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  1. I have hacked CC629 so that: one product can contain multiple digital files. This allows, for example, one to sell an "album" of several files - each file independently downloadable. will override the above when assigning one of the multiple files each to an option. This allows, for example, one to sell an audible book (available in multiple languages) - the customer having selected an option for an available language (or an audio file, choosing a filetype of MP3 or WAV). This is not a plug-in -- it's core code edits. I am not convinced CubeCart has (or could ever have) the requisite hooks. (But who knows?) I need a beta-tester. Post a PM.
  2. I have hacked CC629 to accomplish the above. See my post in the Developer Forum.
  3. The statement you quoted should be in a red-ish color (as seen in the code changes page in the Github), immediately followed by a replacement statement in a green-ish color. You want to see the green-ish colored statement(s) in your code.
  4. The instructions above say to add this: <string name="ship_method_name"><![CDATA[Name to show as shipping method]]></string> The "Name to show as shipping method" is NOT an instruction for you to change to whatever desired. This actual phrase will appear on the admin's settings screen for AIOS as a label for the nearby text entry field to inform the admin of the purpose for that field. Please check if you have these lines of code: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/commit/30bed42f9bee1e51c5e93fd7c0893a3acfe2cbae
  5. Please read this conversation starting page 4: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/55470-strange-code-top-left-of-home-page/?page=4 (If using CC6,) We would ask that you look in admin, Manage Hooks, Code Snippets tab, and make sure you recognize every snippet listed. (Your sig line says you are using CC5. If appropriate, please update your sig.)
  6. In CubeCart_order_summary, locate the record that did or would have caused this warning message. Note the value in the 'id' column. The incremental part of the custom_oid uses this value, then adds an optional offset. But if the Custom Order ID feature is switched off, as I understand it, no calculation is made and no value id is inserted for this column. Strange.
  7. Just posting this so that when I do it again, I will be able to find what I did wrong and how to fix it. I created a new skin (copy of an existing skin) and named the folder, and gave a different value for the <name> node in the skin's config.xml file. Smarty crashes with: Fatal Error: Unable to load template "templates/content.homepage.php". The fix is to make sure the value for the <name> node is the same as folder name of the skin.
  8. harris-organic said in the Github #1362: That's odd. Is the observed result as seen in an existing order, or in a newly created order? Specifically, do you see the name in the list of available shipping choices at checkout when the customer is making a purchase?
  9. It might be better to run an UPDATE query against a known range of file_id values. Then, if there are any non-relevant records unintentionally caught in that specified range, switch only those back to NULL.
  10. Welcome jkevin! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Crosshatch is a nice skin! (I personally prefer Kurouto, but, hey...) Crosshatch was built for and shipped with CubeCart 5. The approach at that time was to make fixed-width skins, and rely on a separate skin designed specifically for mobile screens. (CubeCart has the necessary coding to detect and auto-switch to this Mobile skin.) Still, the CC5 skins "for the most part" work with CC629. Unfortunately, CC6 features will not get back-ported to these CC5 skins. (Google's reCaptcha is the most immediately obvious feature that misbehaves.) We can hope someone takes on the task.
  11. It might be tedious, but I would recommend editing the filepath in the database CubCart_filemanager table to change the pertinent rows from NULL to 2020-images/ instead of trying to do this one image at a time in CubeCart's admin.
  12. The pilepath of NULL simply means that the source image is expected to be found at /images/source/. Are there copies of IMG_19414.JPG and IMG_19415.JPG in the folder /images/source/?
  13. The highlighted rows from CubeCart_filemanager show what you are wanting. From this table, what do the rows have for file_ids of 58194 and 58195?
  14. Do NOT use Windows' Notepad. It will add what is known as the Byte Order Mark (BOM) which will cause a problem. You may have a programmer's text editor available as a tool in your hosting control panel (Cpanel, for example).
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