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  1. First of all. Thanks so much. In regards Foundation skin in my case, the Skin looks lika older version, not new features are available please help to fix and get the New features Availble. thanks in advance
  2. Hi, dear Cubecart Forum. After updating to 6.2.2 the web not reflect changes in "pictures" or "Text" if I do not go to "Maintenence" then clear cache logs. Note: After I clear Logs the web reflects all changes made without any other issue. Please help to fix this new issue. Thanks for your Support. Ernesto P
  3. hdvparts

    [Resolved] Fatal error on line 172

    It working again after called to Godady, they told me how re activate APC. After try to update de PHP from 5.4 to other the wab goes down again. Would you know how can get the tips for use newer PHP version or is not necesary ? thanks ALL- regards Ernesto
  4. hdvparts

    [Resolved] Fatal error on line 172

    Hi All, After I EDIT global.in.php the web are working again but now I receive a text saying: Notice: Use of undefined constant ‘file’ - assumed '‘file’' in /home/hdvparts/public_html/includes/global.inc.php on line 13 Please Help. Thanks so Much!! Regards Ernesto
  5. hdvparts

    I use Shipping address a Taxable option

    it´s work fine now! THANKS !
  6. hdvparts

    I use Shipping address a Taxable option

    I upload and example, If I use A foreing country billing address, and the shipping address is in the same "state" of the Store, it must Add 7% tax, it requirement by federal law. How can i configure the Cubecart for that result. thanks for your patience regards Ernesto
  7. hdvparts

    I use Shipping address a Taxable option

    Thanks for fast reply. let me try to explain how TAX works in USA. if your Shipping address is in the same State where Store is located, cubecart must add Tax, our store only ADD tax if the customer use Miami, Florida Billing Address. thanks in advance regards Ernesto
  8. I all dear Cubecart Family. My store is located in Florida, USA. the issue is: when Foreign country customers place an order and they usually use his billing addres and the shipping address FLORIDA,USA so, the cubecart must add 7% TAX by Federal Law but, it uses Billing address for ADD TAX or NOT. Please let me know how can I use Shipping address a Taxable option. thanks for help Best regards Ernesto hdvparts.com
  9. hdvparts

    HTTP ERROR 500

    dear forum, Just few days ago the cubercart start not processing orders and custemer advice me that after try to checkout, the web page says> This page isn’t working www.hdvparts.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 I'm using FOUNDATION PHP Version 5.4.45 Please Help. hosted in GO DADDY
  10. hdvparts

    Checkout not working

    Hi, please help. My cubecart after press Checkout. ver PHP Version 5.4.45 skin Foundation https://www.hdvparts.com/index.php?_a=basket please HELP.. regards Ernesto
  11. hdvparts

    User Manual for Download

    hi dear Value Cubecart support I´m trying to link user manual created in pdf and not sure where can upload, I´m trying usinf Download but when I try to use the link the navigator says: You don't have permission to access /files/p-32mx.pdf on this server. How can resolve this issue thanks Ernesto