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  1. Ignore the phishing attack messages. It's a known issue and is absolutely misleading and harmless. It will get fixed one of these days. The Invalid Security Token messages are dated a week ago, so maybe those are from CC629? If so, then what happened there is likely that you used the browser's back button to get a prior page and then saved a form, or had two or more tabs open and saved a form, switched to the second tab and saved the form there, switched to a third tab and saved the form there, etc. In one of the versions in the CC64X family, stringent use of the Security Token was mostly relaxed. Now you can do what you couldn't do as described above. CC629 is not PHP8 compliant. CC649 requires PHP7.4 or higher, latest tested on PHP8.1. No new entries in PHP's error_log file??? Did you find the web server's error logs in your hosted account's control panel?
  2. Now we will have to find/create PHP's error log. Please do this: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/
  3. Ok, good to know that CubeCart is getting somewhere authorizing your login -- though I don't know how that could possibly be done based on that password conundrum I mentioned earlier. Don't look in the CubeCart_admin_error_log, look instead in the CubeCart_system_error_log.
  4. Through the hosting account's control panel, you should be able to peruse any error logs that the web server logs to. Also in the control panel, in the database utility phpMyAdmin, you can view the database table CubeCart_system_error_log. Maybe there is a clue having been logged here.
  5. There are browser add-ons that will auto-fill-in form fields if those form fields are recognized by the add-on to be for a well-known purpose. This auto-fill-in may not be visible to the browser user. Thus, even if the user fills in the appropriate username and email address, the add-on might send out other form values. (How the add-on would get confused about the different versions of CubeCart, I have no answer.) So, make sure this isn't happening for you. I notice in the database screen grab, there is a value present in the 'verify' column. This means the Admin->passwordRequest() function did get that far, but failed to prepare an output to be emailed. So, to prepare an output to be emailed, the function needs your language code. Looking at the same record in the database, make sure that there is a value in the 'language' column. If there is, then look in the database table CubeCart_email_content, and make sure there is a record for 'content_type' of 'admin.password_recovery' with 'language' being what was noted above. Next, look in the database table CubeCart_email_log to see if a Admin Password Recovery email was even attempted. I also see in the screen grab that value in the 'password column' obviously has been manually changed. The value stored in this column is complicated to derive. This what should have been in the email, after the part of your store address and admin file name: ?_g=recovery&email=email&validate=verify where email and verify are the values found in the database record. What version of CubeCart did you upgrade from? Also, because the data shown in the database screen grab is sensitive security data, please delete these images from your post above.
  6. Try this structure. Find: } else { if (isset($_POST['multi-order']) && !empty($_POST['multi-order'])) { // Update selected orders to given status Between the first and second line, put the revised custom code: } else { if (isset($_POST['venue_sold_site'])) { foreach ($_POST['venue_sold_site'] as $order_id => $site_name) { $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_order_summary', array('venue_sold_site' => $site_name), array('cart_order_id' => $order_id)); } $GLOBALS['main']->successMessage("One or more orders Sold Sites were updated"); } if (isset($_POST['all_order_date'])) { foreach ($_POST['all_order_date'] as $order_id => $site_name) { $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_order_summary', array('all_order_date' => $site_name), array('cart_order_id' => $order_id)); } $GLOBALS['main']->successMessage("One or more orders All Order Dates were updated"); } if (isset($_POST['all_delivery_date'])) { foreach ($_POST['all_delivery_date'] as $order_id => $site_name) { $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_order_summary', array('all_delivery_date' => $site_name), array('cart_order_id' => $order_id)); } $GLOBALS['main']->successMessage("One or more orders All Delivery Dates were updated"); } if (isset($_POST['feedback'])) { foreach ($_POST['feedback'] as $order_id => $site_name) { $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_order_summary', array('feedback' => $site_name), array('cart_order_id' => $order_id)); } $GLOBALS['main']->successMessage("One or more orders Feedbacks were updated"); } if (isset($_POST['multi-order']) && !empty($_POST['multi-order'])) { // Update selected orders to given status This will do each column in turn.
  7. Is there a conversation on the forum where this was developed? Maybe this one? https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/57425-make-a-field-inline-editible-in-customers-list/
  8. Here is a condensed and abridged summation of the code (and a tad bit more) that was posted above: if (isset($_POST['multi-order'])) } elseif (isset($_POST['venue_sold_site'])) } elseif (isset($_POST['all_order_date'])) } elseif (isset($_POST['all_delivery_date'])) } elseif (isset($_POST['feedback'])) } elseif (isset($_GET['search'])) } else { $where = (isset($_GET['customer_id'])) } This shows that only one of these choices will ever happen. So, if you add a new item of data to 'venue_sold_site' and 'feedback', you will not get the 'feedback' processed because 'venue_sold_site' got to it first, and then that's all there is to it! Any number of rows can have new data added, as long as all of that new data is in the same column, per Save.
  9. There needs to be a review of the edits made to admin, /sources/order.index.inc.php. This file is the PHP code that will process and database the values for $_POST['venue_sold_site'], $_POST['all_order_date'], $_POST['all_delivery_date'], and $_POST['feedback'].
  10. That particular error is a result message from the database server. The database server has a special table that holds all the known timezones. However, a typical installation of the database server does not include populating this special table with a list of timezones. The person responsible for managing the database server (usually your hosting provider) is the only person who can get the table populated from this list. There are other conversations on this forum that discuss it, but ultimately, your hosting provider will need to deal with this. It is not unique to CubeCart. You can quiet the error notices by making these edits: /controllers/controller.index.inc.php /controllers/controller.admin.pre_session.inc.php Near line 28, find: $GLOBALS['db']->misc("SET @@time_zone = '".$time_zone."'", false, $debug); Change to: // $GLOBALS['db']->misc("SET @@time_zone = '".$time_zone."'", false, $debug);
  11. For future reference, a plain text file is preferred. So, you were wanting to look at Minnesota? That's what it said in the browser's address bar? Please make this edit and see if this fixes the situation. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/3128
  12. Please first check for entries logged in the admin, System Error Log. Next, enable debug mode (admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, then enter your local IP address in the next field - www.showmyip.com). Show the Minnesota category - which will want to show Illinois products. At the bottom of the page, scan through the database queries looking for the one that resembles the following: SELECT I.product_id FROM `CubeCart_category_index` as I, `CubeCart_inventory` as INV WHERE I.cat_id = 1 AND I.product_id = INV.product_id AND INV.status = 1 where 'I.cat_id = x' will have 'x' equal the actual cat_id of either Minnesota or Illinois.
  13. A Zone, for whatever purpose (i.e., having countries), but no shipping rates for that zone, will not have any rates to offer the customer to choose. Yes, the zone will match (Canada, for example), but there will be no rate available -- neither because, for any of the rates that could be supplied, none fit the conditions, nor because there are no rates at all. Thus (in later versions of AIOS), the module will try to match a rate's conditions listed in "Rest of World". So, short answer, a zone with no rates is as good as being disabled (suspended), and as good as having been deleted, and as good as not having been created at all. The point of the "Uncheck to Suspend" feature is to keep the zone with its list of rates intact, but to not use them.
  14. That "double-right-angle" and Edit icon on the Add new shipping rate line is definitely not supposed to be there. So, in the module's /skin/sdmin/shipping_rates.tpl, double check this line (broken apart for clarity): <tr> <td colspan="7"> <a href="#" class="aios-add"> <img src="{$SKIN_VARS.admin_folder}/skins/{$SKIN_VARS.skin_folder}/images/add.png" alt="{$LANG.all_in_one_shipping.add_rows}" title="{$LANG.all_in_one_shipping.add_rows}" width="16" height="16" border="0" style="padding:0 5px;" /> {$LANG.all_in_one_shipping.add_new_shipping_rates} </a> </td> </tr> Please remind us about when the sort-order on a rates panel was discussed. (Found it, early Feb 2018.) https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/53313-all-in-one-shipping-module-gets-its-rates-sorted/ If a sort order fails to 'stick', either the database is missing the new column, 'sort_order', in the CubeCart_shipping_rates table, or the code to process the sort_order went missing. Your local zip-code zone vs your state zone gets their priorities set from the drag-n-drop order as they appear, top to bottom, on the Shipping Zones tab.
  15. The database table name "cc_shipping_zones" is not the same as "cc_CubeCart_shipping_zones". After clicking 'Go', did you get a red banner, or a blue banner beneath the "Query Database (Advanced)" tab?
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