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  1. There is this: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/age-verification-splash-screen Depending how much of the plugin code is "human readable", and therefore "editable", you may be able to present a test for whatever kind of response you want.
  2. With CSS, rules that come later take precedence (except for !important designation). With this skin, the common.css file gets loaded with its newly added background declarations, but then blue.css gets loaded and its rule for <body> overrules the similar rules in common.css. In this case, in blue.css, there is a declaration for background that encompasses, as a shorthand notation, all individual background declarations. (See: https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_background.asp) So, in my browser's diagnostic tools, I can switch off the background declaration for the body rule in blue.css, and that reveals the background image. However, for this skin, all of the high level <div> blocks (id="header", id="page", and id="footer") also have background rules in blue.css (#header, #page, and #footer). I suggest commenting out those declarations /* background:#fff; */ But be careful about letting the background through certain things. For example, "Fill out my online form." will be compromised because the color of a link is very close to the color of the background.
  3. Because CubeCart (for some skins) will collect, squeeze, and cache page resource files, you will need to have CubeCart clear its internal cache so that changes will be part of a new squeezed and cached resources file. If your skin doesn't do that, then you will need to force your browser to reload those page resources (CSS, javascript, and image files). This is usually done with CTRL-F5.
  4. Add the following to the common.css file: body { background-image: url("../images/noimage.png"); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover; } The path for the URL argument may need to be adjusted. As it is, starting in the /css/ or /styles/ folder (depending on your skin), go up one folder, then over to the /images/ folder, then fetch the image having the filename "noimage.png". The image will not be repeated (showing just one instance of the image) and be stretched to cover the width of the window.
  5. This extension may be of interest: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/product-public-downloads Similarly, this extension may offer the ability to incorporate the additional data into the collection of data sent to email templates. As such, a link to the SDS could be placed in the product list of the Cart: Order Confirmation email. And, possibly even print them out when the shipping list is printed: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/additional-product-fields-advanced
  6. Quick question: Are the SDS (was MSDS) proprietary? That is, would you be making these publicly available even without purchasing the chemical?
  7. bsmither

    Admin Login

    When CubeCart delivers the main storefront page for no apparent reason, the cause could be from a directive in .htaccess which tells the web server to send the index.php page if any actual document could not be found (a 404 File Not Found situation). So, access your site's control panel and view the folder where CubeCart is installed. Make sure you are calling the actual admin script. The "code" you may be using might not be correct.
  8. Welcome Nanakumi75! Glad to see you made it to the forums. Modules? Please know that CubeCart ships with no modules. In admin, the Dashboard will show several modules that are available that may be useful to you. But, visit the MarketPlace (there is a link just below the Manage Extensions link in the admin Navigation pane) and fetch the install tokens for those shipping and gateway modules that will serve your needs.
  9. Would that cause issues? If I recall, there are no serious! issues that are fixed between CC625 and CC628. A few issues will likely show themselves if/when you start using PHP7.3.
  10. Unless there is some sort of error_log setting that can be locked by the server admin, the script that tells PHP where to write the error log takes precedence. That is, the statement: ini_set('error_log', 'error_log'); tells PHP that the error_log setting is to call the error log "error_log" and to write it at (no path specified, so...) the same folder of the script that set this setting -- which is either index.php or admin_aBcDeF.php located in CubeCart's main folder. (All other scripts are include/require off of this main script.) Some FTP clients can be configured to not show certain files: those beginning with a period (.htaccess) and those that have no extension (which is rare). CubeCart tells PHP of CubeCart's own error_logger to be inserted in the chain of loggers so that some errors can be better managed. (Smarty also inserts it's own error_logger into the chain.)
  11. Note to Self: Having imported a package into a local software version control repository, the files' timestamp will be the date of the import as seen in the repository viewer, then checking out a working copy, the files will have a Last Modified date of the date they were checked out. The Last Modified date from the source package is lost. The files from the source package are, as you said, dated 6 Nov, at 40 minutes past the hour (the hour depends on the workstation's timezone).
  12. Just for further edification, what specific FTP client removes what looks like HTML comments? To specify, the code that is missing begins on line 165 starting with the HTML comment open sequence <!--, and finishes two lines later at the closing sequence -->. This is extremely dangerous because this sequence very likely appears elsewhere in the code. I would recommend, using a different FTP client (or the same with different config settings), re-upping the package. Or, in the admin, Maintenance, Upgrade tab, there is a "Restore Current Version" which will re-install the package downloaded direct from CubeCart HQ (assuming no corruption of the installed admin code).
  13. One of the recent versions of CubeCart added the function to squeeze down the byte count of the HTML sent out by removing all unnecessary spaces, tabs, and line endings. My copy of HTMLMinify.smarty.php shows line 166 is a PHP comment. Please verify that this file has not been modified, is 9,935 bytes, and the file's timestamp shows it was last modified 22 November 2019.
  14. Maybe it is the case that the file /language/definitions.xml did not get upgraded. Maybe it did but CubeCart is getting phrases from somewhere else. The heading on that table is Log Retention (Leave empty to disable retention) And the two missing legends are: Admin Activity Log Email Log Log Retention is a new feature in the CC6.2 series. The phrases are in the <group name="settings"> section of the /language/definitions.xml file. Editing the Invoice document (the Print icon when viewing an order summary) is via a new tab in admin Documents. The new tab should be labeled "Invoice Editor", but clicking the tab can't happen because the of the way a web browser identifies the tab's target of a block of HTML to display -- by name.
  15. In the new skin folder, in addition to renaming the folder's name, you will need to edit the skin's config.xml file, replacing any occurrence of foundation with the new name (except <original name>). In admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, find the Enable Caching setting. Next to those words is the method of caching. It will say '(File)', or something. Is it File? The thing about working in the admin, CubeCart never uses the cache when doing work in there. Are you running CC620 or higher? By not even using the cache when working in the admin, adding and removing skin folders should show instantly on the next page load of Store Settings, Layout tab.
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