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  1. Al Brookbanks

    Mycrypt library missing

    CubeCart 6.2.2 uses openssl instead of mcrypt making it compatible with the newest PHP versions. If you still get mcrypt errors then your store code is not up to date. See: https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2113
  2. If they change the language to French the emails should come in French.
  3. Al Brookbanks

    Marketplace / Commission / EU VAT

    Nice one @NiteFox. Looks great!!
  4. Al Brookbanks

    [RESOLVED] Address has been updated...appears twice

  5. Al Brookbanks

    [RESOLVED] Address has been updated...appears twice

    It's all in this topic Ian. Checkout as a guest and you have to click "Continue" twice. The same page reloads and additional click is needed. This post fixes it.
  6. Al Brookbanks

    [RESOLVED] Address has been updated...appears twice

    A glitch from a bug in a skin derived from an earlier version was adding a layer of complexity for @Jeff Barton. Fixed now. So long as you store uses a recent version of the Foundation skin or a 3rd party skins all together that fix above is all good.
  7. Al Brookbanks

    [RESOLVED] Address has been updated...appears twice

    The same code working on your site isn't working on @Jeff Bartons site??!! There are some database issues however.. I'm still banging my head on the wall.
  8. Al Brookbanks

    [RESOLVED] Address has been updated...appears twice

    Here is the fix. classes/cubecart.class.php Find: $old_addresses = md5(serialize(array_merge($this->_basket['billing_address'], $this->_basket['delivery_address']))); Replace with: $old_addresses = $GLOBALS['user']->addressCompare($this->_basket['billing_address'], $this->_basket['delivery_address']); Find: $new_addresses = md5(serialize(array_merge($this->_basket['billing_address'], $this->_basket['delivery_address']))); Replace with: $new_addresses = $GLOBALS['user']->addressCompare($this->_basket['billing_address'], $this->_basket['delivery_address']); Save then open classes/user.class.php Find: /** * Change a user password * * @return bool */ public function changePassword() ABOVE this add: public function addressCompare($address1, $address2) { $allowed_keys = array('line1','line2','town','postcode','state_id','state','state_abbrev','country','country_id','country_iso','country_name'); $address1_filtered = array(); foreach($address1 as $key => $value) { if(in_array($key, $allowed_keys)) $address1_filtered[$key] = strtolower($value); } $address2_filtered = array(); foreach($address2 as $key => $value) { if(in_array($key, $allowed_keys)) $address2_filtered[$key] = strtolower($value); } return md5(serialize($address1_filtered).serialize($address2_filtered)); } This will be released in 6.2.3.
  9. Al Brookbanks

    [RESOLVED] Address has been updated...appears twice

    There is a bug here even after putting back the customised code. Please follow this but note that none of the commits so far resolve the issue. https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2232 I hope to have this one resolved on Monday. The good news is that I can see where it is going wrong so a fix should be soon.
  10. Al Brookbanks

    [RESOLVED] Address has been updated...appears twice

    I took a backup first but the file in question is skins/foundation/templates/content.checkout.medium-up.php
  11. Al Brookbanks

    [RESOLVED] Address has been updated...appears twice

    This issue has been resolved. The form field had been removed and replaced with a hard coded message about shipping rates. As there was only one flat rate shipping option I reinstated it as a hidden field to keep the code logic happy whilst preventing an input field from showing to the customer. Essentially CubeCart needs the past value (stored in the input field) to make sure shipping hasn't changed. As it was missing it is considered a changed or not set at all. The introduction of the input field now keeps it happy and the checkout proceeds without even displaying the shipping confirmation message once (let alone twice). I can confirm that in @Jeff Bartons case this was not a bug in the core of CubeCart 6.2.2.
  12. Al Brookbanks

    [RESOLVED] Address has been updated...appears twice

    These forums are here for peer to peer discussion. My time is totally tied up with technical support, product development and bug fixing. I look in the forums when I can but the fact is that I struggle to get here. @Jeff Barton (thank you) has just open a technical support ticket which I saw immediately when I logged in at 8:30am pointing me to this thread. As you can see from this response the technical support service is my #1 priority. If it consumes me all day (which it regularly does) I can't make it here. I haven't started investigating yet but the message should show once when the shipping options created but it will show again if they have changed! This ensures the customer isn't taken to payment with incorrect (or no) shipping or having possibly missed out on other new options. If the message shows more than once, then it would appear that for some reason the coding thinks the shipping methods have changed. I will post back to our client on the support ticket first and share my finding here later.
  13. Al Brookbanks

    [RESOLVED] Item not updating in Store

    You need to clear the cache in your store. Top right of admin control panel.
  14. Al Brookbanks

    PayPal API Details

    Have a look here: https://www.paypal.com/uk/smarthelp/article/how-do-i-request-api-signature-or-certificate-credentials-for-my-paypal-account-faq3196 CubeCart uses the signature integration.
  15. Al Brookbanks

    Customer login fails & paypal times out via guest

    I doubt the issue is at PayPal. There is probably a CubeCart configuration issue or hosting compatibility issue with the integration.