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  1. I am finding that there are rogue characters preceeding what should be the very first thing in the page code. Were you aware of this?
  2. I intentionally do not allow javascript to run on sites I have never been to before. Such is the case with EvMusicShop and TheMixTapeChannel. So, I may be missing something - but where is the Register icon?
  3. May we have a web address to make some checks?
  4. Please let us know what editor you are using to make your edits to the admin template files. Does this editor have a mode that "hides" HTML?
  5. This is from CC626 - admin skin template reports.index.php, near line 34: <td nowrap="nowrap"><a href="?_g=orders&action=edit&order_id={$data.cart_order_id}">{if $CONFIG.oid_mode=='i'}{$data.{$CONFIG.oid_col}}{else}{$data.cart_order_id}{/if}</a></td> Note that the table displays the value in the oid column of the database table if that mode is "i" for incremental. But the URL actually uses the standard cart_order_id type. The problem is in the admin sources/reports.index.inc.php, lines 85-86. Here, only the order number type being used (Incremental or Traditional) is retrieved from the database. So, if Incremental, the Standard is not retrieved. The Standard type value found in the cart_order_id column needs to be added such that it is always available to the skin, or the URL in the link needs to be enhanced to use the Incremental order number. For the latter: <td nowrap="nowrap"><a href="?_g=orders&action=edit&order_id={if $CONFIG.oid_mode=='i'}{$data.{$CONFIG.oid_col}}{else}{$data.cart_order_id}{/if}">{if $CONFIG.oid_mode=='i'}{$data.{$CONFIG.oid_col}}{else}{$data.cart_order_id}{/if}</a></td> There is code that will get the correct record when viewing the order details, having specified the Incremental type.
  6. On the Sales Report page for you, which order number type is shown in the Order Number column? Incremental or Standard/Traditional? (You have shown us what the link URL points to.)
  7. If you have a French language pack, please add these new phrases to the fr-FR.xml file: In group name="common": <string name="cheapest" introduced="6.2.7"><![CDATA[Cheapest]]></string> In group name="settings": <string name="cheapest_not_free" introduced="6.2.7"><![CDATA[Cheapest but not free]]></string> <string name="most_expensive" introduced="6.2.7"><![CDATA[Most expensive]]></string> <string name="shipping_defaults" introduced="6.2.7"><![CDATA[Default Shipping Selection]]></string> Change as needed.
  8. One of the things that one can do in admin is to write a description for it. The editor for doing this is the CKEditor. It is (what I call) a "page resource". That is, once the web browser starts to parse the HTML, it looks for links to javascript, images, and CSS, and makes requests for those resources. The CKEditor, itself a javascript package, also makes requests for its own resources. Getting the CKEditor loaded, running, and resourced takes an annoyingly noticeable amount of time.
  9. In admin, (File Manager section) Images, the list of images should only contain images that still actually exist. You can try now clicking on the Update File List tab. This will remove from the database (from the CubeCart_filemanager table) records where the image was supposed to be but wasn't. Now, this leaves CubeCart in a pickle. There is another database table that glues the Inventory product_id with the File Manager image_id. With the image_id no longer valid, what will CubeCart do about it? You might need to open for editing and saving, one at a time, all products that you know you deleted an image for.
  10. I will agree with your assumption.
  11. This is PHP code. To comment out a line of PHP code, do this (this is the correct way most of the time): /* "receipt_email" => $email", */
  12. The trick with this is to identify somehow that this option choice type should be shown as a collection of colored squares. We currently have nine option choice types, and are listed in /classes/catalogue.class.php, lines 36-44. I agree that a collection of radio buttons can be CSS reconfigured to show as a set of colored boxes. This one can be simplified: https://codepen.io/nikkipantony/pen/wpPGZp Or this one: https://codepen.io/rauldronca/pen/EWLeMz
  13. There is a new HTML5 input type="color" that, depending on browser support, will show an entire color wheel -- no means have been found to limit the colors available. So, in a drop-down selector, one can add style="background-color: {$value.value_name};", for example red, to the <option> tag. But you would need some javascript to copy the selected color into the <select> tag. Of course, this would only work on drop-down selectors that offer choices of named colors, and any other drop-down selector that offers non-color-based choices might produce strange effects.
  14. Glad you have it resolved. When I examined the complete HTML code that was sent to my browser, I didn't see the code that comes from content.checkout.small.php. Which is strange, I admit, as this missing code would cause problems regardless of the browser. More experiments with Firefox (52.9 ESR on WinXP versus 70.0.1 on Win7), and FF70 has definite problems - at least some misunderstandings. It seems FF70 actually removes from the Developer Tools Inspector page, the code that will not be displayed. Also, in Responsive Design Mode, adjusting the width of the page past the change-over points does not re-apply the pertinent CSS rules. Weird.
  15. After the upgrade finished, the web page probably presented you with a link to the administration section. Perhaps you didn't notice the actual web address for the admin had changed. Please examine the folder where CubeCart is installed and note the real name of the admin script. It will look something like: admin_rAnDoM.php We suggest you then make/update the shortcut on your computer.
  16. Find the /setup/ folder of CC626. In that folder, find /db/upgrade/. Look for any file numbered greater than 6.1.8.sql. The database statements in any such file will be the differences between CC618 and CC626.
  17. Using FTP, scan through the folders to find any file that has a somewhat recent "modified time". It won't be in any /skin/ folder, and the /cache/ folder can probably be skipped.
  18. Not a language or file type encoding issue. The black diamonds (is the browser's way of saying) these characters are not printable. To eliminate CubeCart, create a very simple index.html file in CubeCart's home directory. <html><head></head><body>Hello World!</body></html> Then request that specific file: www.example.com/index.html If the glitch is there, then something else is causing it.
  19. Are you viewing your site on a device where the viewport width is 640 pixels or less? If so, you may have a problem with one of your skin template files. It seems you may have a skin by the name of "es". (This comes from the name of the cached javascript and CSS files.) In this skin, examine the template content.checkout.php. Near lines 18-19: {include file='templates/content.checkout.medium-up.php'} {include file='templates/content.checkout.small.php'} Make sure then template content.checkout.small.php exists. This template will show the table of Shopping Basket items when the viewport is "small" (640 pixels wide or less).
  20. I immediately notice that there are images being requested but not found. They are supposed to be coming from /images/source/Site Doc Pics/.
  21. I do not know how customizable Magento is. But one could copy the algorithm CC3 uses to validate a password, then change/augment this particular installation of Magento to incorporate the same algorithm. That way, new customers would use the stock Magento algorithm, while carried-over customer pass/salts from CC3 would be trialed by the augmented code.
  22. I think someone will have to do some deep diagnostics to find where this is. You could get lucky and find it right away in one of the template files. Use FTP or your hosting account's control panel's file manager to scan for the file most recently changed by date.
  23. Check your error log. If these characters are getting sent out (aka 'printed' by PHP) before they are supposed to, then there could be an error that says something like "Could not send headers. Output started at..."
  24. Hmm... type="search" is a new HTML5 input type -- I haven't worked with them much. But, the Foundation skin template for the search box currently doesn't use them.
  25. There is no such thing as a form input element of type "search". You may want to try: .search_form input[type="text"] This selects the <input> inside something having the class=search_form.
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