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  1. bsmither let me have a module for my store and it works great. When you are editing a product there is a new tab at the top called orders with a red count and if you click on the tab it will show a list of all orders in which that product was sold. https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/56472-can-you-filter-orders-by-products-sold/?tab=comments#comment-245358
  2. Can a whole category be deselected with this as well as individual products ? I keep a back catalogue category on my store where I have some of my designs from previous years that are not currently available to purchase as they will in time be redesigned and updated, also in the same back catalogue I have products from other manufacturers that due to Covid and sourcing issues are unavailable at present but will be back at a later date.
  3. Think it's been mentioned before but Paypal commerce will override the address entered in your cubecart store with the one used or verified in Paypal - regardless of what settings you have in cubecart. I and others are still using Paypal standard because of this.
  4. Not sure if this affects any of the Paypal modules but Paypal have sent me a couple of reminder emails re their updated IPs: As communicated via email in the first week of December 2020, PayPal is expanding the Instant Payments Notification (IPN) infrastructure used to notify merchants about events related to the status of PayPal transactions. This change has added seven new IP addresses from which IPNs are being sent since January 18, 2021. Below are all of the IP addresses that are being used for IPN. (New)
  5. Can I add to this: I have a problem in where I've had customers placing goods in their basket, go to checkout, then decide to amend their basket by removing an item or items, then completing checkout and payment. The stock level does not reflect this and does not increase back up. My store is set to reduce stock levels when order is pending.
  6. I have a Royal Mail business account, I used to use the OBA PPi but switched over to Business Click & Drop so we can still get average weights on parcels and large letters plus we get track and trace on them all (oh and free 6 x 4 labels ) BUT I have to manually do the orders which can take hours even though I have a good routine. Yesterday we had 7 mails sacks sent out so you can imagine the hours we waste doing this.
  7. The key words were handy though for searching products. Cubecart search is one of the things I dislike most, I have various products called Friend, Friendship and another called Friends - you'd think a search for friend would bring them all up but nope. Have to get somewhat creative in all the descriptions so as not to fall foul of keyword spamming.
  8. In settings: Countries/Zones tab there is the option in each country to Disable or to Enable(Zone Required) , Enable(Zone Optional) , Enable(Zone Disabled). I currently have mine set to optional and customers aren't required to select their County, if I change it to Required then they must select a county from the list. So I was thinking that as Northern Ireland only has 6 counties this could be set simpler than inputting loads of postcodes. But as you have explained above we can use the BT* which simplifies it even more. Thanks am going to go look at our shipping now and try work so
  9. In AIOS would selecting the enabled status 'Zone Required' make people have to enter their county/state? NI only has 6. In AIOS how do we add a range of postcodes, can we put an hypenated range such as BT1-BT94 or can we just use the BT* or do they need to be put in full comma separated list such as BT1,BT2,BT3,BT4,BT5,BT6,BT7,BT8,BT9,BT10,BT11,BT12,BT13,BT14,BT15,BT16,BT17,BT18,BT19,BT20,BT21,BT22,BT23,BT24,BT25,BT26,BT27,BT28,BT29,BT30,BT31,BT32,BT33,BT34,BT35,BT36,BT37,BT38,BT39,BT40,BT41,BT42,BT43,BT44,BT45,BT46,BT47,BT48,BT49,BT50,BT51,BT52,BT53,BT54,BT55,BT56,BT57,BT58,BT59,B
  10. I think this will be applicable to most stores operating in GB but shipping to NI and something we are all going to have to look at in our shipping rules.
  11. Did this get sorted as it's something I would be interested in for my store
  12. It's never asked me for my gender or DOB : I think it's just Paypals generic terminology, all it passes to Cubecart is the same info that gets passed to you when a customers purchases off you and pays via Paypal. The skin is fab have a look at my store (I have adapted it a bit though), in fact I'm so happy with it my daughter is going to purchase it for her store too. https://www.inkylicious.co.uk/
  13. Tried it several ways without the {$REGISTER_CHECKED} element, I've tested it so many ways by making a purchase, checking out as a guest, checking out whilst registering for an account. Double checked the view customers section and they are all correctly labelled as either registered or guest. I've removed it and seems to be working great. Soon find out how my customers fair as the stores going back live later tomorrow.
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