is the same as before, and clicking it started the download of the PDF file I have associated with the product related tot he link. That is to say, I was not able to reproduce your observation. (Granted, I did not use an actual mobile device.) But as far as CubeCart is concerned, having a User Agent string saying the browser is a 'mobile' browser, did not change how the file was to be sent out onto the Internet.
  16. bsmither

    Simplified checkout

    There is a conversation here about it: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/49334-resolved-v6-single-gateway-payment-method-shows/ One solution is to rephrase the heading text from "Choose Payment Method" to "You will be paying by:", and in the payment module, change the Description field to a list of card names you will take.
  17. bsmither

    Digital downloads

    "enable the content"? Do you mean to say that when clicking the link (it has an accesskey part to the querystring), you get a different response from your store from a desktop versus a mobile web browser?
  18. bsmither

    Product Images show as something else

    Welcome lucabashford! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Can we have a web address to see your store? We will be asking you to note some values found in the database. So, we hope you are familiar with an external database utility to access your database directly.
  19. bsmither

    Search Box Size and Logo - Foundation Template

    Welcome sherif el dawayati! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Please try: In the template main.php, find: <div class="row marg-top" id="top_header"> <div class="small-4 large-3 columns"> <a href="{$ROOT_PATH}" class="main-logo"><img src="{$STORE_LOGO}" alt="{$CONFIG.store_name}"></a> </div> <div class="small-8 large-9 columns nav-boxes"> <div class="row" id="nav-actions"> Change to: <div class="row marg-top" id="top_header"> <div class="small-4 large-7 columns"> <a href="{$ROOT_PATH}" class="main-logo"><img src="{$STORE_LOGO}" alt="{$CONFIG.store_name}"></a> </div> <div class="small-8 large-5 columns nav-boxes"> <div class="row" id="nav-actions">
  20. bsmither

    AIOS Sort Order

    We worked out these modifications on version 1.0.10. I do not see any changes to the code versus version 1.0.11 that, after applying the same edits, would make it not work.
  21. bsmither

    AIOS Sort Order

    How did you get the code? In an email, or from a conversation on the forums? We worked out these modifications on version 1.0.10. I do not see any changes to the code versus version 1.0.11 that, after applying the same edits, would make it not work.
  22. bsmither

    Clear cache error

    You can manually clear the cache folder. See: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2051 Otherwise, the error log suggests that there is a server environment configuration mismatch. The PHP.INI file, for "include_path", is including the /pear/ folder, but the open_basedir directive is not allowing that folder to be accessed. CubeCart joins the established "include_path" with the paths to the various plugins, and then CubeCart's class file "autoloader" uses the result to find class files. You may need to have your hosting provider get this sorted.
  23. bsmither

    Images are not visible in the file list

    There is a Developer Tools Suite in the (Firefox and most other) browsers, which can be used to show the ALAX request to your store for the list. The Network tab of the Tools will show what was requested and what was returned -- if anything. Since we are not seeing an error message logged saying that PHP ran out of time, we might want to start looking elsewhere for the missing list of images.
  24. bsmither

    Clear cache error

    If PHP is running as an extension of the web server, then if PHP crashes, the web server could give a 500 error. So, it's easy to see if any errors are getting logged to the PHP error_log file. https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/
  25. bsmither

    Credit Card Form

    Look for the file /modules/gateway/name_of_gateway/skin/form.tpl. What module is the above image taken from? If Stripe v2.1.1, then the file name is form.php. And, it seems the text entry code is brought in from Stripe itself and 'pasted' into the HTML under javascript control. One would need to examine that javascript to discern what the HTML is that draws the form. Or, use the browser's Developer Tools to Inspect the form's elements and learn what CSS rules are being applied to these text entry fields.