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  1. Depends on the customizations. If any custom phrases were actually changed phrases using CubeCart's Language Phrase Editor, those changes are databased. If any changes were made to the email content templates using CubeCart's Email Template Editor, those changes are databased. Databased changes will persist across upgrades. Hard edits to code and skin template files, however....
  2. It's really weird, but was necessary. See: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1732 There is this in Foundation's /js/2.cubecart.js: Near line 425: /* We must only show grid view with 1 grid column for medium */ if(Foundation.utils.is_small_only()) { grid_view(0); $('#content_checkout_medium_up').remove(); $("[checked]").prop("checked",true); } if(Foundation.utils.is_medium_up()) { $('#content_checkout_small').remove(); $("[checked]").prop("checked",true); } When this bit of javascript is executed, whatever orientation is seen first (technically, the range of a screen width), the code for the other orientation is deleted - the browser is told to "discard" it. Thus, switching the orientation (at checkout) (that is, screen width to a different range) results in content not displaying because it was previously removed by the browser. What can we do about it? We can post a new issue in the GitHub reminding the programmer's of this comment in #1732: "In reality maybe it could be written better altogether with one block of HTML for all."
  3. In admin, Manage Hooks, Code Snippets tab, click the Add Snippet link. Below the list of existing snippets is a form. For the $cat_1_id and $cat_2_id variables, you will need to discern the value of the cat_id for the Bows and Violins categories. Enabled: checked Unique ID: [email protected]+ Execution Order: 1 Description: Finds a limited, random selection of products from each category specified for Latest Products. Trigger: class.cubecart.latest_products Version: 1.0 Author: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/57250-latest-product-list/ PHP Code: <?php $cat_1_id = 1; $cat_1_count = 3; $cat_2_id = 2; $cat_2_count = 3; // Get all eligible products in cat_1 $products_from_cat_1 = $GLOBALS['catalogue']->getCategoryProducts($cat_1_id,false); // Returns list of products keyed by product_id. // Select random elements $random_product_keys_from_cat_1 = array_rand($products_from_cat_1, $cat_1_count); // Get all eligible products in cat_2 $products_from_cat_2 = $GLOBALS['catalogue']->getCategoryProducts($cat_2_id,false); // Returns list of products keyed by product_id. // Select random elements $random_product_keys_from_cat_2 = array_rand($products_from_cat_2, $cat_2_count); // Combine $latestProducts = array_intersect_key($products_from_cat_1, array_flip($random_product_keys_from_cat_1)) + array_intersect_key($products_from_cat_2, array_flip($random_product_keys_from_cat_2)); Save this. Test.
  4. I am so sorry -- my bad. Wrong filename. Instead, let's try this: create a new file named .user.ini (note the first character is a period) -- not .user.php. Its contents will be: max_input_vars = 25000
  5. Are your products distinctly grouped by categories? That is, for example, all the bows are in a category named "Bows" and all the violins are in another category named "Violins"? I will assume so.
  6. In CubeCart's administration, the left side panel has a stack of links that will take you to various administrative screens to perform administrative tasks. At the bottom of CubeCart's admin navigation panel is PHP Info. Click on this link. You will now see a series of tables that reveal many settings that PHP is operating under.
  7. The second Warning will need to be investigated as to why the order was not "patched" (whatever that means). The first Warning is a programming error that uses a variable that is not available in the section of code it is being used in, and is only revealed when an order does not get "patched". I will post an issue in the Github.
  8. To see if the instruction in .user.php was implemented, in admin, PHP Info (link found at the bottom of the Nav panel), scroll to the Core table and note the value for 'max_input_vars'.
  9. Then either your Apache web server is not controlling PHP, or your site is using a web server that is something other than Apache. Therefore, remove that statement from .htaccess. Instead, let's try this: create a new file named .user.php (note the first character is a period) in the same main folder as CubeCart's index.php file, and its contents will be: max_input_vars = 25000
  10. The Latest Products are chosen based on the database column "date_added" in the "CubeCart_inventory" table. The product must also be in stock (if set as such in the store settings), and Status enabled, and be assigned to a category that is also Status enabled. We can create a Code Snippet that chooses a subset number of products based on whatever you want. What would you like to use to select these products, including a random selection?
  11. You will not be able to fix this from CubeCart. Using a third-party database manager, or phpMyAdmin from your hosting account's control panel, have the utility scan and repair as necessary this database.
  12. The PHP setting 'max_input_vars' can be easily set by the user in either of two places: the .htaccess file, or a special .user.php file. I do not know if any web server other than Apache will honor a PHP directive in the .htaccess file, but to do this: Using a programmer's text editor, add the following statement at the end of the file: php_value max_input_vars 25000 If your hosting provider offers you a control panel to manage your site, there will be a File Manager, and within that tool will be a means to edit files. To see if the directive was honored by the web server and thus instructed PHP to use this value, in admin, PHP Info (bottom of the Nav panel), scroll to the Core table and note the value for 'max_input_vars'.
  13. I think that happens when the security token, included as one of all the form's submitted elements, does not get seen by CubeCart. This can happen if there are many, many, many data items being saved. It is known that when the AIOS module adds another shipping zone, and adds more shipping rules per zone, the number of form elements that gets POSTed increases exponentially. Thus, eventually the number of form element data items in POST hits a 1000 count limit (imposed by PHP). Please see the following issues in the Github: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1550 https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1500 https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2391 https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/365
  14. The details on the version changes for this module suggest that the location of the text phrase in the section of checkout listing Gateway choices can be changed. (As well as a means to identify the location of where some other pieces of this module get located.) This data is somehow sent to PayPalObjects which, in turn, use it to generate a customized <iframe> having been constructed by PayPalObjects with all the necessary components, phrases, buttons, style sheets, and javascript snippets. Which is to say, mostly out of your direct control - nothing in CubeCart's templates to play with.
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