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  1. The 500ISE is just the web browser reporting that, generally, something went wrong - and as is revealed by the eror message, PHP crashed with a permissions issue. Please determine the CHMOD values of the file CubeCart created. You may also need to get your hosting provider to help in determining who "owns" that file which is part of the permissions. But I have no answer why PHP7 vs. PHP5 might be the source of the permissions disagreement.
  2. The file main.php is a Smarty template. As such there are rules to adding any other code that may look like Smarty code. So, where you want to add this new code to the template, start with a new line having {literal} and end with a new line having {/literal}. Javascript and CSS both use braces, which are Smarty command code delimiters. The literal command informs Smarty that what is between is to be taken 'literally' and to not try to interpret it.
  3. Keep in mind that the browser you are using keeps copies of CSS, javascript, and image files - a page's resources - in its own local cache. If one changes the contents of a page resource, but not its filename, the browser will likely use the version in its local cache. To force your browser to fetch all new copies of a page's resources, the typical way is the keyboard shortcut CTRL-F5. I am still finding this syntax error at five locations. Are you sure you uploaded the stock foundation.css file? I removed those five CSS syntax errors (yes, I can make changes to the CSS file being used by my browser for immediate effect) and your site is behaving correctly.
  4. I think CubeCart's PayPal Pro module (includes Express(?), the yellow button) is set up to show most if not all the errors that PayPal could possibly send back from a transaction. I believe the message, "The merchant country is not supported," means that Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) is not a country that PayPal has agreed to support with its "PayPal Express" system. Being a merchant using PayPal, you may need to consult with PayPal and verify if the home country of your business is recognized by PayPal for these methods (Direct, Express, Hosted, but maybe not Standard). -Edit- Maybe it is not Express you are using. See:
  5. "Test newsletter sent to a personal hotmail address. The email was sent and showed up in my inbox." So we know, basically, that your installation of CubeCart can send emails. The problem is apparently just not to the customer. "Not showing up in the log though." Here are some edits I would like for you to make. In /classes/mailer.class.php: Line 208: $this->Sender = $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'email_address'); On the blank line after that, add: $GLOBALS['debug']->errorLogger(E_USER_NOTICE, 'Ready to email.', __FILE__, __LINE__); Line 211: $result = $this->Send(); On the same line, at the end of what is already there, add: $GLOBALS['debug']->errorLogger(E_USER_NOTICE, 'Emailed.', __FILE__, __LINE__); Lines 222-232: $log_days = $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'r_email'); if(ctype_digit((string)$log_days) && $log_days > 0) { $GLOBALS['db']->insert('CubeCart_email_log', $email_data); $GLOBALS['db']->delete('CubeCart_email_log', 'date < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL '.$log_days.' DAY)'); } elseif(empty($log_days) || !$log_days) { $GLOBALS['db']->insert('CubeCart_email_log', $email_data); } return $result; } return false; Change to: $log_days = $GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'r_email'); if(ctype_digit((string)$log_days) && $log_days > 0) {$GLOBALS['debug']->errorLogger(E_USER_NOTICE, 'Logging with days > 0:'.$log_days, __FILE__, __LINE__); $GLOBALS['db']->insert('CubeCart_email_log', $email_data); $GLOBALS['db']->delete('CubeCart_email_log', 'date < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL '.$log_days.' DAY)'); } elseif(empty($log_days) || !$log_days) {$GLOBALS['debug']->errorLogger(E_USER_NOTICE, 'Logging with days empty.', __FILE__, __LINE__); $GLOBALS['db']->insert('CubeCart_email_log', $email_data); } else {$GLOBALS['debug']->errorLogger(E_USER_NOTICE, 'Not logged. Days has a problem:'.$log_days, __FILE__, __LINE__);} return $result; } $GLOBALS['debug']->errorLogger(E_USER_NOTICE, 'Failed to parse contents. Returning false.', __FILE__, __LINE__); return false; Either make another Newsletter test email send, or wait until a customer makes an order. Then examine the Mail Log, and also examine the System Error Log
  6. Of your edits to foundation.css, I see that you made the change but also put the original values in a comment block. Please look carefully at those comment blocks and make this change (one example given below): You have: {* lms was 0.875 *} Change to: /* lms was 0.875 */ The syntax of the comment block you are using is for a Smarty template. Please use the syntax for CSS files. I have not yet verified this is the cause of the problems being observed.
  7. I noticed that you made some edits to the foundation.css file. I am experimenting with making those changes locally.
  8. cubecart v6

    Any error message that indicates an undefined index or variable can be ignored. The CubeCart developers took the "Don't bother declaring your variables" approach to coding, and PHP is giving a gentle reminder of that. I believe in CC618, if you turn off debugging, then these Notice entries will no longer get logged. The Warning array_keys() entry is (probably) a known issue, however.
  9. From the logic of this code, the value found in the Store Settings, Email Log Retention field would need to be either something that for every character looked like a digit, or was blank. Assuming the execution of the code reached this point. CubeCart's Mailer functions are used regardless whether one chooses PHP-Mail or SMTP. The Mailer communicates with the sending agent accordingly, but this is the code that initiates the email, populates its contents, and logs its departure out of CubeCart. The error message you got would indicate that the email server your hosting provider uses is configured to allow only so many emails to be accepted for sending out server-wide, and that has been exceeded. So, either the server your site is located is overloaded, or one or more sites on that server is using more than its share of the server's email program (maybe Exim?) (From an internet search of 421 Too many concurrent SMTP connections.)
  10. I am not finding any significant differences that would explain the behavior. Still looking.
  11. Just to verify that CubeCart has a log in the database, please use an external utility, such as phpMyAdmin, a tool in your hosting control panel, and verify there is a table named CubeCart_email_log. Have the utility show you the records contained within it. Then, in your CubeCart installation, open the file /classes/mailer.class.php, scroll to near line 222, and verify there is code that deals with $log_days and the database table CubeCart_email_log.
  12. The background-repeat: repeat; is not assigned to any selector. Consider adding this inside the .inner-wrap selector. But I am not saying this is the cause of the problem. I haven't tried it myself as yet.
  13. Hmm. Even the emails sent to the admin get logged. However, only proper emails will cause the log to be 'pruned' of entries older than 30 days. Which is to say, an email sent via the "Test" button on the Advanced tab does not get logged. But, a test send of a newsletter will get logged. In Newsletters, Create Newsletter (if you haven't created one as of yet), enter some miscellaneous stuff. Then on the Send Test Email tab, enter an email that is not of your store's domain - such as a personal gmail account. Let us know if you get it. See if it shows in the log.
  14. The observed behavior is due to how the browser has been instructed to render it, based on the HTML and CSS sent to it. So, I will be able to compare what the browser gets from your page and what the browser gets from a stock Foundation skin.
  15. In Store Settings, Advanced tab, what do you have entered for Email Log Retention?