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  1. I'll keep my eyes on the orders and hopefully (fingers crossed) it's sorted. As jasehead said though, it wasn't double clicking, customers all said after making payment they were returned to my store but there was no confirmation that payment had been made, no complete purchase button, just back to the basket page so they went through the whole purchase process again.
  2. Just remember if you change it back to one of cubecart own statuses (pending , processing etc) then they will get the email for that again, but you can always set a duplicate state such as pending-1, processing-1 etc so you know where you are with your orders.
  3. Or if you have or get the Custom Order Status plugin, that allows you to not only have custom colours for your own custom order statuses but also to send emails to just those people with that status set. For instance: When I have some of my orders packed ready for shipping I set just those orders to that state and I used the existing 'Order Complete' email template and copied it to the new status empty email template and edited it for the purpose I needed and saved it. If you use a custom status but do not use any email for that status then leave the email for it blank and no email is sent. It works great as I can seperate my Domestic ordfers from International ones, see which are still processing, which are ready to ship, part shipped etc
  4. Of course you can, let me know what you need to do
  5. And another this morning, again using iphone. I can't as a business sustain these losses every month.
  6. This is still happening, another 2 this evening and another £4 lost in Paypal fees. 1 customer using ipad and 1 using iphone. Store is set to reduce stock on pending, 1st customer had bought the last of 2 products (out of 8), paid for the order and upon return was informed that "Items added to your basket are no longer available." - well yes because she had just bought and paid for them, so she went and paid for the order (less the 2 items) again.
  7. You need to ensure all the updates and amendments to the skin have been implemented, most are listed in the comments section for the skin. I use Cburst and scrolling gallery works fine on mine.
  8. Brilliant, thank you. Did the same to add the weight and also commented out the translations tab as don't use that and it allowed room for the other 2 columns
  9. Please could you send me the updated plugin, tried the old one on a 6.53 install and got a dreaded white screen.
  10. Brian, you once helped me with this but can't find the details anywhere on how to do it but also not sure if they would still be applicable to 6.53 as I want to implement it in my new store. I would like to see in the Products inventory page a column which has the sale price (if an item is on sale). In the V4 store there was a column next to the regular price that showed any sale prices, it just seemed totally illogical that V6 couldn't show me what items I have discounted without me having to go look on the storefront and go through all the sale categories. This is my current listing on my other website, as well as the sale price it al so shows the weight column too. Any help much appreciated
  11. Got Amazin and Basix working, I'm sure I can fiddle about with one of them enough for my use.
  12. I've tried Basix, CBurst, Amazin Not to worry, think I really need to do a heavily customised version of foundation to get it how I need it to look. Just need to loose the side boxes, make the main 100% width, figure out how to change the nav bar colours (that one has totally done my head in LOL)
  13. Doing a brand new install on one of my other domains but non of the skins except foundation will work. Tried on PHP 8.1 , 8.2 Error logs show: [<strong>Exception</strong>] /home/u643502706/domains/inkilicious.co.uk/public_html/cache/skin/e536295678172ebd551d90b959b1d89b531ff53a_0.file.box.popular.php.php:32 - count(): Argument #1 ($value) must be of type Countable|array, bool given content_65d3f07fb45bc6_73497304() (smarty_template_resource_base.php:123) getRenderedTemplateCode() (smarty_template_compiled.php:114) render() (smarty_internal_template.php:217) render() (smarty_internal_templatebase.php:238) _execute() (smarty_internal_templatebase.php:116) fetch() (gui.class.php:1341) _displayPopularProducts() (gui.class.php:364) displayCommon() (controller.index.inc.php:91) include() (index.php:27)
  14. My customers just say: after filling in details in Paypal the are returned to our website to complete the purchase, after returning to our website it's back to the basket page and no complete purchase button or confirmation that payment has already been made, so they go through the whole process again. Now they have 2 orders. Had another earlier tonight
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