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  1. I expect you are either uploading the files to the wrong place or the existing files are not getting overwritten. We have upgrade services if you are interested. I've upgraded about three stores this morning manually to 6.1.4 with success. Please have a good read of the manual upgrade instructions. Hope you get it done ok.
  2. Good. I wish more did!
  3. A security directory traversal vulnerability has been discovered in all version of CubeCart version 6. CubeCart version 6.1.4 has been release which patches this. We recommend that all merchants upgrade to 6.1.4 or patch their store as soon as possible. Manual Patch: Download: We would like to pass on our warm thanks to all the staff at Japan Computer Emergency Response Team (JPCERT) Coordination Center for discovering this issue and for handling it so professionally.
  4. Welcome. As a result of this..
  5. Honestly I'm not lying. You need PHP 5.4 or higher.
  6. It's because your hosting doesn't meet the requirements.
  7. You can test it by installing an old version of any extension. The dash will then show a new version available. There is an ignore option. If ignore it clicked I believe is another new version comes available the notification will come back.
  8. I was thinking the same. phpMyAdmin will export large databases in a normal hosting account with typical resource limitation. Good place to look....
  9. Possibly. The security suite recommends disabling dangerous functions like shell_exec.
  10. Ok cool. Building this tool with low PHP resource limits isn't easy. Let's hope we can perfect it. Tools like phpmyadmin manage. Thanks Brian
  11. The old method was less reliable. I tested the new tool with a 600mb database. The test was positive and restore was positive too. I'll take a look at your findings. Thank you.
  12. It's just your browser cache. Please hard refresh or clear temp files.
  13. It doesn't sound like any changes are needed in CubeCart from reading this thread.
  14. @fabriceunko Can you tell me what it should be? - 1 en moyenne, basé sur 5 revue - 1 en moyenne, basé sur 5 avis - 1 en moyenne, basé sur 5 commentaires
  15. Good luck.