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  1. There are a couple of approaches: * Simply do not assign an image to the product * Remove the HTML in the templates that show the image When no image is assigned to a product, CubeCart will use a "Image not available" default image. You can replace that image with a 1x1 transparent pixel gif image. But that still leaves the web page real estate available to show the image taking up space. There are many templates where showing a product wants to show the image for that product. Removing the page real estate that contains that image and collapsing the surrounding area might be
  2. I posted an issue in the GitHub. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2745
  3. Yes. So far, I have found that the most likely cause is when the admin brings the order up for editing, then saving the edited order details. I have not found exactly where this happens, but am getting close. My best guess so far is that, during testing, a "customer" makes a purchase of a Gift Certificate. The order is now in the Pending state. The admin manually changes the order to Processing so that CubeCart will send out the email. However, when presenting the data of the order's inventory list, CubeCart converts the plain 200 to the locale style 200,00kr. The
  4. There was a change to the code that creates a cookie. But something about it looks strange. Anyway, CubeCart is using 'samesite' as a key into an array of data items. But that array doesn't have that key.
  5. According to this, it may have actually been not possible to test for unicode codepoints prior to PHP7: https://www.php.net/manual/en/migration70.new-features.php#migration70.new-features.unicode-codepoint-escape-syntax Here is another test to try: if (preg_match('/.*\p{Cyrillic}.*/u', $_POST['contact']['enquiry'])) exit; But I think that was already tried.
  6. Please try this one: if (preg_match('/.*[\u0400-\u04ff\u0500-\u052f\u2de0-\u2dff\ua640-\ua69f\u1d2b-\u1d78].*/', $_POST['contact']['enquiry'])) exit; But I am not sure if this is PHP's version of the Perl Regex. Please remind me of the exact version of PHP your site is using.
  7. Ok, this part is wrong: s:5:"value";s:8:"200,00kn" We need to discover why this wrong. Please remind us of the exact version of CubeCart you are running (admin, Dashboard, Store Overview tab).
  8. Hosting provider. From what I understand, for Linux environments, PHP gets "compiled" against each named distribution and distribution version. (Fortunately, distributions have "repositories" where such builds of numerous programs are maintained.) When "building" a PHP package to be installed on a Linux box, there is a list of what is wanted to be included into the package to be used by PHP (database connectoids, curl, ssl libraries, etc). Some PHP packages built for certain linux distributions use NSS, others use OpenSSL, others might use something else. The SSL encryption libr
  9. I do not know what the 'nickname' is either. I will make an educated guess that this is a phrase that is coming from the NSS library that provides the encryption necessary for SSL certificate validation and continuing communication. It is not something being generated by CubeCart.
  10. "CC doesn't send me a notice that someone purchased an item." In admin, Store Settings, Features tab, Misc section, "Order status for admin email notifications", the store owner can choose any one status to be notified when an order acquires that status. Note that the core code only pays attention to Pending and Processing choices. Some store owners choose Pending so that they also become aware of those customers who walked away - for whatever reason. From the screenshot above, it seems there are two versions of the same module that are enabled. To the customer's point of v
  11. My experiments shows that the locale use of commas and periods work correctly having set thousands separator to a period and decimal separator to a comma in admin, Currencies: Amount: 200,00kn Please try to discover the value in the 'custom' column blob. Please remind us of the exact version of CubeCart you are running (admin, Dashboard, Store Info tab).
  12. The only manual part for a CubeCart owner to do is to switch the status of an order from Processing to Complete as soon as the order got shipped out. (If a digital-only order, even that is automatic.) But no, CubeCart does not sit there hammering away at a malfunctioning internet.
  13. A database server has an internal "access control list". This control allows the database admin to specify how any one user can connect, and to what databases that user can connect to, and what permissions (SQL commands) that user can execute on each database. For example: hokivt03 is a recognized user. hokivt03 must connect from "localhost" (program requesting access is on same computer) [email protected]"localhost" can access the database "hokivt03_db123456" and can SELECT, INSERT, etc. SiteBackup Pro could be a hosting environment package that exists on the same server. Code
  14. Some CubeCart users have said that CubeCart's "reorder" feature didn't work, but it might be worth a try. Have the customer log in to their account and view past orders. If the order that needs to be paid is listed, and is at Pending, then clicking the "Reorder" button would take them to a Checkout page with that cart's contents.
  15. If the gateway extension (such as one of the PayPals) uses CubeCart's Request functions, then there could be a record in admin, Request Log.
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