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  1. This is probably the standard error page your hosting provider gives when the web server is told by PHP that a PHP script has crashed. When moving to a new environment, several components may be missing. Specifically, in this case, the likely culprit is that the hosting environment requires the Zip Library be enabled for PHP. Please contact your hosting provider to have them enable it, or to get instructions on how you can enable it via the hosting control panel, PHP components.
  2. I am not sure as I have not fully explored the "Affiliates" modules. I don't know if these modules make you the affiliate to an umbrella third-party or if they make a product's producer the affiliate under you as the umbrella. I'm leaning towards the former. If just making an indication to the customer is all that you need, a solution would be easy enough. But if you wanted segregated order fulfillment, there may be a module for that. And if you need automated bookkeeping, I am not aware of a solution for that.
  3. Unless something has changed between CC615 and the latest version, CubeCart allows only one coupon to be used (not restricting Gift Cert codes).
  4. " where is the content of that newsletter " It is in the database table CubeCart_newsletter. The list of status 'enabled' newsletters will be listed on the customer's Account, Newsletters page. Each item in that list is a link back to CubeCart with ?_a=newsletter&newsletter_id=xx I do not yet know if the SEO class gets involved by creating a friendly URL. When coming to CubeCart with this link, the function at CubeCart->_newsletter() is invoked. Here, the specific contents of that newsletter is given to the skin template content.newsletter.php and is displayed like any other CubeCart content page (a content page such as a document or category). As of (I think) when CC included the latest version of CKEditor, it now does not display email/newsletter (outer) templates correctly (as opposed to email content templates) and will save them corrupted. I think I found out why, and I thought I created an issue in the Github, but I can't find it right now.
  5. Just a very few versions ago, CubeCart no longer allows one to enter admin using the URL: The index.php at the end is understood to be the default document that the web server will send when told to look in the /admin/ folder. Currently, the only way to enter admin is: where xxYYzz are random characters, if present. You will need to look at the site's folders to learn what the actual name is. This was done for security considerations - to make it very much harder for unauthorized individuals from attempting brute-force access.
  6. There is no list. CubeCart assumes a visitor is a 'bot' if the session start time is the same as the session latest time.
  7. If you have access to your raw web access logs, you may be able to determine this. In CubeCart's admin, Statistics, Users Online, what do you get when you click the link that is the IP address?
  8. In admin, Store Settings, Logos tab, you will find a drop-down listing all your installed skins. You will need to upload a logo that fits the skin real estate given to this image. Then assign that image to the skin. (You may have more than one "Invoices" line item. I do not know if that is just me, or a programming problem.)
  9. In admin, Documents, in the list of documents, the "HomePage" document is the one that is indicated with a checked radio button in the Homepage column. Bring that one up for editing, and switch the editor to Source mode. In the HTML, you should see the unordered listing code (<ul>).
  10. Welcome Emmett! We would ask that you browse these conversations:
  11. Ok, so if that works, then we know that edits are being successfully applied. In the same file: Near line 1152, find: if (($where === false || strlen($where) > 0) && ($results = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_inventory', false, $where, $_GET['sort'], $per_page, $page)) !== false) { Change to: if (($where === false || strlen($where) > 0) && ($results = $GLOBALS['db']->select('CubeCart_inventory', false, $where, ((key($_GET['sort']) == "product_code") ? "LENGTH(`product_code`) ".$_GET['sort']['product_code'].", `product_code` ".$_GET['sort']['product_code'] : $_GET['sort']), $per_page, $page)) !== false) { This change looks for a sort on product_code and changes what gets sent to the database function. (Unfortunately, I do not a means to test this right now, so be prepared to restore the file from a backup.)
  12. Allow us to clarify what CubeCart means by Pending, Processing, and Completed. Pending is an order that has not yet been paid for. The admin must realize that, even if notified of the order (optional for Pending) or sees the order on the Dashboard, and even if stock levels have been reduced (optional for Pending), the order must not be shipped. The payment processor did not set the order to Pending (assumed to be PayPal's IPN) - CubeCart did that when having saved the order in the database's CubeCart_order_summary table. When the payment processor informs CubeCart that the transaction was successful (such as via PayPal's IPN), then CubeCart changes the order's status to Processing. The admin now must package the order for shipping. The admin may be notified (if not already done so in Pending), and stock levels will be reduced (if not already done so in Pending). Once the order is shipped, the admin must manually change the status of the order to Completed. For an admin to ship an order when the order is at Pending is an error in understanding what Pending means.
  13. Let's make this first change: making CubeCart have the initial sort be by product_code, even if the sort is not 'natural'. We can work on that later. In the file Find near lines 1108-1112 (for CC617): // Sorting $current_page = currentPage(array('sort')); if (!isset($_GET['sort']) || !is_array($_GET['sort'])) { $_GET['sort'] = array('updated' => 'DESC'); } Change to: // Sorting $current_page = currentPage(array('sort')); if (!isset($_GET['sort']) || !is_array($_GET['sort'])) { $_GET['sort'] = array('product_code' => 'ASC'); }
  14. For the next few weeks, my explanations will be rather terse and/or sparse and/or quite infrequent. Let me try to scrape up a few quiet hours to explore the code and develop better instruction.
  15. There are a few older versions of CubeCart that have a vulnerability. (I would hope that these versions are not available for download from CubeCart's download center, or if they are, the vulnerability has been patched in those packages.)