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  1. Apostrophes in contact form - page source

    What needs to to be is for the source to be unambiguous about quotes and apostrophes. Note the value of the content is enclosed in quotes. Thus, any value for that having quotes itself would prematurely close the string. Such as: content="We have the "very best" stuff!" There are two ways to "somewhat" overcome this dilemma: use apostrophes when enclosed in quotes or use quotes when enclosed in apostrophes, and 'escaping' the quote or apostrophe (\"). Each method is used where appropriate. A third way is to change the problem characters to its 'HTML Entity'. In almost all cases, the browser will show the entity as its associated character. I have found that the browser title might away with having a quote or apostrophe as this value is enclosed in <title> tags, not actual quotes. Still, CubeCart converts the admin entered string to use the entity (makes it easy to database the value as well) and the browser will show the associated character in the title. (That wasn't always the case - reference Internet Explorer 6.) So, the question then becomes, will whatever that is out on the Internet that slurps your site's meta data know what to do with the entity? We must expect that it does. I think what got fixed may have been putting the actual characters in the content value and thus causing truncated results with what got truncated to be visible.
  2. E-mail on order

    There is this:
  3. Accessing Sale Items From ACP

    To me, the ACP is the admin control panel. There is no method by which to suppress inventory that have a sale price from being administered. How would you then ever be able to edit it's description, for example? On the storefront, however, by administratively switching off "sale mode", that will cancel any and all discounts. Also, in admin, Store Settings, Features tab, "Number of sale items to display", setting this to zero will suppress the Sale Items sidebox. This will not, however, remove the "Sale Items" navigation link in the menu. To remove the nav link, an edit to the skin will be required.
  4. Replicate Site to Local Machine

    In admin, Store Settings, Offline tab, set "Take store offline?" to No.
  5. Replicate Site to Local Machine

    Welcome Fractal! Glad to see you made it to the forum. Your local development environment may be using "localhost" or (recommended) If your environment also includes your own dedicated DNS resolver in your firewall, that may help when you create a specific subdomain, such as When having copied the files to your local machine, you should delete everything in the /cache/ folder except the .htaccess file. There may be files in here that contain complete URLs to the site they were copied from. Then, in /includes/, add statements to force an override over the store's address. See:
  6. E-mail on order

    I will look at the code in CC6110. In the meantime, please view in CubeCart's admin, the Email Log. You should see almost all attempts at having sent an email and the 'Sent' results of each attempt. If the result is a checkmark, then we need to look more towards if the email got lost in transit. If the result is an X, we may find the reason in an error log. If the attempt is not even listed, we need to look at CubeCart's code.
  7. E-mail on order

    That is an anomaly. Which is to say, this is the first time we have heard of this. Has this happened to more than one purchase where those customers are registered? Please let us know the exact version of CubeCart you are using, and if you have any third-party plugins installed.
  8. Upgrade to 6.1.10 problems

    On the warning that is shown, click the Advanced link. You should be given an opportunity to learn more about the certificate -- specifically the Common Name and Alt Name that the cert was created for.
  9. Cart window

    This might be a bit onerous for the customer, but in admin, Store Settings, Layout tab, we can force CubeCart to show the View Basket page for every occurrence of having added something to the basket. That would be the "Jump to basket on add" setting. Otherwise, we can adjust the time it takes after fading in to fade out. That setting is near: Line 531 in CC618's /skins/foundation/js/2.cubecart.js function mini_basket_action() { $('#basket-detail, #small-basket-detail').fadeIn('fast', function() { $(this).delay(4000).fadeOut('slow'); }); } Change to 4000 to a desired value (in milliseconds). We can also incorporate jQuery UI into Foundation, then add some special effects, like shaking the basket so that the customer's attention is absolutely acquired. Because we edited this page's resource (a javascript file), we need to force the browser to reload all page resources. This is usually done with CTRL-F5.
  10. SEO Redirect of www

    Sorry, but if the best suggestions put forward in that discussion isn't doing what is supposed to happen, then maybe something else is interfering. What statements did you choose to add to the .htaccess file?
  11. SEO Redirect of www

    CubeCart's upgrade procedure replaces files with new files if those new files exist. So, the .htaccess file if it already existed, should not have been overwritten with files from the CC6110 package. Which means if the redirect via .htaccess doesn't happen with CC6110, then the redirect via .htaccess was not being done in CC619 either. Which means if there was a redirect happening, it was being managed by some other process. Whatever, Stack Overflow has a few good suggestions for the .htaccess file (if your hosting account uses a web server that respects .htaccess directives).
  12. Import Spreadsheet

    Having a column in the imported file to indicate a tax class by number -- I haven't studied that. It might be new. But specifying the actual tax amount, which is what I thought you were asking, is something I doubt can be done (without customizing the code). I have not seen a plugin that will mass assign a tax class to chosen categories. However, a SQL query (outside of CubeCart) can be written to do that.
  13. Import Spreadsheet

    Welcome Marques! Glad to see you made it to the forum. In CubeCart, tax is calculated, not specified. So, please do not believe it can be imported from an external source. In admin, Taxes, CubeCart comes with a stock three tax classes: Standard, Reduced, and Exempt. These are generic, semantic names. If you wish to have any other tax class, like "Pittance", add it here. Then Save. Returning to Taxes, see the Tax Details tab. For however Netherlands names the actual taxes, add them here. There may be a name for the 6% and a name for the 21%. Then Save. Returning to taxes, Tax Rules tab, here is where you specify the 6% for that tax detail and class. Same for 21%. Save. To make it easy, the Tax Classes tab will allow you to mass assign a given class to all the inventory. Then, for products entitled to any other tax class, you will need to individually edit those on the Product's Pricing tab.
  14. Product Tags

    The Marketplace has Additional Product Fields and Tabs plugins. Might be a solution for you.
  15. I corrected the instructions above. Thanks for noticing that. If you edited *just* the return false; statement, and did not disturb the following original stock line that has a single closing parenthesis, then this syntax error should not have happened. So, do not disturb any statements after the to-be-edited return false;