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  1. The {$NAVIGATION_TREE} is built from the element.navigation_tree.php template. This template is used in a recursive manner - that is, its pattern fits no matter how deep any one category and its children is found in the entire structure. However, for Foundation, the top category only drops down the immediate child layer. Other skins could go further. Styling is accomplished in the skin's CSS files.
  2. The way CubeCart is currently coded, the category display is built from a template. Thereafter, the cached rendered template is used. We could have CubeCart populate and render an additional template. Let's explore that later. For now, bring the code snippet back up for editing. Find: $raw_cat_list_result[$cat_record['cat_id']] = $cat_record; Add after: $raw_cat_list_result[$cat_record['cat_id']]['url'] = $GLOBALS['seo']->generatePath($cat_record['cat_id'],'cat',null,true,true); You now have $CAT.url as a template variable within the {foreach} block. (Note: I am believing there is a problem with saving an existing but edited snippet. It gets databased, but may not replace the actual snippet file in the /includes/extra/ folder. If you find that there is no url element in the $CAT iteration, try bringing the snippet up for editing and save it again.) (Found the issue. The admin MUST clear the cache after saving the code snippet.)
  3. You have another conversation discussing the SSL issue.
  4. You should also check the .htaccess file of the store in the /cubecart-store-test/ folder. Be sure that the RewriteBase directive has /cubecart-store-test/ for it's value. As for softaculous, there will be a hosting provider viewing the forums shortly who may have some info for you. The "whatever" is not allowed as a key is caused by the global.inc.php values for the database not being 100% correct. Maybe the tables have a prefix, but that prefix is not in the global.inc.php file.
  5. Is there anything in the public_html;; folder? What is the timestamp on that folder versus public_html? If so, you may need to get some advice from your hosting provider. Personally, I do not know if a folder having trailing semi-colons means anything. You will need to delete code. Go to /store/skins/BlueVibranceCC4/styleTemplates/global/index.tpl and find and delete: May not be exactly as follows-- <script src="{$STORE_URL}/peel/peel.js" type="text/javascript"></script> I can't find any other mention of 'peel' in the code.
  6. bsmither

    Sitemap issues

    Regarding "Stored session data did not match DB record.". This will likely show that the version of the web browser changed. * I understand that Chrome could get upfated without your knowledge or consent, sometimes several times a day. (Maybe that's an exaggeration.) * Some browsers have a "do not track/profile me" feature that will randomly change the User-Agent string to a random string of some other type of browser. CubeCart does not like this.
  7. bsmither

    Clone Site problems

    If you are sure that the CubeCart file /includes/global.inc.php has values for the correct database, then clear the cache. Although the admin does not use the cache - so if admin is showing the test contents of a freshly created database, the likely problem is the global.inc.php file. But you say the fresh database has been replaced by a copy of an existing database. Does the copy of the existing database have names of tables that have a prefix? pre_CubeCart_inventory.
  8. Upgraded to the latest version -- from what version? I cannot find a reason for your observation.
  9. bsmither

    Digital Certificate Renewal

    From FirstData or Authorize-- you will be using "hosted" if your customer goes there to pay, or "API" if the customer stays on your site.
  10. bsmither

    Clone Site problems

    Do the categories, products, and documents show in the respective lists in admin?
  11. bsmither

    registration button not working

    Please let us have a web address where we can test.
  12. At the end of box.category.php, add {debug} to the code. When you next request a page, the browser will put up a popup window. Make sure that $RAW_CAT_LIST is listed in the left pane.
  13. Oops. Made a mistake. From: $raw_cat_list_result[$cat_record[$cat_id]] = $cat_record; To: $raw_cat_list_result[$cat_record['cat_id']] = $cat_record; Click Clear Cache after saving this change.
  14. Since the hook is located within that if-block I mentioned, the snippet will only get executed in certain circumstances. Change the trigger for that snippet to class.gui.display_navigation and update the comments in the PHP code to show that it is using that trigger. Save. Test.
  15. bsmither

    Enabling SSL on Third Party CubeCart Template

    Note: CC4 has a setting in Store Settings, Directories and Folders section. The settings should be verified here. Since it is not likely that there is any probem with global.inc.php, you can stop looking for it. But to answer your question, when you examine the contents of your hosted site, you may have a folder named /public_html/. Within this folder, you have your /store/ folder. Then, within /store/ is /includes/. Within /includes/ is the global.inc.php file.