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  1. This conversation may have some relevant information: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/55470-strange-code-top-left-of-home-page/ ExpressVPN and an unknown code snippet. There is also some Internet search hits that suggest there is something between you and the web host (inclusive) that is providing some sort of privacy protection, by diddling with something's API designed to provide location-awareness.
  2. The comments at the top of the file jquery.validate.js suggest the version shipped with the Foundation skin in CC629 is: * jQuery Validation Plugin v1.17.0 * * https://jqueryvalidation.org/ * * Copyright (c) 2017 Jörn Zaefferer You mention version 1.9. We ask that you verify. (Unless you mis-typed and meant 1.19.) However, regardless, comparing the code snippets between the two versions reveals no changes. (The line numbers are different, so something changed.) Just as an experiment, if possible, please verify the same behavior using a web browser different than the one you are currently using.
  3. If the module offers "Authorization and Capture" (or maybe just Capture), choose that.
  4. Does this happen on every item? Or only on certain items? And if on certain items, is the checkbox labeled "Automatically generate product code" checked? If not, would these certain items have extensive Descriptions, an extensive Product Options list, and/or an extensive Product Options Matrix table? If so, it might be the case that there is too much information being sent in the POST payload -- PHP defaults to 1000 key/value pairs. (The All-in-One Shipping module is know to cause an outrageous number of key/value pairs when creating a dozen or so shipping zones/rates. That's how we found out about PHP's default limit.) The problem with this hypothesis is that the Product Code is very near the top of the POST payload, and would not be subject to being truncated. Especially if the settings of Stock Control manage to be processed and is stable. Otherwise, a deep dive into the code of your CubeCart installation would be necessary.
  5. Welcome cristian! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Just to confirm, did you have CubeCart clear it's internal cache? (I am not sure if clearing CubeCart's internal cache matters with respect to seeing newly activated modules.)
  6. Welcome Welshy! Glad to see you made it to the forums. The MarketPlace isn't a CubeCart store (at least, I don't think it is), so there isn't much other CubeCart users can help with this. I think contacting CubeCart HQ directly will be the quickest way to let them know of your difficulties. https://www.cubecart.com/contact
  7. Even not being live, the Store Settings will still hold the Offline Content - if you composed it. Other locations that could contain a large amount of content are: Search Engines tab, Meta Description; Copyright tab, Text content.
  8. This seems like the result of a plugin for either the webserver or hosting control panel your hosting company has implemented. Is the extra content actually getting loaded into the Store Settings, Offline tab, Content? Or are you seeing this only in your web browser?
  9. The timezone issue is solved by implementing a fix on the database server. This is something the hosting provider must implement. I think I've seen the write size error before. It was caused by there being A LOT! of data in the Store Settings - probably the Offline Content. If this is your case, consider using an external HTML document (please ask for details) for the offline message. (There is a limit of 64KiB of data in the store's configuration data.)
  10. It seems starting with CC629, a fresh installation will fetch and install two modules from the MarketPlace: the All-in-One Shipping module (enabled by default), and the PayPal Commerce plugin (not enabled). (Based on looking at the PayPal Pro plugin code) I am assuming the PayPal Commerce plugin will disable the display of the checkout button if the module is doing the "Express Checkout" mode (if named as such). (I am not that familiar with anything to do with PayPal.) (You will want Sale mode unless you know what is, and why you want, Authorization Only).
  11. In the admin script settings.admin.inc.php, there is a list of sections that a non-super-user can have permissions applied. In the Admin class, the same list appears but has two additional sections (not used in stock code). Weirdly, the permission needed to work the Extensions screen is named a section that does not exist in these lists -- 'maintenance'. However, because by definition a super-user has unlimited power, there is no actual check for permission matching. A super-user simply has access. So, I will conclude that managing Extensions, as well as the Maintenance and Manage Hooks screens, are not available to non-super-users.
  12. I traced out the code and I am convinced that the admin setting needs to be enabled.
  13. Smarty has the ability to look at data that the web server provided to PHP, including the cookies. So... {if isset($smarty.cookies.accept_cookies) && $smarty.cookies.accept_cookies=='true'} is what you are wanting to see. If there is no cookie, or the visitor declined to accept third-party cookies (value being false), the GA code won't be appearing in the HTML sent to the visitor. The "Cookie Compliance Dialogue" setting is new to me -- I'll have to examine the code to see how CubeCart handles that and what effects it has.
  14. For example, give the second list a class of bxslider2. Then, make this edit: In element.js_foot.php, find at the end of the last line: {/literal}</script> Add the following just before it: $('.bxslider2').bxSlider({auto:true,captions:true,minSlides:2,maxSlides:3,slideWidth:400,moveSlides:1,slideMargin:0}); You may need to experiment with some things. I wasn't able to get rid of a thin slice of the image that just moved out of view on the left edge. The docs for BXSlider are at: https://bxslider.com/
  15. I'm not sure how to get more than one image in the view at once, but to get a different behavior, you would need to give it a different class, then add another call for the function in the Foundation skin template element.js_foot.php using that class identifier. The <ul> list will need to be added manually at the very end of the Foundation skin template content.homepage.php. After making edits to a document or skin template, be sure to have CubeCart clear it's internal cache - in order to see the changes.
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