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  1. Is this the admin, Mailing List, Import Subscribers tab? If so, I see no difference in the code that would now stop CubeCart from adding comma-delimited emails to the database. (I am currently not able to trace out the code execution, so cannot determine what may be happening.)
  2. How do we know that Smarty is the one complaining? If it is Smarty, Smarty should tell us explicitly what file or string is the trouble-maker.
  3. Undefined index notices are an inconsequential consequence of the style of programming that CubeCart has. There have been issues with the databased email templates not working on later versions of CubeCart. The upgrade process attempted to fix one issue (apostrophes). I am not sure if the upgrade process has fixed the other (nested braces). If you haven't made any changes to the templates, you can have CubeCart re-database the email templates from the language folder for the version that is installed. That may fix Smarty crashing when building the emails for two specific templates (order notification - admin and customer).
  4. No, no other modules. Please verify that the syntax of the weight bands look like this: band,band,band where band is: weight:cost As an example: 1.0:5.00, 2.0:7.50, 3.0:9.50 Total order weight up to and including 1.0 has a 5.00 charge, up to and including 2.0 has a 7.50 charge, etc. (In this example, total weight above 3.0 will require a separate solution.) Do not use units (lbs, $), just use digits.
  5. Please try adding this to the URL: ?set_language=en-US where en-US is the language code of the XML language file.
  6. CubeCart uses the cat_id in the CubeCart_inventory table for a limited purpose, and uses the CubeCart_category_index table for all other purposes. CubeCart checks the CubeCart_category_index table and gets the list of all categories associated with a given product_id. CubeCart then checks all these categories looking for any one that is enabled and not hidden. So, if no categories are associated with a given product, or there are no enabled/unhidden categories that are associated, the product will not be shown. It seems that the upgrade may have not populated the CubeCart_category_index table properly.
  7. So, better get the SSL working before switching it on? And is it the case that moving a site will require that SSL be switched off prior to the move? Like in CC3/4?
  8. This is a known issue. I think CC615 fixed that. Searches aren't returning what they should.
  9. Depending what is given to you to manage your hosting account, you have a control panel, and in that panel is a tool to select what version of PHP you want running for it.
  10. The skin template file would be content.product.php.
  11. Ok, so nothing is coming back from the Catalogue function. In catalogue.class.php: Near line 1421, find: public function outOfStockWhere($original = false, $label = false, $force = false) { $def = $original ? str_replace('WHERE ', '', $GLOBALS['db']->where('CubeCart_inventory', $original, $label)) : ''; On a blank line after that, add: $GLOBALS['debug']->debugMessage("The def value is: ".$def); Let's see what that gets us.
  12. Those errors would not stop CubeCart from running the setup scripts. How far do you now get with going straight to ?
  13. Please give us more details as to how differently this page would function as compared to the usual View Product page - with the product page's layout being customized to show whatever you want.
  14. Problems like this would show in the error log. Please create the error_log. You mention: " if i go past that to setup.install.php" If by that you mean you went straight to:, please do not do that. Go to either: or
  15. In admin, enable debug mode. Store Settings, Advanced tab, Enable debug, and then enter your IP address in the adjacent field ( In cubecart.class.php: Near line 93, find: $where = $GLOBALS['catalogue']->outOfStockWhere(array('I.status' => '1', 'I.latest' => '1'), 'I'); On a blank line after that add: $GLOBALS['debug']->debugMessage("Out of Stock Where is: ".$where); Get the Homepage of your site (has the Latest Products). At the bottom of the page, there will be a grey section. In this section will be Debug Messages. Let us know what, if anything, is showing for the Out of Stock query expression. If there isn't anything here, we will then look at the Catalogue class.