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  1. Got it working but had to revert back to PHP7.4 and the set up in the content & homepage files was different.
  2. Just tried installing this on a totally new clean installation with Foundation skin, CC6.5.2, PHP8.1, Set up button just takes it to a blank white screen. Rollover images is something I would like working as it's the one of the things that's making me consider moving to WP or shopify.
  3. @ Liberty : CBurst, Amazin, Basix does re-size and enlarge the images (I've used it since it was first developed) , the demo stock images aren't a great size to reference this ie: The TV is only a 600 x 300 image. My images are scaled down to 400px in product details but scale up to 800px r 1000px when in lightbox. However the messaging is confusing as the ALT tag says 'Click to enlarge' and the tag still shows 'Click to enlarge' when you are viewing the enlarged image in the lightbox. I sorted this with Nitefox the developer of those skins and mine shows the product name not click to enlarge. @LIBERTY This is the changed code from Nite fox for Cburst (it will probabley be the same for his other skins Amazin, Basix) . The Alt tag changes will also help with SEO too. Nitefox; Then for the image thing, you can do the following: File :: skins > cburst > templates > element.product.vertical_gallery.php Find lines 36 - 40 (approx) <div class="product-gallery-box"> <div class="product-img-main"> <img src="{$PRODUCT.medium}" alt="{$PRODUCT.name}" id="img-preview"> </div> </div> and change to: <div class="product-imgs-container"> <ul id="imageGallery"> <li data-thumb="{$PRODUCT.large}" data-src="{$PRODUCT.large}"> <a href="{$PRODUCT.large}" rel="gallery-2" class="swipebox" title="{$LANG.catalogue.click_enlarge}"> <img class="gallery-img" src="{$PRODUCT.large}" alt="{$LANG.catalogue.click_enlarge}"> </a> </li> </ul> </div>
  4. Yeah I do that but when changing order status's I soon start to forget which ones I've done so have to hit refresh and back to 25 lines !
  5. Is there a way to increase the lines shown per page in Admin Dashboard for: Stock Warnings and Unsettled Orders. By default only 25 lines are shown and it's a PITA to keep clicking view more (especially if you view the product / order) as it then takes you back to the single page.
  6. Have done above, will see if it helps.
  7. It doesn't help my work flow having it set to reduce stock on processing, we manufacture 80% of items and buy other complimentary items in, of which there is limited stock, some people spend ages looking through the store whilst adding items to their basket, I would get complaints from customers that once they went to checkout - items had been removed from their basket, so for the last 10 years (since Cubecart 3) I have used the reduce stock on pending. So when the customer checks out - all in stock but just 1 item in their basket is the last 1 in stock, they click the Paypal checkout - go to Paypal and pay, then Paypal auto sends them back to my store, they will then get the standard cubecart phrase that is used when an item has been removed "Sorry, but %s is no longer available and has been removed from your basket." and the Paypal checkout link is there again so they go and make another payment. upon auto returning they have 2 orders, 2 order references.
  8. This is now getting beyond a joke, more customers complaining about when they are returned to the store by Paypal (after paying in full )and they have bought the last of an item , they are told that an item is no longer in stock, a new order basket is made and recalculated and they go make payment again. I'm having to refund the second order which costs me the non-refundable Paypal fees and my customers are getting P'd off. I've now got buyers opening Paypal claims. "Hi, I reported a duplicate order to PayPal because I didn’t do anything to trigger two orders. I thought there was a PayPal fault. After I paid the first time, PayPal returned me to your store, I didn’t press anything but a screen message said there were insufficient items of one thing (I can’t remember what) in stock and it had been removed from my cart, I clicked ok then it transferred me straight back to PayPal. After this I got the order confirmed message. I didn’t get one for the first attempt but then found there were 2 orders both paid" Paypal commerce customers are also complaining that when clicking the Paypal Checkout button link that it takes them there and then nothing, sometimes spinning circle, sometimes nothing. So I am left with customers not being able to pay for orders.
  9. Just to add she did make a new order on her return to the site but didn't pay for it (left in pending state) as by then she realised that the original order had been paid for so double checked with me, I cancelled her second order. Also to note I had already changed the store to reduce stock on processing .
  10. forget that, another customer just said that Paypal returned her to the store and it said the same to her: Just tried to put in an order, my PayPal is showing a payment transaction to you however it sent me automatically back to your website to say one item not available but wanted me to complete order again despite PayPal transaction having been taken inclusive of the unavailable item.
  11. Brian, I think you are right, those couple of customers must have clicked the back button instead of allowing Paypal to return them (or them clicking the return to store link).
  12. Yes they were correctly set to processing after making payment. I've no idea if they were auto returned to my store or they used a link to return . History for order shows: Order Complete Jun 09 2023, 11:42 am Order Packed Ready For Dispatch Jun 09 2023, 11:25 am Processing Jun 09 2023, 00:26 am Pending Jun 09 2023, 00:26 am
  13. Version 6.5.1 is available but you are running 6.4.5. skin Cburst . Customers were guest checkout - customers purchased several items but one of those items was the last in stock. Reduce stock levels set to : Reduce stock on pending Customer goes through checkout, pays via Paypal commerce and upon returning to the store is informed one of the items is now out of stock and has been removed from their basket, total shown is now less the removed item, even though they have just paid in full for the whole order. Have sent you the rquest log from when one of them made their order.
  14. Hi Brian, I haven't done any upgrades etc. The thing where it doesn't restore stock (reduce stock on order pending) is only where a customer removes an item from their basket, this has been going on for years, it used to happen in CC4 aswell - but this is only when a customer is going through checkoutout but before paying, this isn't when a customer deletes an order or when an admin deletes it ( I never delete an order I mark them as cancelled so the stock does get returned).
  15. Since way long ago from CC3 I've always used the reduce stock on order pending, my reasoning in that customers got pretty p'd off if when going to checkout they then found half their basket had then become out of stock. I've had a couple of problems which have only started over the last week in where if a customer buys the last of a product, goes through and pays by Paypal commerce, on return to the store they are now presented with the message that the item has been removed from their basket as it's out of stock. Well yes because they have bought the last one. From my customers: Hi, as I was closing my order last night one of the items was removed from the basket because it was out of stock. To be honest I didn’t think the order had gone through but I have checked my card and full payment for the order has been taken. Please cancel my order if you don’t have all the items. Thanks, Sara Hello, after making my order and paying the screen said one of the items had been removed as it was out of stock but I have been charged for the full order. If you do not have the item that was removed please cancel my order. Maureen The other thing that CC has always done is if during checkout but before paying a customer decides to remove an item from their basket, that item is never returned to the stock levels.
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