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  1. Make sure the CHMOD and CHOWN for the folder is setup correctly, I had it failing a few times as I'd installed as root instead of correct owner for the cart.
  2. Okay, Time to put my money where my mouth is, I've been bitching about the state of cubecart skins/themes for at least a few years and I've tried myself half assedly but I like the skills and time necessary to complete the project. I've been chasing my tail about finding a designer for a while and I've costed out jumping ship to some Shopify or Bigcommerce or Magneto and it's gonna cost me like way too much money. I'm willing to fund the development of a skin that can be sold on the extension marketplace after or whatever, don't really care, I wanna suppor the platform which has provide me alot over the years, where do I go? any ideas lads ?
  3. Actually now that I think about it, this is interesting. I often wonder, what is the average number of orders per day that the average Cubecart operator deal with and how is their work flow for dealing with it. I assume most are like me, working on multiple platforms - Amazon - eBay - cubecart and using some sort of Label printing or order management system that oversees all those areas (Like channeladvisor, which doesn't support CC or OnestopOrder processing, which last supported CC3 and I've hacked together a work around for CC6 with the help of Bsmither). I mean I sell 10-30 items a day so it's could be handled manually, but that would be a large amount of time for a small number of orders.
  4. Hey Kids, lets keep it civil. I think it's more an issue that you've been conditioned to how eBay works, Amazon is fairly similar, so anything that isn't that is a bit jarring. The other shipping modules are probably artifacts of the time, long, long ago when Estelle's Mod wasn't a thing, this is a problem alot of carts suffer from, Opencart has some god awful addon's that don't seem to do the job they advertise. Parcel2go addon requires demand to develop, so far that's two guys, I'll probably use it.
  5. For sure, I would gladly spend a few tens of pounds, I've bought about 4 through the marketplace here and a few before that I forget how much, just to see how they were made or modify them to suit my purpose in brutal ugly ways. I'm not sure how you even start going about addressing the drawbacks I have. Like Opencart has an extension that auto submits for Trustpilot, that's handy, but if I get some guy to go develop it and I the only customer it's like 500£
  6. your Analytics code ? Store Settings > Features
  7. I have a few moderately successful Cubecart stores, I've been a customer for many years now, I think I started in version 2, I've flirted with other carts over the last decade, including a disastrous stint with Oscommerce but always seem to revert to the known. I've got an Opencart store on the go as well but I hate it and Magento is way too cumbersome (and I can't be bothered with all the phone calls of them trying to up-sell me), the rest (Shopify, Bigcommerce etc) are all on their systems, which I'm a bit too paranoid and or cheap to sign up to. I kinda don't know what your objective is, your reasoning is a bit flawed, I'm a business owner too so I get the caution, but I don’t understand how this is an issue here? For example, my latest store and new business venture I also had a ~£0 budget, there was a bunch of reasons why I didn't want to just spin up another cubecart. However, my final cost to launch was ~£150 there is no competitor cart you can dust off and run for 0 money and provide the same level of use. Your main gripe, the All in One shipping module, is free, there are a bunch of other free extensions that you need to install to have an operating cart (PayPal). I don't see how that's an issue, some people will only use Sage not Paypal or like me only ship to the UK for free postage, so if they don't need it, it' s not installed, software is lighter weight. Also the creator of All-in-one hasn't been around in a number of years, so the idea of giving the keys over to them, is impractical as well as a bit mad. You do highlight an interesting point though, there is almost zero reason that I can see that the All in one shipping module isn't standard at this point. It was always a bit of a glaring hole in the software that has existed since at least version 3. I personally have always needed that mod, but I assumed they never baked it into the software because didn't want to step on the toes of a 3rd party extension creator (who even at the time where few and far between)? There are some minor issues that I have with cubecart, that have been around for years that seem to just go on “unfixed”; The search function is just bad The look of the default skin is a bit dated The management of orders in bulk is non-existent (Bsmither custom made me an export or I'd be screwed) The 3rd party marketplace fairly small and it’s all on the back of like 3 guys and seems to be getting smaller over time. There seems like Quality of life upgrades that could be made that aren't because, maybe I'm the only one seeking them (which I admit could be a possibility), there isn't the development time for them or that they are waiting for the 3rd party extension to be made if the demand is high enough from a community that hasn't really existed or recovered from the switch from opensource to paid and back again *(In my opinion)*. The main strength of Cubecart is that it's very modular and it's easily customisable, the main detraction seems to be I'm not skilled enough nor have the time to do it myself and to hire someone to do it seems cost prohibitive. For Example, There are 7 paid for themes on the marketplace right now, some of them haven't been maintained in years and look straight out of the 90's, one's demo page links to a Shopify site, one is an easier way to customise the Foundation skin, which is neat but not what I’m looking for. I can go chose from 600 OpenCart themes and sure most of those are themeforest hatchet jobs straight from coding hell but hey they look pretty. So I thought to myself, “Hey, you pay money for a theme anyway, what could be the cost of just hiring some guy to build exactly what you want” now admittedly I also wanted to hire locally so mileage my vary, so I emailed 8 web designers. Two actually responded, both wanted to migrate to Magento to install some random stock skin for a few thousand. Gave up with the self promise that in 2020 I'll finally make a go at that skin I started in 2018 :D. So in closing, my own gripes though detailed and long outstanding are fairly minor in the face of the utility, low cost and ease of use that Cubecart provides. I think you are right to have your complaints, I kinda half share them but I don't agree that cost to launch is a good argument to base it on.
  8. I can't figure out what's wrong with content.gateway.php template but it's not auto transferring.
  9. Turns out it was 2 issues. Quite right on the auto fill thing, it was just the browser. But it was an entirely different problem that was causing the issue with the contact us emails form. Mail Server was flat out rejecting them because someone set that up so high that it didn't trust emails even from the localhost half the time. So my test would work, I'd reload and the contact us form wouldn't work, I'd go to settings and the autofill would over right the data making me this that it was the issue. Classic.
  10. This is soo weird, if you decode the config, it's fine. The test runs fine, save, goes back to random old setting, clear cache same, sql is correct. It disabled all snippets and hooks, still happens.
  11. Everything in my settings appears to be alterable, except for the email sender settings. Whatever I enter, whenever the cache is reset it reverts to the first values I ever entered when creating the site, I even tried deleting the entire config file, no effect.
  12. One my biggest grips with Cubecart is the lack of alternative modern skins, but I don't have the time or patience to develop one myself so I'm part of the problem. The Foundation skin is pretty versatile though and pretty easy to modify.
  13. I'm manually inputing tracking information for most of my orders, this is getting to be a pain as it's 20-30 a day, there are way to bulk import them against the orders from a csv?
  14. Probably not, just trying to eliminate the obvious, from the error report your SSL is fine and stuff, it's just IPN postback In the extension settings near the bottom there is IPN URL (Optional): Is that filled in wrong ? Or more importantly does it match what is written in your Paypal profile. Profile > Profile and Settings> My Selling Preferences > Website preferences
  15. 1.0.7 update seems to stop the ability to update Cubecart with payment transaction data.
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