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  1. [Resolved] CSRF and Admin Logout

    Yes there is a token on the logout link to make sure it is you logging yourself out.
  2. Zurb Announces Foundation for Sites 6.2

    There's no upgrade path so its pretty major work.
  3. Paypal payments not being received

    Thank you. I'll get this checked out on Monday.
  4. Upgrade to 6.1.10 problems

    It looks like SSL isn't setup right in you hosting.
  5. Paypal payments not being received

    When do you get the Authentication error?
  6. Upgrade to 6.1.10 problems

    If it's still showing 6.1.9 then it can't have the new version files. You'll need to upload again.
  7. Paypal payments not being received

    This is much more up to date
  8. That's ok. I met someone From square UK the other week. They are small in the UK still. Keen to do this integration.
  9. Sorry I don't really want my rates posted in public. If anyone is interested please PM @xmasnut In the mean time the development for this has been added to the queue. Hopefully we can build this at some point anyway. A basic integration will probably take a couple of days. Stripe is a good alternative so please have a look at that too.
  10. Version History Incorrect @ 6.1.9

    You can run the following SQL command to add it if you want. INSERT INTO `CubeCart_history` (`version`, `time`) VALUES ('6.1.10', UNIX_TIMESTAMP());
  11. Version History Incorrect @ 6.1.9

    It won't matter.
  12. Paypal Third Party Permission Username

    CubeCart is not a hosted solution so you don't need a third party permission username. You just need your own dedicated API credentials. In other words we don't act as an intermediary in anyway.
  13. Forum Search - Issue

    It's flood control. Just wait 6 seconds and it will work next time. I think it's just designed to stop the server getting hammered.
  14. CubeCart 6.1.10 Released

    CubeCart 6.1.10 has been released fixing a compatibility issue with PHP 5.4. Any merchant experiencing upgrade or install blocks will want to upgrade to this release instead. If you have already successfully upgraded to 6.1.9 there is no need to upgrade to this new release but we offer a patch below which will bring your store to 6.1.10 without having to perform a full upgrade again. What's New? - 2 resolved issues Netsparker Audit Result Test not required. Download: Download Patch: Patch Info: If you have already upgraded to 6.1.9 successfully then you may want to patch it to 6.1.10 by simply replacing the contents of this file. Please note that the admin folder name will differ to that in the patch archive. Many thanks to Nikita from Softaculous for their detailed report concerning this issue.
  15. HTTP 500 error on a fresh update

    Updating your PHP version will fix this but CubeCart should work on PHP 5.4. The guys at Softaculous told me this.. I'll get a patch and new release in the next 24 hours. Sorry for any inconvenience.