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  1. bsmither

    Can't get Incremental Order Numbers to work

    Is your test site using the production database that the production site uses? You are saying there are non-standard-format order numbers in the 'custom_oid' column of CubeCart_order_summary? So, would you also say there are standard-format order numbers in the 'cart_order_id' column?
  2. bsmither

    Product Info Tab

    In the template main.php: Find: <div class="row {$SECTION_NAME}_wrapper"> Note that the $SECTION_NAME value is "home" when showing the HomePage. We can use this. In box.featured.php: Where there was: {if $featured} Use: {if $SECTION_NAME eq "home"} Be sure to put back the {/if} at the end.
  3. bsmither

    Product Info Tab

    There's the manual way and there is the plugin way. I suggest the plugin way. Please see the Extensions Store. The manual way is to change the contents of the skin template box.featured.php. Remove the leading {if $featured} and last {/if}, keep the <div> and </div>, and replace all else with what you want to say.
  4. "custom_oid" has a regular KEY and that's good. At some time, a second occurance of adding a KEY index happened, creating "custom_oid_2". Maybe running the setup script a second time? Anyway, you may delete the "custom_oid_2" index. Lines 806-808 are correct for CC621. The question then becomes, from where did CubeCart get information that the column "custom_oid" is expected to have a UNIQUE KEY.
  5. bsmither

    Product Info Tab

    In admin, Languages, click the edit icon for the language your store is using. On the next page, from the drop-down selector, choose Catalogue. A few seconds later, a list will appear. Scroll to the phrase key 'product_info'. Click once just immediately to the left of the text entry box and the box will become editable. Change the phrase to what is desired and Save.
  6. Provided that the digital file is publically accessible, in admin, Add/Edit Product, Digital tab, Custom File Path section, you may enter either a direct path to a folder on CubeCart's server, or a Full Web Address that points to anywhere on the Internet. If your AWS repository requires a login, that may pose an obstacle unless you know how to overcome it.
  7. According to CC621 /setup/db/upgrade/6.2.1.sql, there is: ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_order_summary` ADD KEY (`custom_oid`); Then, in CC621 (as compared to CC620), in admin /sources/maintenance.index.inc.php, line 808: 'custom_oid' => 'KEY' (was: 'custom_oid' => 'UNIQUE KEY') So, please verify that your admin file /sources/maintenance.index.inc.php, line 808 is correct.
  8. I don't use phpMyAdmin that often, but it should not be difficult to find where to add such an index. On the other hand, if one doesn't use any custom order id indicators, just ignore this.
  9. It is worthwhile to have an INDEX against that column. Just not UNIQUE.
  10. According to the history of this code in the Github, the change to the schema had to be backed out because empty values (or null) would be in multiple rows - and that is not allowed for a UNIQUE column. I suppose what should have happened is that the expected schema description should have been updated to not show any discrepancy.
  11. bsmither

    Fuzzy Time?

    I supposed you wanted to show this on the Latest Products area, or a category or search results listing (where $product - lowercase - is used).
  12. Good to see these results. I cannot speak to mod_security (start up a conversation with a pro web-hosting provider for that), but I should add this to my litany of questions to ask when someone makes a forum post: "It don't work!" "Has your host installed some sort of security package on your site?" As for "no telling what legitimate text is going to base64 encode into banned words," there are only two (as far as I can tell) instances where base64 encoded values are used: in SQL queries reading from and writing to the database (CubeCart_config and (for some versions of CubeCart) CubeCart_code_snippet tables), and when POSTing Code Snippet code (for some versions of CubeCart - admin, Manage Hooks, Code Snippets tab). (As I see it) So, for CC6114, the Code Snippet code text edit area in the admin skin template, no longer converts the textarea contents to base64 so that it survives the POSTing. I am concluding, therefore, that "attempts to hide badness in base64 encoded strings" is not exactly what is happening here.
  13. Please confirm if there is, or is not, a UNIQUE index (key) on the "name" column. If there is, then remove it. (I say there cannot be this UNIQUE index, because there being two rows with the same value has already violated that schema restriction.)
  14. Here is the ErrorDocument part of .htaccess for CubeCart 6.1+: ### Default store 404 page ### ErrorDocument 404 /index.php ## Override default 404 error document for missing page resources ## <FilesMatch "\.(gif|jpe?g|png|ico|css|js|svg)$"> ErrorDocument 404 "<html></html> </FilesMatch> The first 404 is for when the rewriter fails and there is no document by the name requested. It sends /index.php. The second 404 is so that nothing is sent back - other than the status code - for missing images, javascript, css files, etc). If you want to hack the general config settings, then you need to have phpMyAdmin show the Base64 Decoded value. I don't use phpMyAdmin all that much, but I understand there to be a drop-down selector decoder/encoder for cells containing this type of data. You will want to explore the value in the "array" column of the CubeCart_config table, where "config" is the value in the "name" column. The "name" column is UNIQUE, but not PRIMARY as you found out. If you have two rows for "config", "Free_Shipping", and "Print_Order_Form", then that column cannot be UNIQUE (or PRIMARY). I would think that this database has some discrepancies with respect to what a CC6114 schema should be. Removing one of the duplicated rows may be easy or not so easy. What you can do is add another column to the CubeCart_config table named "config_id", make it PRIMARY AUTOINCREMENT, and Save. Remove one of each pair of duplicated rows. Then make "name" UNIQUE.