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  1. CC647 is currently the latest version. CC647: PHP 7.1+ (8.1 Recommended) CC646: PHP 5.5+ (7.3 Recommended) CC640: PHP 5.5+ (7.3 Recommended) CC629: PHP 5.5+ (7.2 Recommended) CC624: PHP 5.4+ (7.2 Recommended) CC621: PHP 5.4+ (7.2 Recommended) CC620: PHP 5.4+ (5.6 Recommended) So, it looks like CubeCart 6.2.0 is the last version where PHP 5.6 is the recommended version. However, note that CC622, CC643, and CC644 has had security updates (I do not know how devastating the issues were that were fixed.) Those fixes may need to be back-ported to the version you choose to run.
  2. Please, if you wish, after some more testing, leave a review of the Attached Documents plugin at: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/53378-attached-documents/ Be sure to mention the version of CubeCart you are using (and maybe why that version), and the version of PHP it is running on (with ionCube).
  3. Ok, so a version of the plugin runs under PHP 5.6 (which requires the compatible version of ionCube! be installed for PHP to use). I was commenting on whether or not the plugin will work with CubeCart 5. Be sure to ask.
  4. Working on it, albeit as fast as I can. You might also find this plugin of interest: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/attached-documents Unfortunately, that plugin description says it is written for CC6. You could try to contact the publisher to see if a version could be written that will work on CC5.
  5. Only with PHP8? Interesting. Was the delay at the time I noted? Or was the delay you experienced at some other point in the product editing task? Such as getting to the next page after Saving?
  6. I recall a conversation from many years ago (but I can't find it) where the complaint was a delay after bringing a product up for editing. The cause was determined to be the product's Image (and to a lesser degree Digital) tab's FilePicker getting the AJAX response for populating the list with the folders and files. CubeCart was doing a lot of work - especially if the list of folders and files counted in the hundreds. If this is your experience, using your browser's Developer's Tools, Network screen, you can see how long the XHR request took.
  7. In admin, Store Settings, Layout tab, Layout Settings section, "Display basket weight on checkout" should be unchecked.
  8. Was there a conversation on the forums for the "editing any product" issue?
  9. Does Google mention when these URLs were indexed? My guess would be that some time before you removed the ability for CubeCart to allow for the customer to choose a language and/or currency, Google scanned your site. However, CubeCart should have sent a 302 Redirect with a link that had the set_currency and/or set_language stripped off. Thus, Google should never have indexed those links anyway. For Google to have both is very strange.
  10. The compatibility check should be checking the version of the MySQL PHP extension. Cubecart does not yet know how or where to contact the database server. Once CubeCart is up and running, in admin, Maintenance, Query Database (Advanced) tab, you should find the actual version that the database server states: MySQL 10.4.12-MariaDB-1:10.4.12+maria~bionic-log running on localhost as [email protected] It should match what Cpanel says. As for the SQL errors, that particular error was fixed in CC627. See: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/commit/a31d085e7a75362259eb8563761c63a777ed5a45
  11. Not exactly worded that way, but please check admin, Languages, click the Edit icon for the language(s) you wish to edit. From the drop-down shown, choose Newsletters. When the list appears, scroll to 'notify_subscribed_opt_in'. With the mouse, click directly on that phrase. Then, the text entry box will become editable.
  12. The first Notice is expected. That happens all the time. That one is not one to worry about. The other four seems to be a miscreant making attempts at penetration testing - SQL Injection. As such, and if there are a lot of these errors logged, it could be (just a scientific wild guess) there is a security appliance taking notice of these attempts and is shutting down access to your site momentarily. As said, that is just a wild guess. If your hosting provider's tech support can be reached, maybe having a conversation about what they do for penetration blocking and how that may affect your site is in order. Cpanel will also have web access logs. You can match up the minute/second time (adjust hours for time zone) to learn of the IP address of these penetration attempts.
  13. There is a reference in the issue to a conversation: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/58033-set-order-to-processing-then-nothing/ that mentions an edit to line 501 of order.class.php. I do not know why the that person had a problem - it seems to be a really simple edit.
  14. This may be related to an open issue: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/3057 If the error was copied from CubeCart's admin, System Error Log, if you hover the mouse over the error, there may be a popup that gives the trace PHP made to get to the code that errored. If that popup appears, try to copy/paste the contents to a reply here.
  15. I have not seen a 503 Error, even if it were to have been caused by CubeCart. But, to begin searching for the problem, create the error log. https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/ If no error_log appears, then in Cpanel, find the web server error log. Hopefully your hosting provider has one enabled for your account.
  16. From Stack Overflow: If the SQL Dump file is too big, you also need to adjust the execution time variables. First, ../php/php.ini upload_max_filesize=128M post_max_size=128M max_execution_time=1000 Then, ../phpMyAdmin\libraries\config.default.php $cfg['ExecTimeLimit'] = 1000; The variables can be chosen differently of course. Maybe the execution time has to be even higher. And the size depends on your filesize. But, if you don't have access to the guts of the new server, you can try to dump each table individually (using phpMyAdmin).
  17. This gives the essential steps: https://support.cubecart.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360003794258-How-do-I-upgrade-from-CubeCart-v3-to-v6- You will be keeping certain files in certain folders: images, custom language files, etc. The CC6 upgrade process will see that the database is at CC3 and will change its structure - keeping all data intact.
  18. Ok. Some sort of "File Upload" plugin needs to have a newer version acquired and replace the existing version. Perhaps when you upgraded to CC647, the server environment was also upgraded to PHP 7.4, or 8.1? (Which is necessary to run CC647.)
  19. No POST? Well, please let me know the exact version of CubeCart you are using. Because, it was just a few versions ago (of CubeCart 6) that the the debug data was "spooled up" during certain events (such as processing a POST request), then, when CubeCart finally did send back a page of content, all the spooled debug data was unspooled. If you have a version of CubeCart before this spooling was implemented, then viewing what CubeCart got from a POST payload is going to be difficult to determine (but not impossible). I see _a=document&doc_id=3 which suggests that you may be using CubeCart version 5. (You can delete the debug data posted earlier. It has nothing useful.)
  20. The byte count of 65,536 is 2^16 -- a very common limit. The question is: where is that limit? This next test is going to be wild, and hopefully will shine some light on the culprit. In admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, enable the debug mode and then enter your local IP address in the next field (www.showmyip.com). Bring the target document up for editing. On the content page - perhaps there is still the 65 thousand or so characters - add more text to the bottom. Save. We expect the added text to get stripped off. In the debug section below the main area of the admin page, there will be a POST: review. It will look something like this (values will be different): POST: 'document' => 'doc_name' => Terms and Conditions 'doc_lang' => en-US 'doc_status' => 1 'hide_title' => 0 'doc_url' => 'doc_url_openin' => 0 'navigation_link' => 1 'doc_parse' => 1 'doc_parent_id' => 0 'doc_id' => 3 'doc_content' => <p>This can be managed under <span class="navTitle">Documents in the admin control panel.</span></p> 'seo_meta_title' => 'seo_meta_description' => 'seo_path' => terms-and-conditions 'token' => f2224b4a29ffb32aef568e822b7bd1ea The 'doc_content' will be very long. But determine if the added text is still present here. This will split the possible culprits to the browser, web server, PHP vs. the database driver, database server.
  21. As of CC514, the programmers removed that feature. A number of users have disagreed with that decision. If I recall correctly, Semper Fi Web Services had a New Customer Welcome Email plugin. Sadly, SFWS has disappeared and his plugins had to be removed from the CubeCart Marketplace. There is no direct way to create additional Email Templates.
  22. So, how much text actually gets into the document? A paragraph or two? A couple of book-sized pages?
  23. Site Documents? The database table CubeCart_documents can hold 2^24 bytes (16.7 million) - be aware that multi-byte unicode can be one, two, or three bytes per certain characters. Also, the web server has configurable limits on the total size of upload payload. (Consult the web server configuration files.) Also, PHP has configurable limits on the total size of accepting uploadable data. (Consult PHP's init file. These settings can be seen via CubeCart's admin, PHP Info page - bottom link in admin Nav pane.)
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