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  1. Welcome MarkR! Glad to see you made it to the forums. In admin, Store Settings, Stock tab, the setting "Allow delivery to non-invoice address" would be unchecked. (Clear CubeCart's cache after saving this change.)
  2. bsmither

    changing text colours

    To change the default color of just the product prices, you can create a new CSS rule in cubecart.default.css and edit the skin templates: From: <span id="ptp"{if !$CTRL_HIDE_PRICES} data-price="{$PRODUCT.price_to_pay}"{/if}>{$PRODUCT.price}</span> To: <span class="default_price" id="ptp"{if !$CTRL_HIDE_PRICES} data-price="{$PRODUCT.price_to_pay}"{/if}>{$PRODUCT.price}</span> Then, the CSS rule: .default_price { color: red; } Remember that when upgrading (overwriting existing files with new files), the Foundation skin gets updated as well, including templates and cubecart.default.css.
  3. bsmither

    changing text colours

    In the Foundation skin template (depending on the version) element.product.call_to_action.php, there is this: <h3> {if $PRODUCT.ctrl_sale} <span class="old_price" id="fbp"{if !$CTRL_HIDE_PRICES} data-price="{$PRODUCT.full_base_price}"{/if}>{$PRODUCT.price}</span> <span class="sale_price" id="ptp"{if !$CTRL_HIDE_PRICES} data-price="{$PRODUCT.price_to_pay}"{/if}>{$PRODUCT.sale_price}</span> {else} <span id="ptp"{if !$CTRL_HIDE_PRICES} data-price="{$PRODUCT.price_to_pay}"{/if}>{$PRODUCT.price}</span> {/if} </h3> If the product is on sale, the price gets the styling of class "old_price" (line-through) and the sale price gets the styling of "sale_price" (red). Both of these CSS rules are in cubecart.css. If not on sale, the text is colored the default text color (almost black).
  4. On a Windows machine? Only happens on CC620+? Been there, done that. A new feature to squeeze CSS and javascript files into one each single file. Please read this: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1990 There will be a setting in the Apache config file that needs changing.
  5. If the Offline Contents were edited, then the Save button clicked, that content was POSTed just like any other content you have been having problems with -- the email templates, specifically -- but perhaps with other content such as product descriptions, and the Homepage.
  6. bsmither

    Don't show category on breadcrumb

    Was there another conversation discussing your Sold Category?
  7. For your local web server, please make sure it is configured to log accesses, and also to log any errors. (This is not the same as PHP's error_log.)
  8. I would like for you to create the error_log. Also, please learn how to enable and log errors that the web server may generate.
  9. bsmither

    Can I limit Coupon Code?

    The description of: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/promotional-code-enhancements suggests it has this capability.
  10. bsmither

    Order total error

    I think this will not matter, but are any of these items now out of stock?
  11. bsmither

    Order total error

    We would need to start the troubleshooting by looking at the CubeCart_order_summary "basket" column to compare the order's contents. Then look in CubeCart_order_inventory for the items in this order to note the price at which the item sold. Compare that to the prices shown here.
  12. bsmither

    CKEditor v5 Upgrade

    After reviewing the difference between CKEditor 4 versus CKEditor 5, personally, I would advise not to do it. First, it's not a drop-in replacement library. Installing it is different and coding the HTML to use it is different. Second, there have been two or three customizations to the configuration of the v4 editor that are (or seem to be) incompatible with the v5 editor, and mapping those customizations to make v5 behave the same way needs to be studied. Third, they say that content already created by v4 will probably (if not absolutely) be incompatible with v5. I have not read of any "V4 content will be auto converted to V5" statements.
  13. Normally, I would ask that you watch the Network panel of your browser's developer tools. However, I have seen that the network panel will not show anything unless and until the web server sends something back. So, if the browser is asking for an address that can't be reached, one won't know what is wrong from the network panel. Is there anything else the page mentions about not being able to reach the site? "Connection_refused", "time_out", some other reason?
  14. bsmither

    website sends me to xampp dashboard

    We have determined that when developing on a 'localhost', the best approach is to actually use, and to manually configure the /includes/global.inc.php file using specific values. (Search these forums for localhost.) If you copied ALL of the live site to your localhost, then you may have also copied files in the /cache/ folder. CubeCart renders and caches the entire Category Navigation box, which (most likely) includes the hostname part of the URL. Have CubeCart clear its cache. Then determine if links in the Categories box have the proper name - specifically as the hostname.
  15. Examine the structure of this table. It may already have a primary key on the column 'id'. To examine a table structure, you will need to use an external database utility such as phpMyAdmin. This utility is commonly available within the control panel provided by your hosting company for your site.