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  1. "No alive nodes found in your cluster." Sounds like Elasticsearch hasn't been installed properly or has config issues. Loads of help if you Google it. I dont think it's a fault in CubeCart
  2. This looks like Beta 1? Can you try the Beta 2. If you want to send access to [email protected] I'll be happy to take a look for you.
  3. I don't have much interest in Amazon I'm afraid. What the problem with local install?
  4. How are you getting on Tony? Happy to help if you need it. I'd love to see you up and running.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I'm keen to add more features. Helpful. I think we need to make it more attractive with a good default skin and work form there.
  6. If you want to send me access I'd be happy to check it over.
  7. Well that's wierd. Are you sure all the files uploaded over your existing ones. It should show like this...
  8. Looking forward to hearing how you get on.
  9. We are pleased to announce the release of CubeCart 6.5.0 beta 2. This is a beta release and may not be suitable for production stores. If you are not interested in adding Elasticsearch to your store or if it is not available via your hosting provider we do not recommend installing or upgrading to this release of 6.5.0. What's New? This release adds to the pervious beta with super fast search as you type. Untitled2.mp4 How do I get Elasticsearch working? CubeCart will require Elasticsearch to be installed on your server. Please find instructions at the URL below: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/install-elasticsearch.html Once installed it can be enabled via the Advanced section of your Store Settings. Finally, you'll need to index your current inventory. To do this visit the Elasticsearch tab in the Maintenance section of your store control panel. Once indexed it should maintain itself. Release Notes Regrettably this powerful new feature is unlikely to be available for merchants using typical shared generic web hosting. Please check with your hosting provider or server administrator. Download: CubeCart-6.5.0-b2.zip
  10. Hi Tony, Beta 2 will be available early next week worth waiting. Can't see any reason why it won't work with Opensearch. It should just be a matter of adding a line to you includes/global.inc.php file. Set the domain and port. I don't know if authentication is needed but this isn't something that is supported yet. Please let me know. $glob['elasticsearch_hosts'] = array('localhost:9200');
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