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  1. If a customer bought both the special and general product in one order, would you want to suppress the general email?
  2. Please create the error_log (https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/). You may find that the new version of PHP has not been configured to use a necessary dependency.
  3. bsmither

    Can Client enter amount to pay?

    I do not recall seeing an extension for doing that. A crude but workable process (for a limited number of scenarios) is to offer a $1 'related' product and have the customer purchase X number of those.
  4. bsmither

    Skins cubecart v 6.2.2

    As of CubeCart 6, the publishers chose to include in the package the one skin - Foundation, a responsive skin. Many other skins are available from the Extensions Marketplace.
  5. This setting is not in Store Settings. It is in each product's Add/Edit, General Information tab. In the admin template products.index.php, near line 174, find: <select name="dimension_unit" id="dimension_unit"> <option{if $PRODUCT.dimension_unit=='cm'} selected='selected'{/if} value="cm">Centimeters (cm)</option> <option{if $PRODUCT.dimension_unit=='in'} selected='selected'{/if} value="in">Inches (in)</option> </select> If the inventory record has not recorded the dimension unit ('cm' or 'in'), the first <option> will show as the default choice. To get a default of 'in', make sure it is the first option of the select list.
  6. bsmither

    lost admin password

    Make sure you have access to the administrator's (store's) email address account. Then, at the admin login page, click the "Forgotten your password" link. Then, enter the admin's username and the administrator's email address. Click Submit. Access the email account. There will (should) be a new password to use specified in the email (or maybe it is a coded web address).
  7. bsmither

    new website failing

    Getting the config from the database is the very first thing CubeCart fetches. So I would first make sure the user/pass to the hosting server's database is correct. In /includes/global.inc.php, verify that the 'dbhost', 'dbdatabase', 'dbusername', and 'dbpassword' are correct for the hosting database. Then, make sure that the case may be that the hosting database may or may not have a prefix as part of all the table names. Use an external database utility (such as phpMyAdmin which is a tool in your hosting account's control panel) to note the table names. Make sure 'dbprefix' matches exactly - or an empty string if no prefix is seen.
  8. A blank page? Maybe PHP does not like its environment. Please create the error_log: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/51550-how-to-create-the-error-log/
  9. Sure. This is CubeCart's storefront and how it looks just after installation. An initial category, an initial product, initial documents, initial logo, etc. In admin, one would start personalizing it and adding products. There will be a Tour shown after logging in for the first time. Hm. After completing installation, there should have been two links: the storefront and the admin. It is important that you make a personal note of the admin link. The only difference to this is if the installation was by some sort of hosting account package installer (as opposed to FTP an unzipped downloaded package to your site and run /setup/index.php). Visit your hosted site's control panel and use the File Manager tool. Take note of the name of the PHP script that starts with admin. Then in your browser, request that page: www.mysite.com/admin_xXyYzZ.php where _xXyYzZ could be anything or not present.
  10. Recent versions of CubeCart 6 use a URL of www.mysite.com/admin_xXyYzZ.php where xXyYzZ is a random hash. A simple /admin is incomplete an incorrect as there is no folder or file with that name - a 404 results. When you say you "just get a template", we would like a better description of what you see.
  11. bsmither

    Add static page to category menu

    I would like to understand why creating the code snippet didn't work for you. Maybe we can explore that later. In the list of snippets, delete that snippet from the list and restore from the edit made to the skin template. We will create this snippet instead: Enabled: checked Unique ID: [email protected]+ Execution Order: 1 Description: Adds a non-cat menu item to a parent cat Trigger: class.gui.display_navigation.make_tree Version: 1.0 Author: https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/54574-add-static-page-to-category-menu/ PHP Code: {php} if ($branch['cat_id'] == 4) { // You must use the cat_id of the parent cat $special = array( 'name'=>$GLOBALS['language']->navigation['giftcerts'], 'cat_level'=>$branch['cat_level']+1, 'url'=>$GLOBALS['seo']->buildURL('certificates',false,'&',false) ); $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('BRANCH', $special); $special_out = $GLOBALS['smarty']->fetch('templates/element.navigation_tree.php'); $branch['children'] = $special_out . $branch['children']; $GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('BRANCH', $branch); } Note that you must use the actual cat_id of the "Christmas Gifts Ideas" category.
  12. bsmither

    ODBC to cubecart

    No. CubeCart will ignore it. However, the column must not be NOT NULL as otherwise this will require either a default value in the column definition or CubeCart failing an INSERT as not having provided a value for that column. The 'discount_type' can hold any two characters, but CubeCart uses 'f', 'p', and maybe 'pp', for "Fixed (per-product sale price)", "(global) Percent", and maybe some form of other Percent that I have no experience with. Empty or Null is that this order had no discounts applied. NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION, if you haven't found out yet, is a setting for the database server that prevents a table from being created or altered if the table is to be created using a specified engine that is not enabled or allowed. See: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/sql-mode.html#sqlmode_no_engine_substitution For example, if InnoDB is not allowed, but MyISAM is, the table will not be created if the CREATE statement says to use InnoDB. With this setting disabled, the table will be created but will use MyISAM (the server default) instead.
  13. bsmither

    ODBC to cubecart

    Does the error message give a clue as to what the changed data is conflicting with when attempting to execute the UPDATE statement?
  14. bsmither

    Fatal error: php_network_getaddresses

    The database access info is located in /includes/global.inc.php. The actual PHP code that requests the connection (using the access user/pass above) is located as a class in /classes/db/mysqli.class.php (or mysql.class.php if using that method). The actual code that establishes the connection is PHP's MySQLi extension (installed alongside PHP when PHP was installed).
  15. bsmither

    Add static page to category menu

    As an option, we can certainly move Gift Cards to a spot just after Homepage.