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  1. Ok so we can conclude that the session ID is getting lost. I've released 3.0.6 which keeps an audit log in the transaction logs table and uses the latest entry from there instead of relying on session data. I hope this will resolve the issue. At least if it doesn't there will be a better trail to audit.
  2. I've actually done this for another merchant in hindsight. Very simple.
  3. I doubt very much they allow for this unless you are on their £200 a month "Standard Plan". This just doesn't align with the merchant base of CubeCart.
  4. Relevant: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2856
  5. I think the potential issue here is that the config value may not be set.
  6. Thanks for this. 1.1.4 released.
  7. There are no known issues. Do you have steps to reproduce this?
  8. UK, US and FR merchants using PayPal Commerce are now able to offer their customers PayPal - Pay in 3. What is Pay in 3? PayPal Pay in 3 is an installment product that allows merchants to give shoppers increased buying power and flexibility to spread the cost of their purchase over time. Pay in 3 lets shoppers split their purchases into three interest free payments. The first instalment payment is charged at the time of the purchase. The subsequent payments are charged monthly on the same day from the customer's PayPal account via their debit card until the instalment purchase is pai
  9. Version 3!? You just need to turn off debug mode in the advanced section of your stores settings.
  10. Ok so there we have it. It getting lost. How the heck...
  11. Just the stripe ID and the transaction log notes for the order. It looks like the session data is getting lost.
  12. What do the notes section in the transaction logs for this order say?
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