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  1. Welcome Thando Hlomuka! Glad to see you made it to the forums. With respect to #2, are you using the Chrome browser? CubeCart uses one cookie to maintain session state. Without that cookie, you won't even be able to remain logged in. So, I do not think it is an actual problem with cookies. And the only browser I would think that would have the weird notion of sending you to Google for help would be Google's browser. If you upgraded from a version of CubeCart that was several versions ago, perhaps forcing your browser to fetch fresh copies of page resources would solve #1. To force your browser to reload page resources (javascript, images, CSS files), that is usually done with CTRL-F5.
  2. A database server can contain a number of Schemas ("databases"). Each schema can have tames of tables that are the same as those in another schema. So, CubeCart needs to know which schema ("database") to use. User names can be anything. Therefore, the name of the schema and the name of the user could be the same.
  3. In the main.php template, find: <div class="row {$SECTION_NAME}_wrapper"> <div class="small-12 large-9 columns" id="main_content"> {include file='templates/box.errors.php'} {include file='templates/box.progress.php'} {$PAGE_CONTENT} </div> <div class="large-3 columns show-for-large-up" id="sidebar_left"> {include file='templates/box.featured.php'} {include file='templates/box.popular.php'} {include file='templates/box.sale_items.php'} </div> <a href="#" class="back-to-top"><span class="show-for-small-only"><svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-angle-up"></use></svg></span><span class="show-for-medium-up"><svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-angle-up"></use></svg> {$LANG.common.top}</span></a> </div> The "sidebar-left" (which is actually on the right side) is approximately 250 pixels wide but also has 15 pixels of padding on either side, and is only shown when the browser window is wide enough. Additional <img> tags can be added inside this <div> block.
  4. The tables affected by CubeCart's gathering up of customers to be deleted are: CubeCart_customer, CubeCart_addressbook, CubeCart_customer_membership, CubeCart_newsletter_subscriber, and a hook to affect additional tables if necessary. There are some tables that will have orphaned records - containing customer_id of now non-existent customers - but probably irrelevant to GDPR requirements.
  5. That depends on the skin to answer how easy it would be.
  6. I think a better solution to your situation is to modify the query sent to the database server by CubeCart to also include a timestamp that is less than a certain value (now minus x days).
  7. One can ignore any Notices. The Warnings need to be dealt with, but the Fatal Error is what is causing the white page. Somehow, PHP thinks there is an existing database it can communicate with. But CubeCart is not sending a username and a password. You mention the OS (Win10), PHP7, the web server (A24), but no mention of a database server. Initialize the database server if it's not already running. Make sure there is a user with a password. Create a database (sometimes called a Catalog or a Schema). Give the User relevant permissions to manage the database.
  8. I am still seeing some mutually exclusive scenarios: combinations of club products where shipping options cancel each each other out. I will play around with this a bit.
  9. Have you ever been hit with this specific error message when configuring web servers, and if so, what was wrong and what did you do to fix it?
  10. Any thoughts on the error message? See: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/trunk/upgrading.html#commonproblems Specifically, the Startup errors. (If this is a startup error, the problem may be with the web server - not with CubeCart.)
  11. I have no answer for CubeCart's continued use of the Apache 2.2 directives Order and Deny. A person with more experience in running hosting environments will be here shortly.
  12. This is part of the .htaccess directives CubeCart uses in the file if .htaccess does not already exist: ### File Security ### <FilesMatch "\.(htaccess)$"> Order Allow,Deny Deny from all </FilesMatch> What you posted above does not match exactly, thus I suspect there was already a file named .htaccess in CubeCart's main folder. Having the web server send out .htaccess is denied to all. Having the Deny directive be on the same line as the Order directive may be illegal. The web server may have these directives in its own dedicated configuration file. Also, in this configuration file, there should be an AllowOverride directive so that directives found in any .htaccess file can overrule those found in the web server's configuration file, such as mod_rewrite directives.
  13. Welcome swood! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Quick question: does any one club allow or prohibit a shopping cart from containing items of another club? Or is the inventory in your store not distinct between clubs? For example: sports jerseys for the Knights, the Spartans, and the Vikings. A customer buys one of each team. How does delivery happen?
  14. In admin, Customer List, GDPR Tools tab.
  15. Noodleman said to paste this in the editor: <p>Hi {$DATA.first_name|capitalize},</p> <p>Your digital files are now ready for download. Please use the links provided below to access them below:</p> {foreach from=$DOWNLOADS item=download} <p><strong>{$download.name}:</strong> (Link expires on {$download.expire}<strong>)</strong><br> <a href="{$download.url}">{$download.url}</a></p> {/foreach} <p>If the links above don't work, please try copy and pasting them it into your browser address bar. You can also find access to these files from your the customer area of our website.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Please know that while HTML code is in the editor, and it is necessary that the editor be in Source mode, that some Smarty tags (e.g., repeating sections) need to be enclosed in HTML comments. So, the code while in the editor, and in Source mode, must be: <p>Hi {$DATA.first_name|capitalize},</p> <p>Your digital files are now ready for download. Please use the links provided below to access them below:</p> <!--{foreach from=$DOWNLOADS item=download}--> <p><strong>{$download.name}:</strong> (Link expires on {$download.expire}<strong>)</strong><br> <a href="{$download.url}">{$download.url}</a></p> <!--{/foreach}--> <p>If the links above don't work, please try copy and pasting them it into your browser address bar. You can also find access to these files from your the customer area of our website.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> The reason is because the editor validates the correctness of HTML DOM structure. The editor will see the Smarty code (enclosed in braces) and will wrap paragraph tags around it. If the editor sees Smarty tags between <table> and <tr> (for building rows in a table), the tags will be moved outside the <table> structure. (And there are other rules the editor employs based on keeping unwanted HTML out of the content.) The way around this is to "hide" the Smarty tags in HTML comments. CubeCart stores the editor content in the database without these HTML comment markers, adds them to certain Smarty tags before giving the content to the editor, and removes them when the editor sends the content back. (Please know that the content from all three tabs: General, HTML Content, Plain Text Content, will be sent back to CubeCart regardless even if you never actually looked at the other tab's content.) In some of the posts above, I am not seeing any of the content after the $download.url.
  16. "Is it possible to disable the time zone in store settings, but instead add an offset to correct the time stamp??" This will not get you what you want. After reviewing the code, it seems to me that the UTC Offset (admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab) value - which can be expressed as +3600 or -3600, for example, to add or subtract one hour - is used to affect the display of real timestamps. Thus, in many places in CubeCart's database tables, there are real UNIX (Epoch) timestamps. These values are converted using PHP functions to human-readable strings. (For unknown reasons to me, there are also real human-readable dates in the database tables.) The Offset is summed into the timestamp and then the result is used for display purposes only. The display of human-readable dates/times include "fuzzy" expressions, such as 'Today', 'Last Week', etc. So, disabling the the Time Zone setting, and relying solely on the UTC Offset will cause all timestamps in the database to be UTC (in my opinion, not a big deal), and then enter the appropriate number of positive or negative number of seconds in the Offset field to display the dates/times correct for you. Note that the Cart Order ID takes the form of a date-time-rand syntax. That is only to guarantee uniqueness. It is entirely coincidental that the ID could be used to judge when the order was placed.
  17. The errors are being announced from the database server. Your hosting provider made a change to the PHP configuration.
  18. If it is javascript-based, then in the skin template file main.php, you can add the code where instructed. There is one critical consideration: the javascript code must be surrounded by literal tags as shown: {literal} <script> blah blah blah </script> {/literal}
  19. We would ask that you create the error log. Perhaps the reason why things seem to stop got logged there.
  20. Even though the name of the directory also has _AbCdEf (this sequence denotes random letters) as part of the name, look for the file that begins with admin and ends with .php.
  21. When CubeCart had finished installing itself, there would have been a link next to a notice that said: Remember this link! So, using FTP (or your hosting account's control panel File Manager), look at the files in CubeCart's main folder. Find the file that starts with admin and ends with .php.
  22. The URL to your CubeCart's admin will be something similar to: www.mystore.com/admin_aBcDeF.php
  23. As the CubeCart code is now, the filesize is informational only. It does not affect how CubeCart handles the images. Only when you use CubeCart's Image Upload will CubeCart determine and update the row in the database to hold the calculated filesize.
  24. Please examine the actual contents of the CubeCart_order_summary table, custom_oid column. If you have never actually used CubeCart's new "Custom Cart Order ID" feature, then this column should have no content in it. However, phpMyAdmin will show a null content with the representation of null (or something similar). If the content shown is absolutely blank - nothing at all - then the value being stored in this column is a zero-length-string (-zls-). A -zls- is not the same as a null, and will thwart a UNIQUE key. Have phpMyAdmin change all instances of -zls- in the 'custom_oid' column to be null. This can be done with: UPDATE pre_CubeCart_order_summary SET `custom_oid` = DEFAULT WHERE `custom_oid` = ''; Note the pre_ needs to be your table prefix if there is one.
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