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  1. Please use HTTPS in the URL or click that open padlock icon then try to login.
  2. Ok please use reCaptcha v2 instead.
  3. With invisible reCaptcha it may come earlier in the checkout process than others. When you click continue from basket the challenge will invoke then rather than after registration at checkout. During development I coded it to wait but then though "What difference does it make?". Please also note that once reCaptcha has been solved once it is saved against the session and it shouldn't challenge again. It's one of my pet hates with websites that ask you to verify on every form even though you have solved it already on a previous form. reCatcha doesn't validate email addresses at all. Hopefully we don't have a bug on our hands here.
  4. Yup.
  5. Yes and yes it looks like.
  6. You can change it to the old one if you look at the content.product.php file.
  7. You've got to be doing something wrong or unusual. I've upgraded 12 stores so far today and all have been fine keeping existing paths. Do not upload the admin folder and admin.php file without first renaming them accordingly or after they have uploaded.
  8. We have never certified or tested the Softaculous installs/upgrades. The auto upgrade tool from 6.1.6 should be ok but there is still potential file permission issues. I always use FTP personally to be sure.
  9. Restore your backup then upgrade to 6.1.7.
  10. I've upgraded 11 shops so far today and all have worked. Not sure what to suggest.
  11. Thats right. If SSL is enabled CubeCart will set secure session cookie so the admin login won't work under standard HTTP page loads.
  12. This release came quickly off the back of 6.1.6 with a few stability enhancements over the new CSRF features. Please note that if SSL is enabled the admin login to the store will only work under SSL. Standard HTTP login attempts may fail with a CSRF error. This is due to forced secure cookies if SSL is enabled.
  13. Seen this a few times now. Since 6.1.6 CubeCart sets secure cookies if SSL is enabled. On those grounds login to the admin control panel won't work with standard HTTP connections.
  14. Hi Gawaine, I've never seen this error before. I assume its some 3rd party app install software. Just check the checkbox and continue or install CubeCart manually.
  15. Do you have SSL enabled? If so please only login to the admin side of your store under SSL.