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  1. Data Protection

    The same rules will apply. I'd recommend seeking assistance from your local data protection officer or lawyers. I expect the government have a department specifically for this. In the UK it's called ICO. Information commissioner office
  2. Data Protection

    Every business is different and we are not able to make a one fit solution for all. There are some tools to help with GDPR coming out in 6.2 but you'll need to look at your business as a whole. The ICO in the UK is the best resource for UK organisations.
  3. 6.2.0 Release Candidate 1

    We now have the first released candidate for CubeCart 6.2.0. Please refer to the original announcement for more detailed information about 6.2. Many thanks to all those who have tested the 6.2 branch of CubeCart and reported any issues. Unless any serious bugs are found in RC1 then 6.2.0 final will be available on Tuesday 24th April. Download: Download: (Release candidate 2)
  4. Open external link in frame?

  5. Moving to a new server

    It's inclusive of the managed support plans.
  6. Moving to a new server

    Yes we can do that for you and make sure the PHP configuration is compatible (ZipArchive, mbstring etc)... Done this many, many, many times. Look forward to working with you soon.
  7. Moving to a new server

    I think its quite a convoluted way. If we did this for you on the managed support plan we would; Take a full backup. "Diff" against the same version to pull out an exact report of code changes. Apply these code changes to 6.2.14. Upgrade using the customised package. I've done this many times. It's very time consuming but we do it at no extra cost to a regular upgrade. 6.0.6 has security holes so hopefully they have been patched. If not then you need to check that it hasn't been hacked. If it has then it needs to be cleansed. There is a support article about how to do that. A classic hacked store may be running code snippets you don't know about. These can be viewed in the "Manage Hooks" section in the "Code Snippets" tab.
  8. SSL Certificate

    Just remove any insecure absolute URL's from source code. Your browser inspector tool will help but there are also online tools like
  9. Specify external folder for images (another website)

    Server update maybe? I don't think CubeCart will change anything. Saying that it may try to change the chmod value of the images/source folder.
  10. Specify external folder for images (another website)

    So you should be able to do this then. I don't know if this would work but you could try creating a new linux user with its own group. e.g. imgsrc:imgsrc with a home directory at /home/imgsrc Then move all the images there and add each of your cPanel accounts to the "imgsrc" group and give all the account a symlink form their /home/{user}/public_html/images/source folder to /home/imgsrc. You might be able to take this further and symlink the images/cache folder to save more disk space. This is all theory and may not work at all but sounds doable.
  11. recaptcha issue

    Doesn't matter.
  12. Specify external folder for images (another website)

    Totally understand how you can't duplicate 40,000 images. I'm sure it can be done with specific group memberships but you probably need your own VPS.
  13. Specify external folder for images (another website)

    Makes sense. Can't say I blame them. Stuck between a rock and a hard place here... I suppose the only solution is to put all sites on one cPanel account if you want to use symlinks. However if one gets hacked they all get hacked. Maybe you do need to mirror or rsync the images/source folder. I don't blame the hosting company for making this change. It's best for the greater good.
  14. recaptcha issue

    Nothing wrong with the release.... instructions here:
  15. recaptcha issue

    Because the skin isn't compatible I expect. Does it work with default foundation skin? If so you haven't updated the skin properly.