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  1. Just use an install token again.
  2. Thanks so much. I removed some comments and published it in 1.1.4.
  3. You could zip it and attach it here. Thank you!
  4. Can sone one send me a gateway.class.php with these code edits that works for them. I've reviewed this post from and it makes sense to add code to look for payments on hold but the code posted confuses me. Why does this line look at array key 1 from the result array when the switch for the payment status looks at key 0? $this->_result_status = $results[1]; I don't think I have an test account anymore.
  5. Payment Gateway Complications

    Sorry to hear this. I'll feed it back to the guys I worked with developing it in Richmond.
  6. Payment Gateway Complications

    Sorry... Most of my time is spent on the help desk I don't get enough time to look at the forums often. The code for live and test mode is the same so this is rather puzzling. What's more is that we have a lot of merchants using this integration in live mode. I don't have a suggestion without deep investigation.
  7. Payment Gateway Complications

    In what way doesn't it work? Do you get an error message or specific behaviour. Has your Stripe account been approved (ID certified etc).
  8. Cubecart 4 Thumbnails

    I don't know but as a guess classes/gd/
  9. Google Opt In Survey / Reviews

    Do Google have any tech support at all? You'd think one of the biggest companies in the world would have staff to help?
  10. Google Opt In Survey / Reviews

    Any progress?
  11. Payment Gateway Complications

    = Brexit & Trump. Looks like the Catalonians want a change too.
  12. Payment Gateway Complications

    Oh dear. Sorry to hear this. What about Stripe? We have a nice integration for that with 3D secure support.
  13. Google Opt In Survey / Reviews

    Is it supposed to popup a survey window? Sounds like it. Can you check the console log for any errors? Also check in your Google account if it needs to be turned on or configured at all.
  14. banner thing

    Do you mean this?
  15. "Login As" for Administrator Not Working

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.