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  1. CubeCart will wait for the payment processor (Square or whatever) to notify CubeCart that a transaction took place. This notification is called an "Instant Payment Notification" (IPN). When CubeCart gets the IPN, information in that notification is combined with information about the sale from CubeCart's point of view, and then a query is made back to the payment processor. If all the information checks out, and the response to that query is a 'SUCCESS', then CubeCart moves the order from a Pending state to a Processing State. It is at the Processing state that any digital items will have web addresses created (download links) and placed in the customer's account settings pages, as well as an email sent with those links listed. If there were no tangible items needing shipment, that is a 'digital-only' order, then CubeCart moves the order to a Completed state. (Processing to Completed has semantic meaning only to the store manager.) If items need to be shipped, then after making the shipping event, the store manager will enter shipping details (tracking numbers for example) and manually move the order to a Completed state which fires off another email advising the customer that the order has just shipped. So, if the payment processor tells CubeCart that the transaction is a success, then the download links are automatically created and provided within seconds.
  2. Do these unwanted sign-ups happen to have the last letter of the first and last names capitalized? I was getting several a day until tested for this pattern - exiting PHP right then and there.
  3. "All of a sudden, things are going wrong." When that happens, we can place the blame 99% of the time on something your hosting provider did. Fetching the 'config' out of the database is very nearly the first thing CubeCart does. So, when CubeCart reports this (unhelpful) error, it means that communication to your database has been lost. PHP and the database server can apparently talk to each other, log in the database user with password successfully, but after that, the database server isn't accepting any queries. So, you may need to get the assistance of your hosting provider to have them determine, from the database server's point of view, what the problem may be.
  4. This bug report has morphed to another. (See: https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=74185) It seems to be a problem with web servers (maybe just Apache) running on Windows servers. This bug report explains that PHP 7.2 is when PHP7 on Windows got this fixed.
  5. The error message 'Undefined variable _GET' is incredibly weird. This is a standard automatic variable. (See: https://www.php.net/manual/en/reserved.variables.get.php) So, how CubeCart (or, more in particular, PHP) is "forgetting" this variable, suggests something really weird is going on. There has been a bug report posted against PHP 7.0.13 (https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=73554), and I do not know if PHP 7.1+ has fixed it.
  6. I'm curious: do the clerks at a retail store ask the customer what the product's intended use is? Do you need to report how much tax was collected under each use case? Would the customer need to be acutely aware of what they are doing? CubeCart allows the creation of any number of tax "classes" - standard, reduced, exempt, and whatever others the store needs. CubeCart also allows for the creation of customer "groups" - tax exempt and whatever others the store needs. A specific tax rate can be associated with a specific customer group. A customer - being fully aware of this tax scenario - would have two log-ins: recreational/retail and business/wholesale (for example). Products purchased under each specific log-in would be taxed at the appropriate rate, the uses of the purchase being well-described. Another approach - the store could have two identical products (distinct product codes), but being sold at different tax rates.
  7. Is the page a plain 404 message from the browser? Or is the page showing what looks like a standard CubeCart page but has 404 as the main content? When looking at the main storefront homepage, there should be a collection of Site Documents. In this collection, there should be one that says "Contact Us". Hover the mouse cursor over that link and view what the browser says is the URL. If there isn't a link for "Contact Us", then in admin, File Manager section of the left navigation pane, click Contact Form, determine if the Status box is checked.
  8. You may have upgraded from a version of CC where the admin.js file changed. Please try forcing your browser to reload page resources - usually by CTRL-F5.
  9. To be clear, the images in the /images/cache/ folder are not cleared when executing a general "Clear Cache" operation. So, while your experiences are valid, they are not caused by a general "Clear Cache". There is a separate function to clear the image cache (admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, 'Clear image cache'.)
  10. For our information, please give us the exact version of CubeCart you are using. (In admin, Dashboard, Store Overview tab.)
  11. CubeCart 5/6 uses a complete friendly URL. So, try www.site.com/contact-us.html. In the admin Contact Form, additional instruction/information can be added. There is no mandatory page content.
  12. In admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, check the box for Rebuild Sitemap. (Google will be contacted to say a new sitemap is available.)
  13. Here is how to create the error_log: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/
  14. We would ask that you create the error_log. It may contain the reason why your site is not responding properly. A 504 error is that, in some scenarios, there are two servers: a front decision maker, and back page responder. The decision maker desides if the request is for a PHP produced page, or for some static page resource (images, CSS, javascript). It's a stream-lined server (nginx?) meant to answer a lot of requests without thinking too much about it. The back server is sometimes a more powerful program (apache?) that can handle complex directives and rewrite rules. So, it could be that the front server is timing out waiting for the back server to deliver its task. It could be that PHP is crashing. If so, the error log should list the reason why.
  15. Restored the CubeCart_filemanager table by merging two backup files? Which two? Having duplicate primary values seems to suggest that two backups of that one table was used, when only the latest should have been used.
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