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  1. CubeCart has a "Catalog" mode, that hides prices and locks out any ability to add products to the shopping basket. Please explain in more detail what a "Shopping Cart Only" mode allows a customer to do and not to do.
  2. A "specific" file path for images? No. Not as CC6 is currently coded. In addition, CC6 will want to make derivative images of various named sizes based on specs given in the skin's config.xml file. These derived images are stored in the /images/cache/ folder. Privatize the "Product Code". You can make certain edits to the skin to {* template comment *} the HTML. Also, the email templates. "Best Offer". I think there is a plugin that allows the customer to request additional info about a product. But to auto-sell after a reserve is met, I am not aware of an existing plugin. One could be constructed to observe a text entry field as a product's option. I think the drop-down of Google Categories is for Google's benefit when you want to submit a listing to Google's marketplace (or something like that). However, this has nothing to do with assigning products to admin-created categories where those categories are listed in the storefront's Navigation menu. I don't understand how the "basket total" question is asking about anything different that an eCommerce app (including CubeCart) is supposed to do anyway.
  3. Welcome cubicsquare! Glad to see you made it to the forums. CubeCart calls them Ghost customers (internally). A cookie is essential. Non-essential cookies can be un-implemented. Various discount rules can be implemented with plugins from the Marketplace. Postage rules can be created and joined in a list of other shipping options available to the customer. CubeCart does not do auctions. (That is, I am not aware of any plugin that would set this up.) Grabbing content from an external source could be done through a plugin (I do not know how that eBay plugin works). That plugin, if 100% human-readable, could be modified to strip out what is not wanted. CubeCart is programmed to expect specifically named template files, of which there are a few dozen.
  4. The following is applicable to the skin you are using. There is a simple edit. The Equalizer needs to not know about the buttons, so that everything above the buttons has the same height. In content.homepage.php, find code that looks like (I may not have it exactly, especially the price code): <h6 class="pad-top"> <a class="black" href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}">{$product.name}</a> </h6> <div class="med bold pad-bottom"> {$product.price}</div> <div class="row collapse thinmarg-top show-for-medium-up"> Change to: <h6 class="pad-top"> <a class="black" href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}">{$product.name}</a> </h6> <div class="med bold pad-bottom"> {$product.price}</div> </div>{* Moved here from after buttons *} <div class="row collapse thinmarg-top show-for-medium-up"> Then find: <input name="add" value="{$product.product_id}" type="hidden"> </div> <input name="token" value="3c71658f782746c1ccc7cfc5e0befc41" type="hidden"> </form> </li> Change to: <input name="add" value="{$product.product_id}" type="hidden"> {* </div> Moved above buttons *} <input name="token" value="3c71658f782746c1ccc7cfc5e0befc41" type="hidden"> </form> </li> Note: The line with <input name="token"> may or may not be present. If not present, do not add it. This commented out an existing </div> and added it back higher in the code. There will be a similar edit in content.category.php, the <div class="product_grid_view hide"> section. Although it seems your content.category.php template is already coded to do this. You will probably need to have CubeCart clear its internal cache.
  5. Sorry, but currently this is not possible. However, I am working (slowly) on a solution.
  6. I think we did this already: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/54618-email-doman-requirement/?tab=comments#comment-236647
  7. It is a known CubeCart issue and should be fixed in CC626. This query is constructed incorrectly and results in a product search that returns no results.
  8. Putting CubeCart in the sale mode 'per-product' requires that the product(s) intended to be on sale must have its own non-zero sale price. Product(s) that are intended to not be on sale must have a zero sale price. The global percentage discount amount entered in the text entry field is ignored when the sale mode is 'per-product'. In the sale mode 'global percentage', all products are put on sale, reduced by the percentage amount. Currently, I am not aware of any means of only products in selected categories to be on sale. (Not without a code snippet.)
  9. MySQL allows for the creation of multiple indexes on the same column -- that is, column set, sort order, or other conditions, per table -- but they must have different names. Hopefully, each index will have different conditions against the columns. CubeCart creates indexes using these syntaxs: 1. PRIMARY KEY `admin_id` (`admin_id`) 2. PRIMARY KEY (`log_id`), 3. PRIMARY KEY (`group_id`), 4. KEY `type` (`type`), 5. KEY `time` (`time`) 6. KEY (`group_name`) Note that 1, 4, and 5 include a name for the index (usually, for CubeCart, the key name is the same as the column name). But a name is not absolutely necessary, as seen in 2, 3, and 6. When a name is not provided, it is understood that the index name will be the column name. However, in this missing index name situation, when an index name already exists for a given column, the database server will append a _# to the new index name, such as 'group_name_1'. Executing the same SQL statement more than once, using the syntax that does not include an index name, will result in multiple indexes pointing to the same column. CubeCart is not coded to use any index it does not expect, so these extra indexes will not cause a problem, per se, but it does give the database server extra work to do. CubeCart's database diagnostics page will detect and report duplicate KEY indexes when the same column (with conditions) is being seen associated with more than one index - regardless of name.
  10. I see two possible ways to make a code snippet solve your needs: * Determine if a product is eligible for a sale price based on category * Enhance the admin, Bulk Price Update to be able to set a price based on another price (i.e., set Sale Price to be 80% of Retail Price) Currently, I am not aware of an existing solution for this.
  11. There are a few types of things in the /cache/ folder, but when CubeCart's cache functions reads those files, there is no CubeCart supplied error messages - but nothing that would prevent PHP from logging a complaint in the error_log file. There is a sub-folder /skin/ which is used by the template rendering engine (Smarty) to cache compiled skin templates. I have found that it is difficult to get Smarty to pass errors to PHP so that they can get logged to the error_log. However, I have not had any instance where Smarty or any of its compiled templates "just all of a sudden for no apparent reason was working fine before" failed. But, glad you got it sorted.
  12. In your post above, you say that you created a "ini.custom.inc.php" file. The name of the file is actually "ini-custom,inc.php". Then, the error log shows Notices. PHP Notices do not cause blank screens. If running CC625, make this edit: in /includes/global.inc.php, add (or change) on a new line anywhere between the very first and very last existing lines: $glob['safe_mode'] = true; This will stop all plugins from working.
  13. In the /admin_aBcXyZ/ folder, there is, in fact, an index.php file, which the web browser, by default, will actually find and execute. However, the sole purpose of this particular index.php file is to inform the visitor that this is very much not the way to access the admin section, and the way the visitor is informed of this invalid page request is to command the web server to send back to the browser a 404 Not Found response code. Please follow these instructions to create the error_log file.
  14. I believe what the database utility is simply saying is that for this column, a default value has not been declared. This is not the same as a 'zero-length-string'. Nor is it the same as NULL. There was an issue posted in the Github about how certain sequences of letters/numbers/punctuation for coupon codes not getting into the database.
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