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  1. In admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, Miscellaneous section, there is a checkbox to have CubeCart rebuild the Site Map. Once the Site Map has been rebuilt, Cubecart will 'ping' Google with the location of the site map so that it can be easily absorbed into Google's databases. I have no knowledge of how long it would take for Google to make these pages from the Site Map appear in their search results.
  2. I've looked at your site, and can agree that a search targeting a category would be useful to you. Specifically, searching 'Electropop' returns nothing. Only because 'Electropop' is a sub-category of 'Music/Genres', where the sub-categories of 'Genres' is a list so long (tall) that a goodly number of genres disappear off the bottom of the browser window. So, because of this (but not so much 'antiques'), searching for a category is a practical necessity - in your case. Alternatively, the 'Genres' category can be modified to not have any sub-categories, and compose a 'mini-directory' contained within the 'Genres' description. Alternatively, a different skin might have a suitable navigation layout that would accommodate a large number of sub-categories.
  3. CubeCart's 'search' function does not search category names or category descriptions. That said, we would like to know how many categories are listed on the top navigation bar. That is, is "antiques" not readily apparent as a category to peruse?
  4. Using a programmer's text editor, open the file /language/de-DE.xml. Looking at lines 17-21, find what looks like: <version>1.0.0</version> The latest version is 2.0.0 - but the problem is still present. For version 1, scroll to near line 488. For version 2, scroll to near line 578. Then find: <group name="checkout"> Eight lines after that, find: <string name="make_payment" introduced="5.0.0"><![CDATA[Für Bestellnummer <strong>%s</strong> wird eine Summe von <strong>%s</strong> fällig]]></string> Please compose for yourself a new phrase that is a translation of this English phrase: (Note: change only the contents inside the CDATA[ and ]] delimiters.) <string name="make_payment" introduced="5.0.0"><![CDATA[A total of <strong>%s</strong> is due for order number <strong>%s</strong>]]></string> Note the order of the sentence subjects. Whatever the new phrase, the subjects in the sentence must match the English phrase - amount then order number. You will see that the current Deutsch phrase has the order of the subjects in the sentence backwards - order number then amount. Save the edited file, and have CubeCart clear its internal cache (in admin, button at the top-right corner). An issue will be posted in the Github.
  5. Welcome Claude E! Glad to see you made it to the forums. The "category" named Sale Items is not a proper category. It is a state of the pricing of the products - an alternate price that is lower, but not zero, compared to the regular price. CubeCart has two "sale" modes: a globally-applied fixed percent amount deducted from the assigned price across all items of inventory, and a per-product variable sale price assigned to each individual item of inventory. Even when the per-product mode is selected, there could be, in fact, no items that have a sale price applied. CubeCart will display the Sale Items on the category navigation bar when there are inventory items that can be purchased at the sale price: either globally calculated or per-product assigned. Otherwise, Sale Items will not be seen on the category navigation bar. There is also another not-proper category: the Gift Certificates - when this feature is enabled. CubeCart has a "caching" system. CubeCart pre-builds the category navigation bar (it is computationally complicated) and caches the completed HTML code. Thus, having made changes in admin that would/could affect what appears on the category navigation bar, those changes will not be seen on the storefront until the cache is cleared.
  6. I see nothing wrong with the code you posted above, as long as you also have: if (isset($_POST['status']) && is_array($_POST['status']) && Admin::getInstance()->permissions('products', CC_PERM_EDIT)) { ''' all the code you posted above ... } // finishes - foreach ($_POST['product'] ... } // finishes - if (isset($_POST['product']) ... httpredir(currentPage()); } // finishes - if (isset($_POST['status']) ... As you hinted, because you are also updating a number of other data items from the list, with some name changes to the <input> elements, the 'latest' data item can be grouped into the $_POST['product'] array.
  7. Hmmm... Where did you put this line? <td align="center"><input type="hidden" name="latest[{$product.product_id}]" id="latest_{$product.product_id}" value="{$product.latest}" class="toggle"></td> And double check where you put the last edit.
  8. In the file ini.inc.php, near line 55, there will be something like: define('CC_VERSION', '6.4.4'); // Version Number
  9. Please give us a search term to use to see what happens when searching that term fails to find those products in the suspect category.
  10. Try this: The skin's template content.category.php, find: <div class="product_pricing text-right clearfix"> {if $product.ctrl_sale} <span class="old_price">{$product.price}</span> <span class="sale_price">{$product.sale_price}</span> {else} <div><span>{$product.price}</span></div> {/if} Add immediately after: {if $product.available lte 0} <span>{$LANG.common.unavailable}</span> {elseif $product.ctrl_stock && !$CATALOGUE_MODE} <form action="{$VAL_SELF}" method="post"> <span><input type="text" name="quantity" value="{$product.minimum_quantity|default:'1'}" maxlength="3" class="btn btn-success quantity text-center" style="width:3em;height:1.1em;"> <button type="submit" value="{$LANG.catalogue.add_to_basket}" class="btn btn-success" style="height:1.1em;line-height:0">{$LANG.catalogue.add_to_basket}</button></span> <input type="hidden" name="add" value="{$product.product_id}"> </form> {elseif !$CATALOGUE_MODE} <span>{$LANG.catalogue.out_of_stock_short}</span> {/if}
  11. These are deprecation messages - these will not stop PHP from functioning. You mentioned running PHP 8. CubeCart is not yet ready to be run under PHP 8. Please mention the exact version of CubeCart you are using.
  12. Sorry, no. Find: <div class="total"><strong>{$LANG.basket.total_grand} {$order.total}</strong></div> Add after: <div class="total"><strong>Includes GST of {"%01.2f"|sprintf:$order.total/11}</strong></div>
  13. As an experiment, I requested from your site the page: http://magazin.art86.org/images/general/cvv.gif and http://magazin.art86.org/js/common.html That was received. So, probably nothing wrong with the web server. I also requested: http://magazin.art86.org/docs/examples/code_snippet_import.php This was received. So, probably nothing wrong with executing PHP scripts. There is some work being done before Debug runs it's __construct() method. Perhaps the problem happens very early when starting CubeCart. Please follow these instructions and maybe the error will get logged to an error file: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/ In the file ini.inc.php, near line 21, there is also a statement that allows or inhibits the display of errors to the screen. Suggest changing this to true.
  14. In the $thead_sort array of the admin script, please try: 'product_latest' => $GLOBALS['db']->column_sort('latest', 'LP', 'sort', $current_page, $_GET['sort']), Then, in the <thead> block of the admin skin template, use: <th nowrap="nowrap">{$THEAD.product_latest}</th> In the corresponding slot in the group of <td> cells, use: <td align="center"><input type="hidden" name="latest[{$product.product_id}]" id="latest_{$product.product_id}" value="{$product.latest}" class="toggle"></td> Then, finally, back in the script, to process the checkboxes for being in the Latest Products group: Find: if (isset($_POST['status']) && is_array($_POST['status']) && Admin::getInstance()->permissions('products', CC_PERM_EDIT)) { // Update Status foreach ($_POST['status'] as $product_id => $status) { $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_inventory', array('status' => $status), array('product_id' => $product_id)); } Add after: if (isset($_POST['latest']) && is_array($_POST['latest']) && Admin::getInstance()->permissions('products', CC_PERM_EDIT)) { // Update Latest Product state foreach ($_POST['latest'] as $product_id => $state) { $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_inventory', array('latest' => $state), array('product_id' => $product_id)); } }
  15. So, the database table CubeCart_order_summary, for the order of interest, shows a non-zero value in 'shipping'. Then, I must question whether a "Free Shipping" coupon was applied to the order.
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