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  1. Welcome Bill_w! Glad to see you made it to the forums. For the browser title, please visit admin, Store Settings, Search Engines tab. Here, one can enter free-form text that will be supplied to the <head> section of a web page, including the Store Name for the browser <title> tag. This data item is different (if so desired) from the store name used in the contact info displayed to the visitor and printed in emails and other documents. For example, the browser <title> tag may be set to "Cylons-R-Us", but the real company name would be "Graystone Industries". This configuration data is stored in the database. (Note: Primatech Paper Company is one of several miscellaneous company names an earlier version of CubeCart used when initially going through setup.)
  2. Please examine the contents of the skin's config.xml file. CubeCart will create derivatives according to the size specified on the image's longest side. If the store is told to use a different skin (if allowed to do so via the storefront skin selector), that skin's config.xml file is parsed and sizes specified there are used to create derivations of the target image on demand. The URL to the 'source' image is given to Smarty, so it is up to the code in the skin to use it if desired. An image's dpi setting applies to conversions needed to print the image. I am not aware of browser's needing to respect an image's dpi value. A browser uses pixels and other HTML dimensionalities that can convert to pixels (percent, em, pt, etc).
  3. The friendly URL will be a pattern consisting of just the product's name. But you need to have CubeCart dump all those previous names (see earlier post). If you do not want CubeCart to create a friendly name for you, you can enter in the text field whatever you want.
  4. There is a setting in admin that has CubeCart automatically prepend the category path to the friendly name of the product. Such as: test-category-04/test-category-05/test-product-5 This is found at Store Settings, Search Engines tab, "Add category to product URL path?" The complete path is then databased. To clean all this out, in admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, check the " Clear all custom defined SEO URL's" and Submit.
  5. Does the error message say the mail was not sent, or actually that the reCaptcha failed? "the button on contact-us form" Which button? The reCaptcha or the "Send Message" button? Generally, if the visitor passes a reCaptcha test somewhere on your site, CubeCart remembers this and no further tests are required elsewhere on your site.
  6. An edit to the skin: in element.call_to_action.php or content.product.php (depends on the skin). Look for: {if isset($PRODUCT.discounts)} <p>(<a href="#quantity_discounts">{$LANG.catalogue.bulk_discount}</a>)</p> {/if} Change to: {if false && isset($PRODUCT.discounts)} <p>(<a href="#quantity_discounts">{$LANG.catalogue.bulk_discount}</a>)</p> {/if}
  7. Here is a slightly reworded version found on a different upgrade article: So, if your current installation has a script file named admin_aBcDeF.php (and this is corroborated in /includes/global.inc.php), then before you FTP the files and folders to your site, you must rename admin.php to be admin_aBcDeF.php. The same renaming of the to-be-uploaded folder /admin/ to be /admin_zYxWvU/ -- then FTP the files and folders so that the uploaded admin file and folder will overwrite the existing same-named admin file and folder. (Note: _aBcDeF are random letters.) Therefore, if your current installation has an actually-named admin script file admin.php, and an actually-named folder /admin/, then this renaming step is not needed. The FTP'd script admin.php will overwrite the existing admin.php, and the FTP'd folder /admin/ will overwrite the existing /admin/.
  8. In CubeCart's administration backend, on the left navigation panel, click Email Templates. The Email Contents tab is a list of all the main contents of CubeCart's emails - click the flag of the language you wish to edit. The Email Templates tab is a list of the email's overall common content - click the Edit icon of Default Emails. On the page that is now shown, click the HTML Content tab. (Do Not Edit Anything. Possible bug here.) Hover the mouse over the blue squares to see a tooltip as to what protected content is here.
  9. Welcome exibar! Glad to see you made it to the forums. CubeCart sends multi-part emails: a plain text main body, and a rich text (HTML) standard attachment that rich text capable email programs will show by default if that attachment is present. The rich text component of the emails are as you describe: logos, names, etc. CubeCart can be set to send the store admin(s) an email when the order is made (Pending) or when the order is ready for fulfillment (Processing). CubeCart sends the customer an email when the order has been paid for (Processing) and another email confirming that payment has been received. The admin's Processing email and the customer's Processing email look 99% identical, and all emails can be customized.
  10. No, no problem. Just wanted to make sure you weren't showing something that would have to be worked around.
  11. The second attachment -- was that the result of a bit of image editing?
  12. This is the result of a bit of image editing?
  13. Just a comment: What I do not want to happen is to paint ourselves into a corner. I don't want a solution that would lock us out of expanding on the capabilities. For example, instead of a fixed price for each option combo (as the plugin above solves), change that to hold a series of prices, such as: 0:30,10:29,20:28.5 (for 0-9 units, the unit price is 30; 10-19 units, the unit price is 29; 20 and up, the unit price is 28.50) However, I would also want to allow for per option combo schedules to honor Customer Group pricing as well -- as does CubeCart's Quantity Price schedule. Also, your details in the prior post represents a coupon-like discount - not CubeCart's Quantity Price schedule. The QP chart asks for a new per unit price for having met the quantity target. So, I am trying to narrow down the description of the problem.
  14. To be clear, this is an issue with the Foundation system - not particularly with CubeCart's Foundation skin: https://github.com/zurb/foundation-sites/issues/4791
  15. There is this: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/609 and this (although there is no indication it solves what the Github issue said it solved): https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/absolute-matrix-option-prices-price-list-hide-out-of-stock-matrix-options
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