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  1. AddThis and social buttons

    Yeah, I don't know enough about hooks to help there (they baffle me) there aren't many hooks in the skin to begin with so even at best you'd have to add in your own hooks. If it helps you aren't really messing with the code itself just moving it around
  2. AddThis and social buttons

    I don't think anyone has ever used it for me but I did move it around at somepoint. In foundation/templates/content.product.php Find in the code. {if $SHARE} <hr> {foreach from=$SHARE item=html} {$html} {/foreach} {/if} And then move it to wherever you need too.
  3. Sales setup

    I get scared, so I don't like to do multiple queries at once.
  4. AdSense code changes on save

    It might have gotten fixed already, cubecart is a few versions of cke back, I'm not sure how easy and upgrade that would be to make, probably kept it at 4.5.7 for a reason.
  5. Sales setup

    Some SQL queries seems the easiest to me, I tested this out on my old database and it didn't seem to set anything on fire, was 1107 records done in around 2 seconds. I'd make backups beforehand though, I'm mostly a liability when allowed near the database directly. Baring in mind this will do some weird stuff to any existing data that you have the price_quantity sheet, I just deleted all the data that was in there before hand cause it didn't matter to me, your mileage may vary. INSERT `CubeCart_pricing_quantity` (`price`, `product_id`) SELECT `price`, `product_id` FROM `CubeCart_inventory` UPDATE `CubeCart_pricing_quantity` SET `quantity` = 2 UPDATE `CubeCart_pricing_quantity` SET `price` = `price` * 0.95
  6. Text Editor keeps deleting code

    I was talking nonsense, so it's not surprising you didn't understand. It was another part of my css that wasn't set to "display: inline;" so it was sitting below where I wanted.
  7. Just making the Google category searchable would be nice or a favourites option, scrolling through the hundreds of entries to find the same 6 or 7 categories really ruins my day. This might be a viable alternative though, I'll demo it later.
  8. Text Editor keeps deleting code

    Yeah, that does the trick, thanks, as always bsmither you are a font of problem solving. On using it more, it's doing some weird things, but it's workable, for some reason it keeps hard forcing a linebreak like a <br> but not visable anywhere. I looked for solutions on ckeditor forums, but they seem to really break it hard and it just spams every blank space with the <i class
  9. <i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-right" aria-hidden="true"></i> I have that in one of my descriptions, if I save while still in "Source" it'll work just fine, as long as I never try to preview it, which means if I view it to edit, it's gone again.
  10. Skinny Skin?

    There aren't a great deal of skins available, it's one of the downfalls of a smaller community I guess, I've made hatchet jobs of few of them , I'd be interested to see the final product.
  11. That sounds way better, I'll have to test it out, customers are panicking about what No County means sometimes
  12. The quicker way I found was to force a value of "N/A" on the state content.checkout.confirm <div class="small-12 large-8 columns"><label for="delivery_state" class="show-for-medium-up">{$LANG.address.state}</label></span><input type="text" name="delivery[state]" id="delivery_state" value="No County"></div> Content.addressbook.php <div class="small-12 large-8 columns"><label for="state">{$LANG.address.state}</label><input type="text" name="state" id="state-list" value="No County"></div> It seems like way to much work to make it not actually check what it's not supposed to check. I had to add the "no County" zone to the UK. Actually the whole problem can be sorted just by having a default value.
  13. Export Orders

    I need to be able to export orders, I've tried for like 2 days but extensions melt my brain. I had a mod that did it for CC4 and CC5, but when I try to patch it into cc6 I get many pretty errors about cross site forgery (much fun) Basically, I need to be able to extract all the order information in a csv file as it's easier for me to handle/ print labels that way. I can provide the working cc5 model if it helps in anyway.
  14. yeeeeeeeeep, I forgot to change public function searchCatalogue line to 'like' can confirm am idiot. This is perfect, you are a prince, sir.
  15. I tried this, it doesn't seem to be altering the search results all that much, I have it running side by side with the old search on a test site and I'm getting almost identical results. Edit: Actually 1 big plus is that it is a better at handling search queries with symbols in it, so for that alone it's nice My search result go like this, Search: 'Model' Result - 3 Parts - All parts with 'model' in the description. Search; 'Model' + 'Hinge' or 'Hinge' + 'Model' Result - 6 Parts - All parts with Term 'Hinge' Only (can be repilcated by just flat searching the word hinge) Desired Result - 1 Part - Single result that matches 'Model' + 'Hinge' only Have I missed some step ? cause this is the same behaviour as before.