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  1. Shipping quotes before cart commitment

    We all agree that better layout and phrasing is needed here. Maybe one day we will get it. CubeCart does give an estimate on shipping charges, but the customer will not know how this initial estimate is derived. The store owner will know when so clued-in as follows: CubeCart uses the store's own address as the destination address until the customer has provided, in some manner, a given destination address. Thus, the initial shipping charges are Estimated and, as observed, ridiculously low. CubeCart has hidden this problem when the store settings are to "Disable initial shipping & tax estimates". However, this hides the following feature. On the shipping line when viewing the basket, you see Estimated. By clicking on this word, a drop-down slides into view where the customer can enter a delivery location. CubeCart now has most of a given address and will get accurate shipping charges. This is your "Quote Postage". When the "Deliver to Billing" is checked, the Delivery Address collection of fields (should) disappear. We all agree that better layout and phrasing is needed here. Maybe one day. the included Foundation skin will have it.
  2. top bar

    There is a background color for the top bar, and also a background color for the links. They are currently coded to have the same color. You will want to code for: .top-bar { background: #333333; } .top-bar-section .left { background-color: #333; } .top-bar-section ul li { background: #333333; } .top-bar-section li:not(.has-form) a:not(.button) { background: #333333; } Put these rules in cubecart.default.css, adjusting for the desired color. Then, you will need to force your browser to reload the page's resources. This is usually done vis CTRL-F5.
  3. Shipping module parcel dimensions

    An enhancement is necessary. Although there are mods that: * allows each product to have its shipping dimensions databased * a mod that (supposedly) allows for a number of products to fill a box, then to start another box if necessary.
  4. Shipping quotes before cart commitment

    I think that's already part of CubeCart. I will need to double-check. In admin, Store Settings, Features tab, Misc section, "Disable initial shipping and tax estimates" is unchecked (although I have not verified this affects anything related to checking for actual shipping costs based on an entered zip code).
  5. Two prices per Product

    There is no trick -- but one needs to realize the limitations of what gets exported. However, if there is in fact more than one item in the inventory, then we are concerned that your exported CSV contains only one item. The CSV should have all items. With respect to getting a custom dataset into the CSV, we can help with building a module to do that.
  6. Outgoing SMTP Host

    Welcome kwickcut! Glad to see you made it to the forums. CubeCart uses the PHPMailer library ( for all email transportation. PHPMailer is told to use SMTP, or to use PHP's mail() functions that relate to the connection to whatever service is defined in the PHP.INI file, which generally is a server on localhost. So, when you say 'phpmail', do you mean PHP's mail() family of functions, or the PHPMailer library? If in admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, Sending Method is PHP 's mail() functions, then you do not enter anything relating to SMTP details, as the connection details to postfix (or whatever) should already be in the PHP.INI file.
  7. Two prices per Product

    Export CSV? Is this task a database table translation to a CSV file? If so, the prices for each pricing group (by id) is in CubeCart_pricing_group and CubeCart_pricing_quantity. If not, are you wanting to perform the function found in admin, Export Catalogue?
  8. Two prices per Product

    Ran into a snag. A "ghost" customer does not have a certain property, and the code that offers the group pricing is wanting to see that property. So, I am solving a work-around and testing to see if it breaks anything else. I am close.
  9. Customer Groups on Registration Page

    I have done exactly this and that for exactly the same reasons. The Registration page presents the collection of "Customer Class" (aka 'group') which the registrant self-selects. All newly registered customers are set in a 'disabled' state. The admin then 'enables' those customers after review as appropriate. Send me a PM with your email address and I will forward the necessary edits.
  10. Lost CC6 login details

    Have we determined if CubeCart can still email? If emailing still works, then in the database, change the admin's email address to something you can access. Call up CubeCart's admin login page. Use the "Forgot Password" feature.
  11. Two prices per Product

    As I see this, the manual steps of checking the customer's membership ID (for each and every order?) will now be all automatic with the customer belonging to a group in concert with the product's price schedule for that group. What I also see is that the customer will need to create a store account (that is, to "register" as opposed to purchasing as a "ghost customer"). I think I see that this is what you are trying to avoid? Using a coupon code will not set the customer's group membership (need to register for that to work anyway), but it will change the price - a percentage off (not specifically what you want) or a fixed amount off (i.e., $20 off). The coupon can be applied to specific products, or to the subtotal excepting specific products. This probably isn't exactly what you are wanting either. You are wanting an arbitrary price schedule(s), per product, switchable based on the presence of a data item during checkout that does not require customers be registered. Group pricing on the inventory solves half the problem. Let me see how easy it will be to conflate ghost customers with group pricing. Be back soon.
  12. Two prices per Product

    Just getting your existing system clear in my mind: The presence of an ID code at checkout engages a different price schedule? Or do you manually make the price adjustment interstitially in the purchasing process? Is the numerical ID code recorded in the customer database record? That is to say, you can verify the ID code belongs to a specific customer? Is your concern the amount of work involved in translating your existing system to a CubeCart method of satisfying this requirement?
  13. Two prices per Product

    Regarding a 'Member ID', how does a customer acquire such a thing?
  14. Lost CC6 login details

    Yes, and nothing has changed regarding the discussion above.
  15. Two prices per Product

    This feature is called "Group Pricing". Steps: 1. Admin, Customer List, Customer Groups tab, Create Customer Group. Repeat as necessary. 2. Admin, Products, edit any product, Pricing tab. 3. At the top, select the group from the drop-down. Make sure that group's name is showing below the drop-down selector. Fill in pricing. Click Save and Reload. Repeat as necessary. 4. Admin, Customer List, edit any customer, Customer Groups tab, from the Add Group Membership drop-down, select applicable group. Click plus in green circle. Select other groups as desired. Save. CubeCart will search and offer the cheapest price allowed for that customer - including sale prices. For example, an item sells wholesale at $100, retail at $140, but is on sale for $89 retail. The wholesale group still gets the sale price - or an even better sale price in the wholesale pricing group. The customer must log in so that CubeCart can find each group membership that customer is a member of. It will be the responsibility of the store admin to assign any given customer to any relevant customer group.