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  1. Identifier exists, always is true, even when in doesn't is that intended behaviour?
  2. I'm having a time trying to get analytics to work well at all, anyone working on this still?
  3. I see this has been removed from the marketplace, what's the policy on totally abandoned skins? The dev appears to have totally disappeared, like the email address gets no responses, the website he links has gone. if I do the work to get it up to scratch can I release it for everybody or am I better off just starting from scratch ?
  4. Started getting a few warning messages; Severity warning. Too many values [image link] It's because Google no longer likes multiple images, I guess.
  5. probably just need to purge the cache's, I think that's what fixed this for me one time before, the custom SEO link was still using .html when the site was set to call for it. If you go to Store Stetings > Search engines and change the SEO URL extension option to .html, it'll probably also work without needing a purge.
  6. Are you thinking its some sort WYSIWYG editor? Smarty is more like a shorthand library than anything else, instead of typing in all the code for a buy button it's {buy_button} and it's drawing all that info from somewhere else. It does help you manipulate how things are displayed, in that it makes them compartmentalized and global when necessarily/desired. Using inspect element will help you visualize the changes and approximate the code changes you will need to make in the template do what you want but it's not 100% fool proof (often changing the padding sizes can cause larger changes than inspect element will do, but it's trial and error). It depends on the Skin, but adding {$PRODUCT.description_short} somewhere in content.product.php, you'd need to edit the code so that it's below {include file='templates/element.product.call_to_action.php'} which includes the buy box. I'm not using a common skin though, so I don't recall what it is for the others, but the basic principle is the same.
  7. As far as I understand it, Customers are fully registering in the system, getting to the payment window, entering their details and then it just "fails" from their perspective. Looking at my transactions logs, no attempt has been made and there is no payment failure data, so I assume it's allowing the data to be entered then it just deletes. Though I tested it and it worked fine for me.. weird. Although in my attempt I see there is cookie consent information IP Address Time Exxx uses cookies. For more detailed information about these cookies please see our privacy policy. Please accept to continue or block all non-essential cookies. xxxxx 21 Jul 2022, 11:25 Blocked chosen. 78.xx.xxx.xx 21 Jul 2022, 11:26
  8. yeah, I'm using the Paypal commerce plugin, I'm running 1.7 and 1.6.4 on two separate sites, same behaviour. Using Cubercart 6.4.5 and 6.5 (yeah, I know, super bad idea but I don't want to attempt a downgrade at this point.)
  9. Bit of a weird one I've noticed. There's nearly always 1 abandoned basket per day and it might be a coincidence, but I had a customer call in cause they couldn't complete the payment on their order, I investigated and I couldn't see any real reason why it wouldn't work. It got all the way to card capture. The only common factor I could see, is these people had all had "cookie consent" -none- on their user account, could this be affecting payment in any way and is there a work around to fix it ?
  10. There's /cache/ and /source/ in order to have the image without the size restrictions you'd need to use /source/image.jpg or use /cache/image.1000.jpg it's bound to be big enough for your largest of thumbnails 1000 is a solid of 50% of the screen on your average browser window, the css will resize it anyway for smaller sizes.
  11. I sync our inventory via a series of CSVs, which I run once or twice a day by hand. It's actually a rather convoluted process, where I import into a label printing software (to generate postage labels for delivery agents like Royal Mail, DPD etc). I then export from there into our warehouse management/ PoS system once they have been processed. So inventory is updated and VAT invoices are generated and logged. I was trying to cut out the middleman of OSOP but I had a lot of drama with Amazon mostly adding on vat when it feels like it and getting the warehouse management system to play ball with Royal Mail, they had already solved that I didn't feel like reinventing the wheel. Cubecart was relatively easy using the order exporter that Bsmither helped me with (by help I mean wrote for me).
  12. invisible does tend to be fairly effective still.
  13. It's fine, I ask way too many questions too. Yeah, this goes into the source part of the document. Yes, you need both one is creating the "thumbnail" and one is the ...not nail ? the larger image. You don't need to but you can, just use as many LI's as you need as the css is making the rows anyway, Medium-block-grid-3, is defining how many there are per row in this case "4" (though iirc with padding etc it's 3). Foundation uses a grid system out of 12, you can change that number to increase or decrease the size of the thumbnail and how many you can get per row. grid-12, would be one big thumbnail and grid-1 would be 12 tiny ones (though probably less cause the images themselves take up space but in theory, I just liked the size of 3 personally. I wouldn't really mess with any grid css directly as it's used globally, you are much better using the properties as intended but both it and gallery are defined in foundation.css iirc, but again I didn't make any changes to them.
  14. <div class="columns horizontal "> <ul class="medium-block-grid-3 clearing-thumbs marg-top" data-clearing> <li><a href="/image.jpg" class="th"><img src="/image.jpg" class="image-gallery"></a></li> <li><a href="/image2.jpg" class="th"><img src="/image2.jpg" class="image-gallery"></a></li> <li><a href="/image3.jpg" class="th"><img src="/image3.jpg" class="image-gallery"></a></li> </ul> </div> This works to do what I "think" you want in a document on foundation, least in my test shop.
  15. what skin are you using? you can probably mimic the thumbnail aspect of your product page.
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