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  1. Paypal payment

    Hi, Please use this version; The integration you were looking at was Braintree which is a PayPal company. Right now it only works for the countries you mentioned. This isn't an integration choice by CubeCart but limitation with PayPal powered by Braintree which is not something us at CubeCart have any control over. I expect it will be available to more countries over time. We had a merchant from Australia asking the same the other week. I reached out to PayPal UK who followed up with PayPal Australia who said that there was no plan for a PayPal powered by Braintree integration any time soon. I hope there is a CA integration option soon as it's very slick. PayPal have a lot of different products and their availability varies between country. I don't know why by PayPal US, UK & FR seem to get the latest technology first. Sorry if this is confusing.
  2. Developer Needed

    Hi @Gord. I've replied via the helpdesk. Others may contact you too which is fine of course.

    I wouldn't worry about it. It will stop soon no doubt. If the error logs are getting a bit big they can always be deleted.

    You'll be suprised the amount of junk data that gets thrown at servers. Maybe a bot is trying to send spam through the store. If the version is up to date there should be nothing to be worried about.
  5. Problem with Product Images

    I worked with @pmailes1 on this today. There were a number of issues with mix of v3 and v6 code and some bad database indexes. The images didn't load because a development store was sharing the same database. So if a product was edited on the dev store it also changed on the production store with missing image! All very confusing but resolved now.
  6. Text Editor keeps deleting code

    Well done @bsmither!
  7. Text Editor keeps deleting code

    It can be a pain as it removes html that your browser doesn't think is valid. It might be worth asking at the CKEditor website as there will be more specialists there.
  8. Credit Card Capture

    I wouldn't use this extension personally. It only exists due to demand but please be very weary of the potential consequences.
  9. Credit Card Capture

    This extension could probably do with some updates. I'd recommend turning off card validation. As no payment card processor actually performs real time validation it's fairly crude.
  10. Skinny Skin?

    Yes blocked by a security feature in CubeCart itself. 🙃
  11. Skinny Skin?

    Great work!!
  12. Rich Text Editor missing?

    It's because it is pretty much prehistoric and not compatible with the browser you are using.
  13. Customer records

    I don't know much about this but I would suggest using UK only hosting to help make sure you comply with ICO rules. Working with companies that have to adhere to the same rules is important.
  14. Customer records

    Who said you need to and what country are you trading from? This will vary depending on a number of things. Disclaimer: I'm not a privacy expert.
  15. Blank products

    Essentially the gc_maxlifetime value is lower than the cookie session. This means the session data on the server doesn't exists when the cookie does. It was some months ago I looked at this with @keat and I have to say I can't remember what the best scenario was. I seem to remember setting your own save path with long gc_maxlifetime was the best solution.