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  1. My first comment is that the standard Foundation skin has only the sidebar on the right, and the Vertical Nav Box is contained within it. The images on the plugin's MarketPlace page strongly suggest that one will need to move the entire <div id="sidebar_left"> from the last three large columns to the first three large columns, or take three large columns from the main_content large nine columns. The images do not show a setting that allows the store owner to actually make a selection as to where the Vertical Nav Box is to appear.
  2. Sorry, I am not familiar with the "All Skins" template.
  3. The snippet we will create is as follows: Enabled: Checked Unique ID: [email protected]+ Execution Order: 1 Description: Adds the MPN code from Inventory to the Admin Invoice at Orders Print Trigger: admin.order.index.print Version: 1.0 Author: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/56026-changing-invoice-layout/ PHP Code: <?php /* Adds the MPN code to the data made available to the admin's Order Invoice template * Uses hook admin.order.index.print */ $snippet_addmpn2invoice_list_of_orders = $smarty_data['list_orders']; foreach($snippet_addmpn2invoice_list_of_orders as &$sn
  4. This conversation added the EAN code to the customer's receipt, so it might be instructive to just read through it: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/56300-order-summary/ We can do a similar thing to get the MPN code added to the admin's shipping/receipt invoice. Be back shortly.
  5. This is normal. Unless you can determine if there is a critical need to use /index.html, and have it be treated as /index.php, we recommend keeping the way things are named as they are.
  6. What do you get when in admin, Store Settings, Layout tab, "Product List Sorting", selecting Product Code? Is the word ONLY referring to the category page (excluding any other page), or referring to using the Product Code (excluding any other sort parameter)?
  7. No, do not go back. Instead, make sure you have the /setup/ folder from CC629 on your site, then go to: http://www.example.com/setup/index.php CubeCart should ask if you want to upgrade the database or to create a new database. Select to upgrade. If this choice (upgrade|new) is not presented to you, do not proceed. We need to figure out why that is. Afterward, you will be shown a new admin URL to use to log in to admin.
  8. Somehow, the upgrade did not execute a SQL statement that added this column to the database. If all you did was to replace the codebase with the latest version, that would explain why the database schema did not get upgraded. In admin, Maintenance, Upgrade tab, the Upgrade History shows the series of versions that the database went through.
  9. Welcome MrFish! Glad to see you made it to the forums. In admin, Store Settings, Stock tab, please choose "Imperial (lb)" for Weight Unit.
  10. From the Customer's point of view, no, not currently. The closest I can think of is to purchase a Gift Certificate. (There are follow-on events that would need to be ignored.) That would require the admin to convert that certificate to a "sundry item". When the admin is creating a new order (or editing an existing order), there is the ability to add an item ("sundry") not in the established inventory (it will have the product_id "0"), with an arbitrary name, arbitrary pricing, and manually calculated taxes (unless powered by a plugin to calculate taxes for you).
  11. This plugin may be interesting: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/shipping-methods/link-cubecart-products-to-specific-shipping-services-/-modules
  12. Firefox has a javascript console that will report if there is any problem with javascript-powered events, such as the reCaptcha Invisible functionality. Perhaps you can re-enable the Invisible mode (be sure to force your browser to reload page resources), replicate the problem, and see if the console has anything to report. The easy way to get to the console is CTRL-SHIFT-K.
  13. I see that you are using reCaptcha Checkbox for the moment?
  14. For the benefit of others, please state, if possible, the browser used and its version.
  15. I concur that the search feature for this forum software (IPBoard?) isn't as good as Google. I now, usually, search on Google for: "forums.cubecart.com" +needed +search +terms In my experiences with other forum programs, the search requires a whole word that is at or more than a minimum number of characters. Three letters may be too small of a word. Depending on the forum program, you might not get an advisory notice that your terms contained too few letters. I have no specific knowledge about this forum's capabilities. I have also found that this forum (I don't recall it ever doin
  16. Going straight to the Registration page works fine. Coming from the form at checkout, the data entered there is passed to CubeCart's User->registerUser() function via POST. As you say, this usually works. Now you have (one?) customer complaint? Please determine, if possible, if the data submitted on the checkout form is unusual in any way: * All Caps * Foreign Alphabet * Any part that might resemble a PHP or javascript keyword (triggering a security rule) Consult your hosting provider if they have logs of any security rules being tripped.
  17. Please look in the admin /sources/products.index.inc.php file, near line 1134. The first parameter is the name of the database column to sort on.
  18. These details about the product are not saved with the Order Inventory. We will need to fetch them. Fortunately, there is a hook we can use. So, in admin, Manage Hooks, Code Snippets tab, click Add Snippet. On the form shown, below the list of existing snippets: Enabled: Checked Unique ID: [email protected]+ Execution Order: 1 Description: Adds the EAN code from Inventory to the Customer Receipt at CubeCart->_complete(). Trigger: class.cubecart.order_summary Version 1.0 Author: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/56300-order-summary/ PHP Code: <?php // Adds the EAN code fro
  19. Please let us know the exact version of CubeCart you are using.
  20. Not to be nosy, but I am curious as to what type of product gets purchased at 2.506? In the past, we have become aware of stores having tweaked the code to sell odd lengths of cloth material, and odd weights of jelly beans.
  21. That depends: Windows servers would have the configuration file in the folder where the PHP executables are located, unless it is not. If Windows has a system environment variable for PHP, the configuration file might be where the environment variable says it is. Linux servers would have the configuration file where all other configuration files are kept, and that could be different for each Linux distibution. PHP will tell you where it is: in CubeCart's admin, PHP Info, the first table will have "Configuration File Path". PHP also allows for user-supplied php.ini files in
  22. It has been updated over the years. Currently at 1.0.19. This was acquired by CubeCart from Estelle's CC3 module and rewritten to work with CC5/6. Her name is still in the credits.
  23. On the Allowed Zones tab, you should see the name of a country in the "Enabled Regions" table for which this module is allowed to only be used. (CubeCart uses "zones" sometimes for the Country, and sometimes for the States/Counties/Provinces of a Country.) It would be interesting if there is no Country listed in the "Enabled Regions" table, yet there is a count on the Allowed Zones tab.
  24. On your tablet -- and you can make your tablet's browser pretend to be any one of several devices?
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