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  1. Welcome @spree, it's great to hear your positive feedback! Best of luck with everything.
  2. Are you using 1.0.7? 1.0.7 checks the value matches before changing the status.
  3. Did you ship the products?
  4. Log out of the admin control panel and you'll see the front end as a regular visitor.
  5. The demo store used Maria DB 10.0. It will be fine.
  6. Yes it should be fine with PHP 7.1 and mysqli.
  7. CubeCart v5 might not work well on more recent PHP version. Your custom skin should be fine with v6.
  8. Hi Cath, You should think about upgrading to the latest version. That may fix this. We have support plans available including upgrade services if you wanted us to do this for you. After upgrading if the issue persists the PHP error log should give an idea of what the problem is.
  9. Welcome @shaununouk!
  10. Welcome @EricClark!
  11. After installing CC 6.18 - have the following message atop cc pages. What to do? Any help apprec. Thanks.

    "Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): Headers and client library minor version mismatch. Headers:50545 Library:50635 in /home/aus10534/public_html/classes/db/mysqli.class.php on line 33


    1. Al Brookbanks

      Al Brookbanks

      Hi Paul, can you submit a ticket and I'll take a look for you.

    2. Paul 0'Reilly

      Paul 0'Reilly

      will do 


  12. I've closed this as there's no point having two discussion channels. Please refer to the guthub issue.
  13. Thanks for this. I'll take a look next week. It should be quite simple to check the IPN amount against order amount. I would however recommend using Express Checkout instead which won't have this issue and should increase conversions as no registration is required. PayPal consider the "standard" integration as legacy and want us to push Express Checkout instead. Saying this we can add a simple check to the PayPal IPN call....
  14. It can be done but would take quite a lot of work. It's probably something that turns into more work and opens more issues the deeper you get into it. I don't think anyone can give you instructions as to how to go about this as it's not immediately straightforward. Code needs removing from the core code, templates and database. Good luck.