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  1. We have technical support if you would like us to investigate. More info at https://www.cubecart.com/technical-support
  2. Sounds like the browser is over caching. That or your store hasn't been upgraded properly and the hash check on each basket row isn't working.
  3. That's all it says? There is nothing to work from there. Can you copy/past the request data? (Please remove sensitive data).
  4. Any red error message in the request log section during this time?
  5. Find out more at https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/merchant-pricing-promo
  6. Yes please. I can't reproduce the issue at all. I can't help without more info.
  7. I've seen it but I haven't been able to look yet. Helpdesk is priority.
  8. It's because the sellers PayPal account is no longer active. I'll take the listing down.
  9. Latest version? I think this was fixed recently.
  10. Why why why CubeCart 3.0.6?! I STRONGLY recommend using version 6 instead.
  11. Just a taste of our support. If you ever find you require further official support please do have a look at our support offerings which also come with our hosted solution.
  12. When I said public html folder I didn't strictly mean it would be called that. In your case it's the htdocs folder.
  13. If you delete the .htaccess file then make the public html folder writable it should work. Assuming this isn't a production environment that should be ok. CubeCart is developed mainly on Mac.
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