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  1. Odd. Sorry for any confusion.
  2. Sorry.. you left a message via the offline live chat which creates a ticket. This was on 27 February 2017 at 08:50 PM (UK time).
  3. Hi Peter, I replied to your support ticket about this but the email bounced. The answer is no... but I have opened a feature request here:
  4. Can you add items to the basket on the front end and they stay?
  5. Force causes a lot of confusion. All it does is replace the existing code with the same current version. Useful if you've made customisations, got into a mess and want to restore the current version. I'll open am issue to make this more clear. As Ian says you need to upgrade manually. Take a full backup first.
  6. Hi Nicholas, A big welcome to you. Thanks for your kind words and feedback. I hope we can add custom fields on checkout and allow a means to edit or remove existing ones at some point in the future. Please do contact us for a custom or sponsored development quote.
  7. Yes some one or some bot is messing. Shouldn't be anything to worry about.
  8. To do this comment out these blocks of code: The remove the "hide" class from this line: To comment out use Smarty comments: {* ... *}
  9. Hmm maybe a forums software update.
  10. Ian.. no changes have been made to the moderator group.
  11. Should be ok now.
  12. I was making changes to group permissions on Friday so I'll check this tomorrow when I'm back in the office. The forum ACP is locked down to that IP address.
  13. I'd start by opening a bottle of red wine. Once finished you can go to the edit product page. You should see a translate tab at the top where you can set the product name and description in French.
  14. Have a look for the digital file in the digital tab of the add/edit product page. Use the check box to assign it and remove any set paths in the text field.
  15. CubeCart v6 will do this by default if you use the built in file manager instead of specifying URL path.