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  1. I had this problem last month and Al sorted it out for me, maybe check to see if there is an update for the Paypal Commerce plugin.
  2. It did used to in earlier versions ... That is if you refunded the whole payment from within Paypal it would update the order status in CC to cancelled, now you have to manually do it, which in itself isn't too bad a thing as it enables us to put a note in the notes section as to why it was cancelled (normally duplicated orders on most of ours).
  3. Thanks for all the help with me developing and changing my skin, your help was always friendly and responsive. I've also downloaded the manual updates and would suggest anyone else to do so if you have a Nitefox's default skin but then gone on to modify it. (Just incase you ever need to reinstall at a later date). Wishing you well in all you do.
  4. You can embed a video in the description, I do it in my store.
  5. Al had to sort mine out in October as I had similar problems and seeing as Paypal no longer refund fees it was costing me a bomb in cancelled order fees. There were quite a few places that needed the country check enabling or adding but I don't know where he did it. You also need to fill in your enabled and disabled zones for AIOS and commerce. If a customer in another country is already registered then you need to remove them as it only checks when a new customer places an order.
  6. or you could use Noodlemans Custom Order Status Mod : https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/plugins/custom-order-status-colours-emails Works great, really easy to use, has custom colour coding and you can also create email templates for any new order statuses if you want them. I've set mine up to add: part shipped orders, international processing, international completed plus a few others.
  7. Hi, keep getting this email from google and wondered if I need to implement this or if CC is set up for it yet?
  8. I used to have them split in my old V4 store, in the countries and zones splitting the UK regions into 4 and adding Scottish Islands and Highlands and Channel Isles (even Isle of Wight can cause problems for some couriers) only problem was you need to also split the areas in to regions/postcodes as I often found people in Scottish Highlands would still just choose Scotland. This is a good reference for codes: https://www.genuki.org.uk/big/Regions/Codes
  9. Just having a quick search came across this RM C&D APi, when looking in there the AirNumber seems to relate to shipments outside of the UK as it's in all the customs section, so maybe the air tracking number ?? https://api.parcel.royalmail.com/doc/v1/click-and-drop-api-v1.yaml
  10. When using Click and Drop on a Royal Mail business account we already have set business pricing - the customer doesn't need to see this as we set a flat rate on our site. The only thing to ensure in RM C&D is the weight and posting type ie: size (Large Letter, Parcel), 1st (24) , 2nd (48) and then the service used BPL, CRL, signed for etc. I already know how much 200 large letters at average weight 190g will cost me and the customer knows what they pay for P&P by way of a flat rate.
  11. There is some info on Royal Mail here: https://help.parcel.royalmail.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360011462338-How-to-import-orders-with-the-Click-Drop-API
  12. It's still a problem where customers can't come back and pay later (even 1 minute later) if you use 'Reduce stock at pending'. I use it in my store but have the time set at 30 mins after which it cancels the order and emails them to politely advise them of why. I would rather do it at pending than have a load of customers p'd off because when they got to checkout and find half of what they put in their basket wasn't available any more.
  13. I thought the API is available to everyone now. They're just updating the RM site so can't log in at the mo but will check once they're finished.
  14. I'm the same, spent over 4 hours copying and pasting into RM C&D to get my orders out. When I have chance I'm going to look at what info is needed in the RM CSV upload and see if I can get that info out of my Paypal sheets and use those instead, then all I would have to do is apply the postage to each order.
  15. Hi, in your dashboard - extentions - Paypal standard , mine is set up as per the following image, but ensure that the email address you use is your 'Primary' email address in Paypal (if you use more than one email address within Paypal then double check in Paypal which is your primary one). Satus: tick set to on. Priority: if you have more than one payment extention - sets which order : 1 = 1st in list , 2 = 2nd in list etc (at least I think this is what is does) Scope: set to both Default: Leave the Default box unchecked if you plan on using another system as the default for buyers to use. You can change the *Description to whatever wording you want. Set which zones (countries) you allow for payments , mine is UK so all zones of the UK are included, I have also set a few disabled zones to stop people from countries I don't ship to at present being able to order and pay on the site. Once a customer ( or you if you are testing) creates an order and goes through the checkout process , upon clicking the make payment button they are then transferred to the Paypal system to make the payment, they have a choice to either login to their paypal account if they have one or to make payment by card. When they make payment it is transferred to your Paypal Primary Email address (it’s your account address) and how money is transferred from the buyer to your account. I also have a note on my order info page to advise customers that a Paypal account is not required: Payments: Online: Simply add the items to your basket and complete checkout and payment via the Paypal SSL Secure payment terminal. Our store uses the PayPal card services to process online debit and credit card payments using encrypted SSL. On the payment screen you can select to either pay by your credit or debit card or for those who wish to or already have set one up - can use a Paypal account. An account is NOT required with either us or with Paypal to shop at XXXXXXXX. PayPal protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. PLEASE NOTE: Paypal does not share your financial and personal information with the merchant (XXXXXX). Please do not use, amend or update any email or delivery address within Paypal for your order - under GDPR data protection rules this information is not passed to us, we only use the email and Billing/Delivery addresses as entered in our store at the time of placing the order. Once your payment is complete, you will be emailed a receipt for this transaction from Paypal as well as an order and payment confirmation email from ourselves.
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