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  1. Yes I know he's a wonderful guy and a highly valued. I'm incredibly grateful for all his support and contributions as I'm sure you are. ☺️
  2. I might make a formal announcement about this because OP is not the only user who believes we intentionally introduce bugs to boost support sales. CubeCart is really very stable now but a few of the recent releases have had issues especially around the upgrade tool. Over the last week we have made changes to our release schedule and we now have a developer preview release a week before final. Hopefully issues like the auto upgrade tool bugs will get spotted and fixed before final. I would also like to introduce QA on every resolved issue. By this I mean that every resolved issue or new feature is assigned to a different staff member for testing before being signed off. Sadly at this moment in time we just do not have the resources to be able to do that. Hopefully with these responses you can gain a little confidence that we are not losing our way. We have also just launched allowing users to submit and rate feature requests. The idea here is that we can then be in a much better position to have a clearer future development roadmap. My working life is 100% dedicated to making CubeCart better and better.
  3. I deleted my last response because I don't feel the need to explain the technicalities as to how the problems with the auto upgrade tool came about. What I will say is that I am very aware of the long term damage issues like can create which can massively out weigh any perceived short term gains in upgrade service sales. I hope you can restore your own faith in the world and trust that we are not a dishonest organisation.
  4. @conan_tran did you manage to get it?
  5. We are pleased to announce the release of 6.1.8. This is just a maintenance release but upgrade is recommended. What's New? - 25 resolved issues Netsparker Audit Result Passed with no exploitable security issues found. Download:
  6. I removed the time limit. Sorry I've really dragged my heels on this..
  7. You'll need to contact the developer using the "Email Developer" link:
  8. I should be in the office in about 2 hours. I'll check this out ASAP.
  9. Hi @detectorman we can do this under the Technical Support & Management service. Hope we can work with you soon. More info here:
  10. Ok I added the edit functionality but its limited to one hour.
  11. I was watching the news with a nice single malt.
  12. I'm really strict about working hours. I start between 8am and 9am and finish at 5:30pm. I'm a big believer is separating work and family/social time and for me CubeCart is 100% work even though I enjoy it very much (most of the time). Saying this (like right now) I check email and respond to things like this. Not a huge amount of brain power is involved. I had a brief look at this issue today but wasn't able to come to a conclusion. I hope to take another look in the morning.
  13. I'll check in a min..
  14. Thanks. I'll have a look at this today.