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  1. There's /cache/ and /source/ in order to have the image without the size restrictions you'd need to use /source/image.jpg or use /cache/image.1000.jpg it's bound to be big enough for your largest of thumbnails 1000 is a solid of 50% of the screen on your average browser window, the css will resize it anyway for smaller sizes.
  2. I sync our inventory via a series of CSVs, which I run once or twice a day by hand. It's actually a rather convoluted process, where I import into a label printing software (to generate postage labels for delivery agents like Royal Mail, DPD etc). I then export from there into our warehouse management/ PoS system once they have been processed. So inventory is updated and VAT invoices are generated and logged. I was trying to cut out the middleman of OSOP but I had a lot of drama with Amazon mostly adding on vat when it feels like it and getting the warehouse management system to play ball with Royal Mail, they had already solved that I didn't feel like reinventing the wheel. Cubecart was relatively easy using the order exporter that Bsmither helped me with (by help I mean wrote for me).
  3. invisible does tend to be fairly effective still.
  4. It's fine, I ask way too many questions too. Yeah, this goes into the source part of the document. Yes, you need both one is creating the "thumbnail" and one is the ...not nail ? the larger image. You don't need to but you can, just use as many LI's as you need as the css is making the rows anyway, Medium-block-grid-3, is defining how many there are per row in this case "4" (though iirc with padding etc it's 3). Foundation uses a grid system out of 12, you can change that number to increase or decrease the size of the thumbnail and how many you can get per row. grid-12, would be one big thumbnail and grid-1 would be 12 tiny ones (though probably less cause the images themselves take up space but in theory, I just liked the size of 3 personally. I wouldn't really mess with any grid css directly as it's used globally, you are much better using the properties as intended but both it and gallery are defined in foundation.css iirc, but again I didn't make any changes to them.
  5. <div class="columns horizontal "> <ul class="medium-block-grid-3 clearing-thumbs marg-top" data-clearing> <li><a href="/image.jpg" class="th"><img src="/image.jpg" class="image-gallery"></a></li> <li><a href="/image2.jpg" class="th"><img src="/image2.jpg" class="image-gallery"></a></li> <li><a href="/image3.jpg" class="th"><img src="/image3.jpg" class="image-gallery"></a></li> </ul> </div> This works to do what I "think" you want in a document on foundation, least in my test shop.
  6. what skin are you using? you can probably mimic the thumbnail aspect of your product page.
  7. I've not used your skins in a while, but it was always great work, sorry to hear you'll be gone.
  8. Paypal starts off at 2.9% until you hit discount thresholds, though iirc it's fairly easy to hit the first few and it's like 10k per month to hit the "best" rate If you have a merchant account; Card funded payment from a user of our Terms for Payments without a PayPal account 1.2% + fixed fee If you don't have a merchant acocunt you might be getting slapped with higher fees? Most paypal transactions these days are card funded and 1.2% + 30p is cheaper than most card handlers rates. But even then Paypal are pretty competitive if you use them alot, if your starting off it's gonna hurt a bit fee wise. The main benefit of using them is high consumer trust due the percieved protections of the format over something like a random credit card handler. Just anecdotally, I've offered a payment gateway (Sagepay) and Paypal for years and around ~70% of my sales are Paypal. Sage or Opayo or whatever they hell they are called now are fractionally cheaper even now but it's not much.
  9. they are bypassing the check sometimes according to report on google, not sure what's that about tbh.
  10. I'm still using Cinda, the dude stopped responding to emails like a week in, pretty sure it's missing some features now cause I haven't had time to look into the foundation updates.
  11. I use a work around, Bsmither made me an extension to output a sales report, which I used with another piece of software "Onestop Order Processing" to print labels, it's still a bit of a hatchet job as OSOP hasn't supported Cubecart since v4. You could in theory bypass the need for onestop if you were savy enough to modify the extension, to output the correct csv, the real fun and games is importing the data back in. If we could import a "confirmation file" with tracking ID's I'd be soo happy.
  12. FTP programs sometimes really mess up the folder permissons and/or ownership of the folders, least they have done for me in the past.
  13. I don't really understand why this is happening, looking at the lines in the error code, doesn't look that important. Have you tried chmoding and chowning all the folders correctly, I find that fixes 99% of rando issues.
  14. yeah I was in that area, just couldn't see it, have a hard time reading real php , cheers
  15. It's in /skins/foundation/templates/content.downloads.php <svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#icon-download"></use></svg> <del>{$download.file_info.filename}</del> I think "#cloud-arrow-down" will work, I'm not famliar with which index of icons I've to look in for Foundation.
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