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  1. Storefront? Admin backend? Both? Just checked. It's working for me. CubeCart adds a header for SAMEORIGIN (see index.php and admin_hAsHeD.php), so it's not really necessary for the web server to do it - even though CubeCart will write a .htaccess file if one wasn't found (see SEO class, private static function _checkModRewrite()). I do NOT see this header when looking at the site.
  2. Yes and No. Missing CSS rules won't be missed - until they are: future plugins that add to the skin??
  3. The javascript this module provides should be seen wherever the skin template variable {$LIVE_HELP} appears. In Foundation, the main.php and main.checkout.php templates, this variable is near the end of the files. The module first makes a test whether the customer's storefront session is not blocking third-party cookies. In CubeCart's GUI class, the function __construct() passes the javascript code provided by the module to the Smarty template variable for all pages. Is there a web address we can visit to see if the javascript is present? Also, when you entered the Site ID into the module's settings page, did you mouse-swipe the code for copy-paste? If so, you may have inadvertently swiped invisible characters (tab, carriage return, etc). We recommend manually typing in the code. Check the box to enable the module and save. Clear CubeCart's cache.
  4. Please make this edit: In the module's file /skin/admin/index.tpl, near line 57, find: {$MODULE_ZONES} <div class="form_control"> <input type="submit" name="save" value="{$LANG.common.save}" /> </div> </form> Change to: {$MODULE_ZONES} <div class="form_control"> <input type="submit" name="save" value="{$LANG.common.save}" /> </div> <input type="hidden" name="token" value="{$SESSION_TOKEN}" /> </form>
  5. I am thinking the javascript that powers these + and - bubbles is fine. I think some judicious CSS editing to make the controls bigger, and some simple HTML editing to place the controls where desired. Please give some guidance on what the store owner would like to see. In app.min.css, line 16, change display:block; to display:inline-block;. This puts the controls on the side of the quantity box. In the HTML, find <i class="fa fa-minus-circle"></i> and change to <i class="fa fa-2x fa-minus-circle"></i>. Do the same to the plus-circle. This doubles the size of the controls. In the HTML, move the <input> tags between the two <a> tags having the rel="quantity" property. This puts the minus to the left, and the plus to the right of the quantity box.
  6. bsmither

    Nochex setup

    The difference seems to be that the NoChex screen removed the actual listing of the item in the order. Regardless, I advise a consult with a NoChex customer rep.
  7. bsmither

    Nochex setup

    According to the module's code, the "Callback" setting determines how CubeCart verifies the transaction details. CubeCart sends to NoChex a web address for them to POST to CubeCart some details about the transaction. In the POST is a way for CubeCart to ask NoChex for specific details about the transaction. There are ways for CubeCart to ask for these details and the "Callback" setting chooses which. Your NoChex account must be setup to use the "Callback" method (otherwise, uses the APC method). I have no information about these methods. There may be some info provided by NoChex available to NoChex account holders. Because CubeCart provides NoChex with the URLs to use for the "Call back URL", "Cancel URL", and "Cancel URL", with respect to the account holder's settings page (image above), there should not be a need to enter anything in these fields. As a customer at NoChex's payment page, and not progressing to a next step, seems to be a problem with NoChex. Could there be a browser add-on that prohibits javascript from running on the nochex.com web address?
  8. Also, include the contents of the tables CubeCart_shipping_rates and CubeCart_shipping_zones.
  9. CubeCart will use the 'master' definitions.xml file if there isn't an overriding key phrase in any of the actual assigned language files. When assigning, there is the default language that is chosen in Store Settings. But that default can be overridden by choosing which language the logged-in admin wants to personally use, and also which language was being used when a customer registered. An admin can choose which language to personally use by editing their admin profile in the administration's Administrators page. When CubeCart is initially being setup, the language the admin acquires is chosen at step one where there is a drop-down selector that says "Update" (the default language).
  10. I would say if the microdata is very specific to the product, put it in the description. But if the microdata is actually metadata, then this goes in the HTML code of the templates. In the Foundation skin, I see tags of <meta itemprop="parameter" content={$PRODUCT.parameter}">, so what else is needed?
  11. The Kurouto skin is an original skin for CC5. It has not been updated for CC6. (Nor has any CC5 skin.) The Foundation skin does have code written in for either vertical or horizontal gallery images.
  12. Make these changes to common.css: Near line 466, change the property to: #gallery height: auto; Near line 476, comment out these properties: #gallery_select /* float: left; text-align: center; width: 60px; */ Near line 482, change the property to: #gallery_select > a display: inline-block; You may need to clear CubeCart's internal cache.
  13. In Kurouto's style sheet common.css, change to the following: Near line 104, change this property to: #quick_search span.search > input width: 196px; Near line 98, change this property to: #quick_search span.search padding: 0; Near line 90, comment out these properties: #quick_search /* float: right; position: relative; right: 0px; top: 90px; width: 320px; */ You will need to have CubeCart clear its internal cache.
  14. When editing a product's details, the Description tab has an editor. Switching the editor mode to Source will let you have access to the raw HTML. Find and edit the designated HTML tags by adding the microdata stuff. The skin's templates may include a separate file called element.product.call_to_action.php. Other skins may not have this separate template file, but the relevant code is in the content.product.php template file. The call_to_action includes choosing the product's options and specifying the quantity, and the Add to Basket button area of the page.
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